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Protection charms and what possibilities they offer

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“I tried to make a protecting charm on my own. I used the recipe that I found in a book titled Protection Charm Spells for All written by a French spellcaster. The amulet looks okay and is very powerful. Thanks to it, now I’m making twice as much as I used to make! My question is: when I calculated how much it cost me to make this amulet, it turned out my protecting charm was four times as expensive as the protection charms offered by online stores. Does it mean everything they sell online is not real?”

You are right. There are a lot of fake products on the Internet. A friend of mine, also a professional spellcaster, claims 95-97% of charms for protection are fake. Most of them are made in China. However, the Chinese are not easy to fool so in China they sell their “protection charms” as regular accessories or souvenirs. As for dishonest sellers, they pass them off as powerful amulets. This is why if you buy a protection charm on the Internet, there is good chance it will prove useless.

Nevertheless, such thing as protection charm spell exists

Protection charms stonesThey are made by powerful spellcasters with the use of magic. You can find one even though they are quite rare. Speaking of their prices, they vary and can be rather high. It takes a professional spellcaster less time and energy to make protection charms rather than an amateur. Moreover, sometimes it is enough for the spellcaster to simply influence his charms for protection with his energy to fill them with incredible magic powers.

“I was looking through an auction catalogue and saw a protecting charm made almost 800 years ago somewhere in the north of Europe. It was not very expensive because neither those holding the auction nor the customers knew its true value. Being familiar with magic, I knew how valuable that thing was the moment I laid my eyes on it. However, I decided not to buy it because my knowledge wasn’t enough to figure out how strong the protection charm spell was that was used to charge this amulet. Besides, I didn’t know for sure it hadn’t lost its powers while being passed from hand to hand. ”

You made the right decision. 

Protection charms do tend to become less effective over time

This usually happens when their owner passes away or stops practicing magic. Charms for protection may also become less efficient if they get lost or stolen. However, the fact that your protecting charm was “passed from hand to hand” should not worry you. When this happens, the protection charm spell is sort of hibernating like some animals do in wintertime. When they get to a strong spellcaster, they “wake up.” This means you can successfully use real and powerful protection charms bought at an auction, in antique stores or flea markets.

“One spellcaster gave me some charms for protection. He said he’d been asked to do so by the Higher Powers which were supposedly taking care of me (I personally don’t feel it). The other day I learned that spellcasters might use such objects to curse people and the protection charm given to me by the spellcaster might turn into a portal through which various energies would be coming to the spellcaster. What should I do with that protection charm spell? Do you think I should throw it away ASAP to avoid getting in trouble?”

Do not hurry. Some spellcasters, especially white magic ones, do give their protection charms to the people who they think need their help or protection. However, you need to know the spellcaster well and be sure he does not wish you ill. If you do not know the spellcaster well enough, keep in mind there is a chance he has some hidden motives and act accordingly.

If I were you, I would do as follows: I would show your charms for protection to an experienced spellcaster and ask him about their energies and how they are influencing your subtle bodies. If it turns out your protecting charm is real, keep it. Without it, you may develop some diseases and be unhappy. But if it turns out your protection charms spell belongs to black magic, have a skilled spellcaster destroy your amulet immediately.

“My grandmother had a few protection charms. She brought them from Greece when she and my grandfather moved to the US. After my grandmother passed away, my mom took the charms for protection, and now they are mine. A few years ago the poverty protecting charm – it looks like a big silver coin – darkened. This is when the 2008 crisis broke out. I lost everything because of it and I still can’t recover from it. It makes me think all our problems result from the fact that my protection charm spell which have been protecting my family for decades are no longer effective.”

Protection charms candleI have performed a special ritual and now I know your mother made a terrible mistake while giving you the protection charms. She failed to warn you that your charms for protection would not work if your husband or you do evil. Your amulets were created with the use of white magic. This is why when your husband began lying to the people taking advantage of their ignorance (I am sure you know what I am talking about), the amulet protecting you from poverty stopped working.

Now your only option is as follows: your husband and you, as his accomplice, need to fix your karma first and then find a skilled spellcaster who will make a powerful protection amulet for you to protect you from poverty and enable you to get rich again.

“I went to Haiti and brought a bunch of souvenirs from there. I gave most of them to my friends as gifts. Recently, one of my coworkers gave back the pendant I’d given her accusing me of wanting to curse her. I have no idea what she’s talking about! I’ve never practiced magic, I’m a good person, and I don’t wish ill on others. However, she thinks I did it on purpose and now threatens me with a witch! She wants to find one and ask her to curse me. I’m really scared. Please, help me.”

The witch will not be able to harm you if you did not wish ill on your friend. Being a powerful spellcaster, I see that you bought your “souvenirs” from a man selling magic accessories

All of them are charms for protection

However, not all of them are influencing their new owners positively. For example, they began producing negative effect on your friend.

This happens when amulets are used by people whose karma prohibits them from using magic or people who wish ill on others. Every time a mean person wishes someone will, this person curses or hexes himself. This is what happened to your friend. So it is totally her fault.

“I bought a protecting charm from you a few years ago. Recently, it went missing. I don’t know whether someone stole it or it’s somewhere in my house and I just can’t find it. The point is the amulet is gone. My amulet was charged to help me achieve career success which it did until I lost it. I wonder what I should do now. Should I buy a new amulet from you as soon as possible or, perhaps, you can perform a ritual to help me find my lost amulet?”

As with any magic accessory, amulets have a will and a kind of mind. They decide for themselves whether they want to stay with their owner or get lost. Speaking of you, the amulet thinks it has given you everything it could. This is why it decided to attract the attention of one of your friends and your friend took it.

I could give you your amulet back but I suggest you do not do that. Now your amulet (it is your amulet’s choice) is helping your friend, meaning from no on you can take care of yourself. So, if you keep working hard and believe in yourself, you will keep succeeding in your career. The only difference is that now you cannot count on magic and should count only on yourself. 

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