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Reunite lovers guaranteed with home magic

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Reunite lovers guaranteed by yourself

People are quite persistent. They never cease searching and never get tired of learning. So people are able to master any skill, including magic. Even though this will not help you become a professional magic practitioner, when you master spells to reunite lovers, you will have a great opportunity to change your fate, specifically to get lost love back and to restore your relationships with the people you really care about.

Today I will teach you some simple but effective love spells designed to help people get their ex-partners back. To begin with, let me tell you how relationships with husbands are restored.

Reunite magicThe first spell is great for women who still live together with their husbands but cannot help feeling their love is fading away. To revive it and then to boost it, get a dozen of large and soft white towels at the store. Bring them home but do not show them to your husband. Perform the ritual in the evening. Grab one towel and go to the bathroom. Take a shower with simple natural soap but without using any shampoo or shower gel. Then wipe your body dry with the towel and hang it outside to dry. In the morning, get up before your husband wakes up and hang the towel in the bathroom for your husband to use it after a shower.

As soon as he does it, dry it again. Then put it in the closet without washing it. Repeat this reunite spell eleven times using a new towel every day. As a rule, it is enough to make your husband fall back in love with you and be sexually attracted to you again. If the spell does not work, tie all the 12 towels with a rope and throw them out. Buy a new set of 12 towels and repeat the ritual over again.

Remember that for this kind of magic a specific time is required. First of all, it has to be either a new moon or a waxing moon. Secondly, your period should not fall on one of these days.

There are other groups of people who are not allowed to practice magic. These include:

- Pregnant women and women with small children;

- Women who have had an abortion before;

- Women suffering from mental disorders;

- Women currently experiencing some hair or nail problems;

- Women weighing at least 30% more than the normal weight;

- Women with children under 18 years old;

- Underage people.

More information about the restrictions applying to the spell to reunite lovers can be found in my article about how to use spells to reunite lovers guaranteed

Here you will also find out why you should never cast spells at home and why a professional spellcaster always gets better results than you ever will.

The reunite love spell – Method two

Reunite love candle spellNow let us talk about the reunite lovers spell to impact ex-spouses. As a matter of fact, the less time it has been since you got divorced the better. Moreover, such spells work better for people who truly love their ex-spouses.

Open a guide and find three companies selling magic candles in your city. Unlike regular décor candles, magic candles are made of special materials supplied from places with pure energies. They are produced with special spells and rituals and with the use of special dishes. They are stored in a special way as well.

While choosing a store to buy candles for your reunite spells, try to find some which form a triangle around your place, with the top store facing the north. Use a city map if needed. Of course, your triangle does not necessarily have to be a proper triangle, yet your house has to be inside, rather than outside. Buy candles only when there is a new moon and perform the ritual when there is a waxing moon.

Bring the candles home and put them on the table in a triangle. To cast this spell to reunite with ex, put his picture inside the triangle. Remember what this person loves most of all because this love is what you will impact the most advanced of his chakras through. As a rule, one of the following three types of impact is used:

- Impact through his love for good food;

- Impact through his love for good music;

- Impact through his love for sex.

Anyways, use a full length picture of the man you love, put it in the middle of your candle triangle, and say,

“My love that is the strongest in the world gives me the right to impact you (the name of your loved one) by putting this spell on you and charming you. In the name of my love, I will revive the feelings in your heart which once brought us together, so having been revived they bring us together again.”

Say these words only with the picture inside the triangle and with each of the candles burning.

If your ex loves music, play some of his favorite songs for 20-30 minutes. If he is a foodie, apply some honey to the picture (to his lips). If he loves sex more than anything else, provided that your relationship was based on sex too, put your finger inside your vagina and apply your juices to the picture (in the groin area).

Perform this ritual every evening when there is a waxing moon. When the moon starts waning, discontinue the ritual even if you think it may be bad for the results. Then perform the ritual again when the right moon cycle begins. With certain persistence in the second cycle of your spells to reunite a couple, the man will start showing interest to you. He may do it in a subtle way, for example, by liking your photographs on Facebook, or in a more direct way – by calling you and saying he wants to see you or by showing up at your doorstep with your favorite flowers and chocolate.

Undoubtedly, not all people can count on good results. A reunite us love spell works about 10% of the time. However, expecting a failure is wrong as well. Magiс needs you to believe in success. If you do not get good results, do not be upset. First of all, you can start over but using a different spell described on my website. Secondly, you may just take your time and read some reunite love spell reviews 

on my website and just keep studying. Thirdly, you can always order any love spell from me, with guaranteed results within two weeks to a few months after placing your order.

How to spell reunite in details

reunite spellcasterQuestion:

“What would you recommend a beginner who knows how to spell reunite a couple but has never actually cast one before?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

To begin with, stay calm. The calmer you are, the better control of your energies you will have. Also, believe in success, because your faith gives you full access to your energies. Also fast for at least seven days. Keep a strict fast. Of course, protect yourself from the negative consequences which are very likely when spells are cast at home.


“Are there other days to cast spells except for when there is a waxing moon?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

In theory, you can cast spells any day. However, when there is a waxing moon, white magic spells which are intended to do good are cast. When there is a waning moon, black magic rituals are performed which are intended to end relationships. So with regard to love spells, they can be cast only on those specific days.


“Strangely, I’ve been coughing non-stop since I cast a love spell to reunite lovers. It’s not too bad but every third or fourth breath ends with a short cough. It’s like there is something in my throat that I’m trying to get rid of. I’ve been to a doctor but the X-Ray found nothing. What’s happening to me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I’m pretty sure when you cast your spells to reunite family, you got infected with an energy parasite. It’s probably in your weakest chakra and that’s what is causing your cough. The good news is the fact that you are noticing it and your body is trying to get rid of it means that it has not taken full control of you yet. If it had,


“Do reunite spells work? If they do, are these black magic or voodoo spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

No, both, black magic and voodoo magic require special qualities from the people practicing them. Let me explain it to you using the following example. Casting white spells which are described on my website are like riding a tricycle down a sunlit garden path. Casting black spells or voodoo reunite spells are like a sports car racing down the hill right into a big wall of stones. The effects of casting such spells are comparable to those of crashing the car right into that wall.


“I’ve been giving my husband my urine to drink without him knowing. I like the results. He never gets jealous, he doesn’t cheat on me, he spends all his free time at home, and we love each other. There is one side effect though. Sometimes he smells. This smell can be so strong that I can’t stay in the same room with him for more than a few minutes. Do you think it’s caused by that love spell I’ve been putting on him?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I have warned my readers multiple times against believing everything they find on the Internet. You believed it and see what happened? You have put a curse on your husband. It is destroying his energies along with his physical body. An unpleasant body odor is one of the first symptoms of unhealthy energies. The stronger the odor, the more serious the disease.

What should you do now? To begin with, stop giving your urine to your husband. Then put him through a course of energy treatment (more information can be found on my website). But the best thing would be hiring a powerful spellcaster to break the curse you put on your husband and set him free. Besides, he can also put a love spell on him to make sure he does not leave you.


“Do reuniting love spells work? How about the one put with a cactus? Is it a strong one?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You should understand that the power of a spell depends not on the spell but on the skills of the person casting it. As for that cactus ritual, you are right. There is a ritual like that. To perform it, you need a very specific cactus. You need a fishhook cactus. Put it in a big flowerpot. Make a cover for the flowerpot with a pocket and put your best picture into this pocket. Also make an envelope using some wool fabric with a button and put the target’s picture into this envelope. Light a candle and throw the envelope on the cactus (not more than 12 times) until it lands on one or more spines. Let it hang there and in 3-5 days the man you love will find himself feeling attracted to you.

“Does it mean the candle is not magical if it goes down during the ritual?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

In fact it means you have chosen the right candle. However, while casting your spell to reunite family, you probably did something wrong or the person you love is not right for you, so Higher Powers are keeping you from impacting him. Other reasons why a candle may go down during a ritual include negative energies radiated by someone or something that is close to you, loneliness curses, generational or inherited love life problems. If one of the candles goes down, discontinue the ritual and do not do anything for three days to let your energies calm down. Then contact a professional spellcaster to find out the root cause of your problems and fix them.


“I have erectile dysfunction, so the woman I love left me because of it. I could never satisfy her in bed. Could you put a spell on her to make her come back and stop considering sex to be the most important thing in a relationship?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If I were you, I would not count on that, because sex is important for every healthy woman with healthy energies. Naturally, it is also an integral part of any relationship. So do not start with any reunite spell work. To begin with, find a magic practitioner to help you with your erectile dysfunction problem (there are many ways to treat it with modern magic). Then you may use a love spell. Just do not cast it by yourself or she will be disappointed in you again. Let a professional magic practitioner who knows what to do in cases like that take care of it.


“In your article you only described spells for women. Do reunite spells work when cast by or for men?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

There are no spells designed specifically for men. There are unisex love spells designed to help people get lost love back which can be used by men and women. For more information watch the video below.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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