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Ordering real voodoo love spells… - from readers’ letters

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A question from a reader:

“My son is handsome young man. He’s quite popular. Any girl would be happy to be his girlfriend. As a mother, I want him to date pretty girls. My son’s had four girls so far and all of them have been… how to say it… less attractive than he is. I don’t think it’s an accident. I believe my son falls in love with them because of some voodoo love spells put on him by the girls. I’m sending you a picture of my son. Hopefully, you’ll clear up my confusion and break the love spell if my son has one on him.”

Real voodoo love spellsSpellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I have examined your son for real voodoo love spells and I can assure you there are no spells on him. There are no traces of magic whatsoever. Yet, the problem still exists. The problem is that your son has a very low self-esteem due to some energy malfunction. He does not understand how handsome he is. He thinks pretty girls are out of his league so he chooses those girls whom he thinks he has a chance with – silly girls, girls less attractive and popular than he is, etc. I can make an amulet for him charging it with special powers to fix it and your son will finally live the life he deserves to live.

A question from a reader:

“Seven years ago I put one of the voodoo love spells on a man. I grew up in Africa so I decided to stick with voodoo as one of the most powerful types of magic. I had some help performing the ritual. My grandmother was a powerful witch and she helped me. The spell worked and the man fell in love with me. We were together for six years but then I got tired of him and we divorced.

He appears to be a strong man and I expected him to be so, but he proved to be a doormat. It applies to everything. He doesn’t want to work because he says he’s tired all the time, but I’m pretty sure he’s just lazy. As a result, he doesn’t have money. The sex is not great, either. Sometimes we had to wait for weeks for him to restore, if you know what I mean. More importantly, I couldn’t get pregnant.

So I believe I had a right to divorce him. However, he’s still here, in my life. He keeps calling me and stalking me. Sometimes he waits for me by my house for hours. He showed up at my work a couple of times crying and begging me to come back. It was so embarrassing!

I know he doesn’t love me. It’s those real voodoo love spells that we used. I’d like to break them. However, my grandmother passed away so I can’t do it by myself. Will you help me?”

Voodoo love spell caster.Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I can break voodoo spells and restore the energy of the person influenced by magic, so yes, I can break the love spell you put on your ex-husband. However, it is not enough to help him. The problem is as a witch your grandmother was not that great as you think she was. She made a number of mistakes while casting the love spell leading to a rupture in your ex-husband’s energy field.

As you said, he has some potency issues and you could not get pregnant. Besides, he was tired all the time. Those are all signs of improperly cast magic spells. Now he needs to have the spell broken plus all the negative consequences eliminated.

Any other spellcaster would tell you the same. It is in your interest to have your ex-husband’s energy fixed. If you just break the love spell and let him go with his energy maimed, it will affect your karma. As a result, when you get married next time, you will not be happy and never have children, or you will have the same health problems your ex-husband is having. If you do not want it, fix your past mistakes.

Let me remind you that it is very dangerous to perform magic without having the required skills and knowledge. There is just one way to cast real voodoo love spells in a safe manner. I will tell you more about it in the video that I am going to post at the end of this article.

A question from a reader:

“How old should a girl be to be cast a love spell on? There is one girl who I know is destined to me. Her love would make me the happiest man on Earth. However, she’s pretty young, so I can’t even tell her about my feelings. But time flies by and soon she’s going to start dating boys. My plan is to put a love spell on her as soon as it happens to make sure I’m the only love she will ever love. That’s why I’m asking you about the age.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The target should be at least 18 years old. Usually I suggest waiting for about three more years. Attempts to put a spell earlier than that make Higher Powers mad and the violator gets punished.

I believe you should do the same. However, I suggest that you do not start with a love spell. If you really think that girl is destined to you, get an amulet to improve your energies and make them visible to her. As a rule, girls are “blind” and “deaf” when they are young and they can walk past their happiness. This will not happen if you have an amulet. If you are destined to be together, she will see you and fall in love with you.

Nevertheless, the girl still has to be at least 18 years old to fall in love with you thanks to your amulet.

Voodoo love candle spells

A question from a reader:

“My sister had a boyfriend. They dated for several years. Everything was fine and they were even going to get married. But then they had a fight and her fiancé left her. My sister’s devastated. She’s even called him a few times asking to come back but he doesn’t want to.

I don’t want my sister to suffer anymore, so I want to order one of your revenge spells to punish my sister’s ex-boyfriend for everything he’s done to her.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I offer a variety of revenge spells but I suggest that you take your time. I am pretty sure hurting the man your sister loves will not make her happy. It will not make him come back to her. Even though you did not say anything specific about the nature of their fight, my psychic abilities allowed me to see that it was your sister’s fault. To be more precise, it was her thoughtless actions.

If you want to make your sister happy, instead of the revenge spells, order one of the real voodoo love spells to make your sister’s ex-boyfriend forgive her, or a spell to make her fall out of love with him and forget him. Anyway, revenge is not going to solve the problem.

As I promised, now I am going to tell you how to cast real voodoo love spells in a safe manner. Before you watch this video, I would like you to know that the gris-gris bags mentioned in the video are available at my online store. While placing your order, do not forget to specify you need them to perform a love ritual.

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