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Simple good luck spells to cast at home

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From a reader’s letter:

“I can’t believe a house plant becomes magical and starts helping you make more money if you just decorate it with bills. If it was that simple, don’t you think everyone would cast these simple good luck spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

You confuse a simple good luck spell with a ritual to create a money tree

Simple good luck spell ritualAs for the effectiveness of the latter, we can argue about it for eternity, because there are plenty of those such tree has helped and plenty of those such tree has not helped. I personally believe such magiс is motivational in nature or is what they used to call a mental note. When a person decides to get rich and gets such a tree, every time he looks at it or performs some rituals with it, he reminds himself about his decision and inspires himself for action.

However, this has nothing to do with a simple luck spell. Good luck rituals and money rituals have different effects and are performed in a different manner. The only thing they have in common is that they help people who work hard to achieve their goals. If you order some simple good luck spells and wait for the results sitting in a comfortable chair and doing nothing, you will just waste your time and money.

From a reader’s letter:

Do you know any simple good luck spell I could cast by myself, without having to hire you?

I’ll appreciate it if you tell me about it.

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The easier the ritual, the less effective it is. Nevertheless, there is one simple luck spell I can tell you about. To begin with, you need to decide what you want to attract good luck to – your job, family, travel, etc. If it is your work, stand up in front of your desk, if it is your home – stand up in the middle of the room, if it is driving – stand up in the middle of your garage. Calm down and close your eyes. Try not to think about anything or see anything. If you manage to clear your mind of all thoughts, very soon you will see an object (not with your eyes but with your mind’s eye) gleaming under your eyelids having some magic powers and therefore capable of bringing good luck.

Take it and put it into your pocket. Without touching, rubbing or talking to it, bring it straight to the place where you need good luck and the object will bring it there.

It is one of the simple good luck spells almost anyone can use. However, your office or your house may prove to have no objects of power (that is how magic practitioners call them). If that is the case, order a simple good luck spell from a professional spellcaster or buy a special good luck charm.

From a reader’s letter:

“Can a simple luck spell be cast without magic?”

Simple good luck spell bookSpellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Try this: before leaving your house, promise to yourself that you will be lucky if you see something you may or may not see, such as a fire engine, three dogs, or a lady in a yellow sweater. While on your way, look around attentively. If you see what you wanted to see, the ritual has been performed successfully and now you are connected to the energies of good luck.  

If you do not, do not worry and do not blame anyone for it. Rituals without magic do not guarantee success and therefore they are not considered reliable ones. The same happens in real life: everyone can cut one’s own hair, but we still go to a hairdresser to have our hair cut because we want to look good. Similarly, everyone knows how to make sandwiches, but when people need a wedding or birthday cake, they go to a cake store.

Simple good luck spells are not an exception. It your future depends on good luck, let me cast a simple good luck spell for you. If you want to just be more successful, you can cast a simple luck spell by yourself. Whether you succeed or not, you will not lose anything.

From a reader’s letter:

“My boyfriend has an old silver coin in his wallet that he claims brings good luck. When he wants to attract some good luck, he takes it out and squeezes it in his hand, while keeping silent for a while. I should say it works. He’s one of the luckiest men I’ve ever met.

Of course, I’d like to have such a coin, too. I bought one, squeezed it in my hand too, but it hasn’t brought any luck to me. Is there a way for me to activate it? I want to be lucky, too!”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Unfortunately, you cannot do it by yourself. Your boyfriend is lucky to have a coin that is an object of power. It allows him to cast simple good luck spells. However, such cases are very rare.

If you want to turn your coin into a powerful charm, you need to find a professional spellcaster. The spellcaster will perform a ritual to turn your coin into a good luck charm, provided silver is your metal and you can attract good luck through money. What if you need a completely different charm made of a different material? You will find out what kind of charm can help you attract good luck only after you place an order to buy one of my charms. I will be able to tell you what materials your charm needs to be made of to attract good luck to you only after I start making one.

From a reader’s letter:

“I’ve noticed that I succeed only when I stay calm and don’t worry before, let’s say, an important meeting. If I’m anxious and start praying, I fail. Why? As for my praying, am I possessed? Is it the work of some dark forces?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I do not think it is possession. I believe there is a different reason why your personal simple good luck spell sometimes work and sometimes does not. Your karma is very strong. You achieve success thanks to it. When you are calm, your karma transforms your energy to attract good luck. It is your personal simple luck spell.

Your anxiety disturbs your energies creating a chaos which prevents you from connecting to the field of luck. When you pray, you freeze your energies bringing them to a state close to zero. Your energy levels drop making your karma too weak to help you.

However, it happens in the opposite way in some people. Their good luck spells are their anxiety, insomnia the night before an important meeting, nervousness and fear. Prayers can also be your simple good luck spell if you have faith and praying makes you feel strong on the inside.

From a reader’s letter:

“I’ve noticed that fasting for a few days makes me luckier, especially on the second or third day of fasting. The world around becomes friendly, everyone smiles at me and offers their help. When I return to my normal diet, the world becomes a mess and no one seems to see me as if I don’t even exist.

Can fasting be my personal simple luck spell, or is it just my wild imagination?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Perhaps, you have some lower chakra problems. For some reason, they are stronger than the upper ones. When you fast, they generate less energy but this energy gets purer and finer. Coupled with the other chakras, they make you a super creature everyone enjoys being around of. When you eat normally, you move to the so called animal levels of energy existence.

So you need to watch carefully what you eat and how much you eat. Controlling your diet and counting your daily calories are your personal simple good luck spells. Try to reduce your calorie intake to 800-900 calories a day and you will improve your good luck dramatically.

From a reader’s letter:

I don’t understand why no simple good luck spell I find on the Internet has ever worked

There are a lot of positive reviews about each one posted by the people who have used them.

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I keep saying that the majority of magic recipes posted on the Internet are fakes or describe the way their authors believe true magic should work. Therefore, it is foolish to think every simple luck spell you find on the Internet can help you. As for the reviews, they are usually fake, too. They are bought at specialized websites to make spells look more reliable. I should say it works. For example, you believed that the spells described at that website could help you because of such reviews, did you not?

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