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Preparing for black magic rituals and spells

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What is the difference between preparing for white magic rituals and black magic rituals?

Casting black magic rituals and spells.To be honest, there is not that much difference between preparing for white magic rituals and black magic rituals. As with any magic ritual, before using black magic rituals and spells, you should:

  • Cleanse your energy field;
  • Accumulate enough energy;
  • Perform a fortune-telling session to find out the results of your spells. This will allow you to refuse using black magic rituals spells if the results turn out to be negative;

  • Prepare magic accessories and potions;
  • Select the right date;
  • Perform the ritual.

So, there is no difference at all, is there?

There is some difference. The main difference is the fact that black magic rituals may have more negative consequences than white magic rituals, and you are more likely to have to deal with them when you use black magic rather than when you use white magic. This has to do with the fact that black and white magic engage different forces. Generally, white forces do not wish you ill, although they may be very dangerous, too. They are peaceful and friendly. They wait for you to call them up to make someone happy or help you become a better person. If they see your intentions are not pure, they will teach you a lesson – they will punish you so you never even think of using their help to do evil again.

The forces behind black magic rituals for love and even black magic rituals and spells usually look for an opportunity to do harm to someone. Experienced spellcasters know it which is why they take them under control right away. By controlling them, the spellcasters do some good, useful things. An inexperienced spellcaster does not have the skills to take control over dark forces. As a result, most inexperienced spellcasters lose this battle turning from their master (that is what beginning spellcasters expect) into their victims (a commonly observed consequence of using black magic).

Should I expect any negative consequences if I’m preparing not for a, let’s say, black magic revenge ritual but for black magic rituals for love?

It does not really matter what ritual you are preparing for. No matter what you use black magic for, it is always highly dangerous. This is why when you are preparing for black magic, you have to take into consideration all possible negative consequences and be ready to neutralize or ward them off. At least, you should have my contact information to be able to contact me as soon as possible if something bad happens.

A better idea would be not to take risks at all. When your computer breaks down, you do not try to fix it by yourself but call in a professional repairer. When you have a stomachache, you do not try to perform your own surgery standing in front of the mirror but go to a doctor. When your car gets hijacked, you call the police. You know that a trained professional will fix your problem better than you.

This is why you have to change your attitude towards magic. If you ask me to perform your rituals for you, even the most dangerous and scary rituals will not harm you. But if you try to use it on your own, this may ruin your life even if the rituals you performed were supposed to be safe.

Why are there so many articles on the Internet on how to use black magic rituals and spells? Don’t the people writing those articles know about this danger?

Black magic ritualsActually, many people do not know about it which is why they post articles on their websites describing black magic rituals spells. But believe me, these people will regret doing it very soon. When a user visits this website, finds information on how to perform black magic rituals for love, performs one of them and falls ill or faces other problems, part of the blame for this user’s suffering is placed on the one who taught him this ritual. Those to blame are often punished so severely that they have to seek help of professional spellcasters.

Have you met people who were punished for posting information about black magic rituals on their websites and blogs?

I will leave this questions unanswered because, as a professional spellcaster, I cannot disclose my clients’ personal information and what they asked me for.

I, spellcaster Maxim, guarantee full confidentiality of my client’s personal information. Firstly, I do so because people have a right to keep their information confidential. Secondly, (I strongly advise you to remember that) as soon as you tell someone that you used magic or worked with a spellcaster, magic will stop working. If so, the energies it has left will be used to punish you for being a blabbermouth and failing to keep a secret. So, no matter what happens, this information should stay between you and the spellcaster.

Can I have an alcoholic drink before performing black magic rituals for love?

Alcohol is believed to cause a burst of energy which is why I believe it can be used as a great magic performance enhancing drug.

It is prohibited to consume alcohol before, during or after using black magic rituals and spells. If you have an alcoholic drink before using your black magic rituals spells, your energy levels will drop. As a result, you will be performing your rituals exhausted. If you have a drink after the ritual, your energy levels will drop, too. As a result, the entities you call up for help will be not your allies but aggressors trying to invade your subtle bodies and seize control of you.

If you drink alcohol during your black magic rituals, you will lose control of yourself. Yes, alcohol will raise your energy levels but you will not be able to control them. Also, you will not be able to notice that you are in danger or, for example, the fact that you are casting a hex instead of performing a black magic ritual for love. Black magic is very dangerous. If you are going to use it, make sure you know how to use it with caution and how to control your thoughts, words and actions.

How to fast before performing black magic rituals and spells?

If you are going to fast before using black magic rituals spells, you should:

  • Abstain from alcohol and drugs – I, spellcaster Maxim, have explained it earlier why you should do so;
  • Choose the right portion size – you should not eat too little for this will weaken you, but at the same time you should not eat too much for this will obstruct your energy channels. You should eat three times a day and feel hungry in about an hour and a half after each meal;

  • Abstain from sex – I am going to post an article on my website soon on the interconnection between sex and black magic rituals;
  • Abstain from meat – many people believe that black magic sorcerers or people performing black magic rituals for love are allowed to consume some raw or undercooked meat but they are mistaken;

  • Have enough sleep – note that too much sleep is harmful for it thickens your energies, makes your chakras sluggish, and slows downs the function of your energy channels.

Should I make an altar if I’m going to use black magic rituals and spells? Or can I rent one? I’ve seen some advertisements offering magic altars, and it seems cheaper to rent an altar for black magic rituals spells than to make one.

Performing black magic rituals and spells is not cheap

However, renting an altar is not an option if you are going to perform black magic rituals, including black magic rituals for love. When you use someone else’s altar or even Tarot deck used in black magic rituals spells, you take over all negative energies surrounding them. Let us assume your altar was used to remove a curse. You will end up with this curse on you if you take this altar and perform your black magic rituals.

If you are preparing for black magic rituals spells, always buy only new magiс accessories or make them by yourself. This is also true for magic altars. 

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