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Magical amulets and karma

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I have written a lot of articles about magical amulets, including those telling about how to select and store amulets, how they work, and why they may fail to work. As a result, there is a kind of small but very informative encyclopedia about magical amulets on my website where each of you, my dear readers, can find answers to any questions you have about magical amulets.

However, it still does not cover all. It is not uncommon in magic. Information in this science has no limits, so it is impossible to tell you all about magical amulets. For example, I have not talked about magical amulets and karma – positive, neutral, negative, or descending; as well as how your loved ones’ karma can influence the effect of your magical amulets.

For many people, karma is a mathematical symbol hovering over their head. Of course, it is invisible. In some people, it is a ‘plus’ and they are happy people. They are successful and loved. In others, it is a ‘minus’. Such people are usually lonely, poor, sick, etc. They are losers in life. With a magical amulet, such people can improve their lives. As for those with positive karma, they do not need any amulets, because they are already happy.

Magical amulets are indeed capable of changing the sign of your karma, provided they are designed specifically for it. Yet, karma is not a mathematical sign. It is a code of laws and rules describing your life in detail. Here is a simple example of karma: 

Magical amulets

  •  You can experience true love only with someone who is poor and not good-looking;

  •  You cannot borrow money because paying back is always very difficult for you;

  •  The more arrogant you are, the more diseases you develop (including psychological ones);

  •  Business trips lead to your financial success;

  •  You get in trouble through your friends;

There are lots of such rules indicated in your karma. 

If you do not know them and want to achieve success, you act as follows:

  • You try to find a successful partner expecting to make more money together, or that the partner, successful and good-looking, will improve your social status;

  • You take a loan to start a business;

  • You are very proud of yourself. Moreover, after attending some self-improvement classes, you do not even try to hide it;

  • You work 12 hours a day trying to grow your business;

  • You spend a lot of time with your friends because you believe you cannot achieve success if your friends are not there for you.

From the perspective of modern ideas about career and business development, you are doing the right things. However, from the point of view of a magic practitioner, you are making your karma negative. Everything you do dooms you to fail. The more you do, the worse it gets.

Can magical amulets help you?

 They can, provided they are made by a professional magic practitioner. However, it is still impossible without examining your karma. For each of the above rules, you need a special amulet:

  • An amulet to lower your relationship expectations;

  • An amulet enabling you to save money and grow your business through small investments;

  • An amulet to lower your pride;

  • An amulet of travel (let us call it so) and an amulet to help you not be afraid of loneliness and be independent.

You can order any of these magical amulets from me in case they are not currently offered at my online store. However, you can do it only if, firstly, you understand that magical amulets are high precision tools; secondly, you trust your spellcaster. It is not enough to just say that you want money, love or health. You need to understand that any problem is more complex than it appears and that the fact that I customize all my amulets to suit the needs of each client is not an additional service. It is critical for your amulet’s effectiveness. Do not forget that I set up amulets based on their owner’s karmic specifics.

Here is a quote you can find in some of my articles about magical accessories and amulets, ‘Do not buy amulets from unreliable suppliers! Do not buy amulets from sellers offering no customization services! Do not buy amulets which copies can be found in other online stores!’

Magical amulet and tarot card

Now you know why customization is critical. I believe I have made it rather clear. Do you want to know why it is a bad idea to buy amulets which replicas are sold in other stores? Every amulet is a unique product. A powerful spellcaster manufactures no more than 2 or 3 magical amulets in several months. Thus, if an amulet is mass produced, it means it has no magical properties whatsoever. It is just a souvenir and has nothing to do with true magic capable of changing people’s lives.

Speaking of karma, it is unique, too. This is why it is important to take it into consideration when using magic. Imagine you hurt your leg while walking. You go to a doctor and the doctor prescribes you some painkillers and sends you home instead of examining you. You take the pills and feel better. But it is temporary. The cause of your pain is a dislocation, ligament rupture, or a bone fracture. Eventually, your pain gets worse. If you are lucky, you will end up with a limp. If not, you can have your leg amputated or even die.

This is what some sorcerers and other magic practitioners do. They offer their clients their magical amulets which relieve the pain for a while. Unlike me, they do not want to know the cause of your pain. I study my clients’ karma (and other things) to ensure that my magical amulet delivers not temporary relief but becomes a powerful artifact to improve your life dramatically.

If you contact me, you will not be an exception. I will select an amulet for you suiting all your needs to solve your problems one by one and make your karma, and consequently your life, happy.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that I offer amulets designed to make people rich, healthy and happy, as well as amulets for career and business growth. On top of that, you can buy one of my amulets not only for yourself, but also for your loved ones.

Interestingly, every person can find out the current state of their karma. It means they can understand which magical accessory to choose. To check your karma, please watch this video:

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