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Real money spells from spell caster Maxim

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What needs to be done before you cast real money spells

Before you cast real money spells, you need to do one very important thing, namely find a person who will examine your karma and scan your subtle bodies to make sure there are no poverty curses on you. Do not think it is our laziness or unwillingness to learn that makes us poor. Only 5 out of 100 poor people are poor due to their laziness or because they do not want to learn. The rest are unable to get rich because their karma does not allow them to or because they are cursed, and money spells rituals cannot help them.

Real money spellsYour karma makes money spells rituals useless when you are to live this life in poverty. Financial problems and hardships are supposed to make you stronger and help you get rid of mental trash, for instance, by helping you understand that it is wrong to value people based on how much they earn. However, no matter how heavy your karma is, there are still some terms observing which can help you get rich. This is why I, spell caster Maxim, can solve your financial problems anyway using my real money spells. As you understand, I can do so only if you contact me and make an appointment with me.

When a curse prevents you from taking full advantage of money spells rituals, the curse needs to be removed. When the curse is removed, nothing can stop you from getting rich quickly. It is up to you to choose how to get rich – by working hard or with money spells rituals.

How to do a money spell if you are not a professional spell caster

If you are not a professional spell caster and your karma and energies are fine, I will teach you how to do a money spell. Real money spells are cast in several steps:

1. Go to a store and buy the most expensive wallet that you can afford. Do not borrow money or try to save money for it. Just take everything you have at the moment and spend it on your wallet. If you have some money left, get something nice for yourself or go to a nice restaurant.

2. Accustom yourself to always carrying the wallet with you. When you go out, put it in your coat pocket. When you are at home, carry it in your homewear pocket. When you are out jogging, keep it in your running jacket pocket. When you sleep, keep it under the pillow.

3. Find out what day of the week you were born on as well as where exactly you were born. If you were born on a Wednesday at 2:55 p.m., put one bill of any denomination into the wallet every Wednesday at 2:55 p.m. without ever taking it out.

4. From now on, every time you see a large amount of cash – at a store, bank, on TV – open your wallet, touch the money and imagine how the money you see is flowing to you.

To understand how to do a money spell with your magic wallet, remember to take your emotions under control as soon as you start getting rich. People who are excessively happy for getting rich with the help of magic quickly lose everything they have.

How to do a money spell to achieve business success

Casting real money spellsHow to do a money spell to achieve business success? It depends. Some people should put real money spells on their employees to make them more responsible and honest. Money spells rituals can also increase team spirit and loyalty in them. Others, in case they have no employees, should use real money spells to enhance their efficiency, intuition, creativity, good luck and attractiveness. There are people who need to know how to do a money spell to get rid of their competitors, envious people and ill-wishers.

If I were you, I would not hurry and use money spells rituals without consulting an experienced spell caster first. Let the spell caster examine your subtle bodies and your life. In that way, the spell caster may tell you which spell to choose and how to do a money spell. However, when it comes to magic, it is always better to hire a trained professional rather than try to cast any spells on your own.

How to perform a money ritual if you are an artist

Some real money spells are quite simple and can be cast by artists (meaning all people who make money due to their creative abilities). Take what you create with:

  • A pen or laptop if you are a writer;
  • A fiddlestick, plectrum, mouthpiece or drumsticks if you are a musician;
  • A brush if you are a painter.

Put this object into a bank locker and insure it as your most valuable asset. Let it lie there for at least 48 days. After it connects to and gets soaked with the energy of money, use it in your work. I assure you whatever you create with it will be so beautiful and unique that it will bring you a lot of money.

Put the object back. It should be used only for writing pieces of literature, painting or composing pieces of music to be sold.

There are more complex money spells rituals and I am going to tell you about one of them

Before telling you how to do a money spell to make a pen of wealth, I want to tell you what properties it possesses. A pen of wealth works when you use it for signing contracts and other money-related documents, or writing down your plans for the future in a notepad with no other notes:

  • Do something;
  • Make a deal;
  • Earn money;
  • Win a lottery.

Any note you make with your pen of wealth comes true fast becoming a part of your reality, while all checks you sign with it create special channels through which more money comes to you.

As with all real money spells, this ritual begins with buying an expensive pen. It does not matter whether you buy a fountain pen or a rollerball pen. Keep the pen in your office and take it home for the night. At home, keep your pen on your bedside table. Let the pen “have some rest” on weekends: put it into its case and hide the case in a drawer, on a bookshelf or inside your personal safe. Take the pen with you when you return to your office. If you forget your pen at home even once, this money spells ritual will fail to bring the desired results.

While doing so, buy a nice box with a lock and bring it home. Put it in a secure place. Every time you get paid, convert some money into cash. Buy something with this cash in order to get some coin change. Put two oldest coins into the box.

When the coins cover the bottom of the box, place your pen of wealth over them. Without taking the pen out, keep collecting the coins following the above procedure and putting the coins over the pen. The ritual is considered completed the moment your box is full and the cover would not close. Your magic pen is ready. Do not forget to put it back into the box after using it.  

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