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Real Love Magic for Students

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Once in a while I give consultations on some popular forums instead of my website. I do not want to tell you what those forums are and where to find me because I do not want to advertise them. I do that rarely, only when I realize I am the only one who can make a difference with my professional advice. This article has a Q&A format and is based on the questions asked by college students from different countries. Different groups of people (social, age groups) should use different types of white or black love magic. Also, various circumstances and restrictions apply when real love magic is used for students. Hopefully, with this article I will make it clear to you how real love magic should be used by students.

Question: When I was a first year student, I asked a witch to perform a black love magic ritual but she refused. She asked me to come two or three years later. I don’t understand why she said that. It’s been a year and a half, I’m a third year student now, and I want to ask you if you could help me with real love magic. Thank you.

Real love magic ritualAnswer: I guess she refused because you were too young at the time. We, experienced spellcasters and witches, do not work with underage customers. You did not say how old you were but I believe your age was the reason the witch asked to come in a few years, apparently when you come of age, to ensure witchcraft does not damage your subtle bodies and fate.

Speaking of your question if I could help you, I need more details. Specifically, I can answer it only after you tell me your age and what kind of magic you need.

Question:  I’ve been performing magic by myself but I can’t say I’ve reached a professional level. I do fortune-telling and real love magic only for my friends and only free of charge. This is how I get to improve my skills and, on the one hand, I want my friends to recommend me to their friends to help me increase my clientele.

I’ve been looking for an answer to my question but didn’t find anything. My question is: first and foremost, why do less and less of my predictions come true when I do fortune-telling for students? And why are they often inaccurate? Secondly, why is my black love magic ineffective only when the customer is a college student?

Answer: Perhaps, you have not read all the articles posted on my website. If you had, you would know that the results of real love magic performed by a beginning spellcaster are always quite doubtful. To find out why, please check out the love magic section  of my website.

As for your question regarding your fortune-telling and real love magic for students, you need to know that telling the fortunes of young people is extremely difficult because they are changing all the time and these changes impact their fates. Besides, many of them, especially those living on campus and in dormitories, not only feel to be a part of the community. Their energies are a part of the community.

This means that any young man’s energies are always mixed up with the energies of other students. Therefore, when you try to see this young man’s future, you also see the fortune of all those students. When you perform a black magic ritual for a student, you literally spray it over all other students on campus.  

Real love magic candles

Of course, an experienced spellcaster will not make such a mistake and will do accurate fortune-telling and choose and perform the right real love magic ritual. Since you are not an experienced spellcaster, you have to deal with such problems.

Question: I’m a college student. I study the history of Europe during the Middle Ages. It so happened that I got hooked on magic as an integral part of the medieval European culture. Eventually, I started studying it like any other subject. I have a special liking for real love magic, specifically black love magic. I’ve been trying to find a college to study it but I never did. Where were you trained? Is there a school or a college you’d recommend for me to become a professional spellcaster?

Answer: Such educational institutions exist only in children’s books. If you come across one, I assure you it is a scam and its organizers are not real spellcasters.

A student-teacher format is the only one such real love magic training exists in, Real spellcasters never have more than one student at a time. Moreover, it is very difficult to persuade a professional spellcaster to take on an apprentice. Spellcasters keep studying all their lives. If a spellcaster has an apprentice, the spellcaster has to pass on his magical abilities to him or her before passing away. As a rule, such gift is passed onto one of the grandchildren or children. If the spellcaster has no children and grandchildren, the gift is passed onto a third person engaged specially for this purpose, provided the apprentice is chosen by Higher Powers.

Speaking of my real love magic training, I have been studying it for many years, observing all magic laws and rules. To become as powerful as I am, I have read a lot of books, many of which are very rare, practiced a lot, and performed over a thousand rituals. Now I can perform any ritual successfully and create the most complex love charms and talismans.

Question: I’ve heard of students who wanted to use black love magic but got a refusal because they were students. Also, I’ve heard of people who, too, got a refusal to their request to put a love spell on a college student with the use – and I think it is very important – of black magic. What is the reason of such unfairness? Why are students out of the range of magic spells?

Answer: This applies not to students but to young people in general. Before I draw any conclusions and make any statements, I would like to know for sure how old those people were. There are 30 and 40 year old students and there are no magic-related restrictions applying to them. But if a student is 17, no true spellcaster will agree to cast a spell on him or her because this is prohibited by Higher Powers.

There are other reasons. One of them is virginity. Normally, spellcasters do not like casting spells on virgins. Moreover, young people are usually protected by their Guardian Angels and karma, so performing real love magic may trigger a massive magical kickback. 

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