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Magic love spells if there is no love

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I want to put one of the magic love spells on someone

He’s kind, smart, rich and successful. I know he’ll make a perfect husband. We’ve been friends for a long time and I’m sur we’ll be happy together. The problem is not that he doesn’t love me. I’m sure magic love spells that work can fix that. The problem is I don’t love him. That’s why I’m not sure if I should use spells of magic love spells or not. Do you think it’s a bad idea? I’d like you know your opinion. Thank you!

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Magic love spell bookIn your case magic love spells may fail to bring you happiness. When magic love spells that work are put on someone you love, you get to spend your life with the one you love, enjoy it and be happy. However, you are talking about having to spend the rest of your love with someone you do not love. Even if you are friends, you will not be happy with him. Your heart will always be looking for something more bringing you a lot of pain. 

Fortunately, there is a way for you to be happy with this man. You need to put spells of magic love spells not only on the man but also on yourself. This will fill your relationship with happy emotions, care, understanding and sexual satisfaction. If magic love spells are put on both of you, the man will love you and you will love him, and your love will make both of you happy.


I’ve been married for almost 12 years. I need my wife in my life. I miss her when I have to leave town even for a day (my job requires a lot of travel). I call her 10 times a day, text her and talk to her on Skype. My wife likes the attention and, perhaps, it makes her happy. However, I can’t say I’m a happy person. Despite the fact that I can’t live without my wife, I don’t think I love her.

I’ve been seeing other women in my dreams for many years. I’ve been dreaming of cheating on my wife and I want to be free. At the same time, I don’t want to divorce her and I always do what she wants. It’s like something makes me do what it takes to make her happy.

The other day, I read an article about magic love spells that work and realized my wife might have put some spells of magic love spells on me and it is her love spells that keep me with her despite the fact that I don’t love her.

Hence my question: WHAT SHOULD I DO?!!

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

To begin with, I need to study your subtle bodies in detail to understand whether or not you have magic love spells on you. The fact that you cannot leave your wife even though you have no feelings for her does not mean someone put magic love spells that work on you. Your wife may as well be your karmic half and you are obliged to be with her, or you will fail the karmic exams you chose while planning your true fate.

Your unhappiness may have nothing to do with spells of magic love spells. It may have to do with the fact that you are cursed. Your energies proved to be strong enough not to surrender to the curs which is why you are still married to your wife. However, your curse prevents you from enjoying your love. If that is the case, you need special cleansing rituals. 

Anyway, you should take this issue very seriously and consult me to find out how your problem can be resolved.

Magic love spell candles Question:

After my mother’s death, my father hasn’t even looked at other women for three years. But then, within just a couple of weeks, he met a woman, fell in love with her, and they moved in. A week later they got married. I know my step-mother doesn’t love my father but he’s obsessed with her. He buys her expensive presents and does everything it takes just to keep her happy. The more I look at them, the clearer it becomes that my step-mother put one of the magic love spells on my father. Am I right? Is my father being influenced by magic love spells that work or is he really in love with that woman? If he has spells of magic love spells on him, could you break them if I ask you for it but not my father?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Your letter is not enough for me to diagnose your father. I am going to need his picture or personal things to find out if your father has magic love spells on him or not. Note that I require a 100% prepayment. Otherwise, I cannot tell you for sure if someone put love spells that work on your father or not. 

With regard to your second question, my answer is as follows: I can remove spells of magic love spells from any person even if this person does not ask me for it. However, before I start working with your father, I suggest you let me study his fate. Maybe, your father is happy with this woman, your step-mother, and if I break them us, this will make him unhappy. What if your father will be unable to find another woman after breaking up with her and stay single for the rest of his life?

To make the right choice regarding whether or not you should break your father’s relationship with your step-mother, you need to find out the consequences of the ritual. Do not use break up spells if you want his woman to leave your father because you are jealous or because you get to spend less time with him because of her. Instead, use a ritual that would make your father remember about you and consider you the most important person in his life.


The word “someday” does not exist for me. I like to make plans. My life’s scheduled hour-by-hour. I know exactly what I want and when. This is why I want to ask you the following question: could you put a love spell on someone ensuring that we break up exactly when I need it in 7 years?

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Yes, I can put a love spell which effect will last for as long as you want. However, I suggest you use powerful love spells which effect lasts for decades, and when you want to break up with this person you order a break up spell from me. If you follow me advice:

Firstly, the person I put a love spell on will love you very much up to the moment you break up.

Secondly, this person will leave you any time you want.

Magic love spells designed to ensure that the couple breaks up on a specific date start setting the partners against each other long before this date. Before the break up (they do so exactly when needed), they torment each other with numerous fights, jealousy and discontent. I, spellcaster Maxim, do not see why should go through all that which is why I suggest you follow my advice. 

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