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Spell caster Maxim comments on readers’ questions about love spells to break up a couple

Homepage Practical magic Spell caster Maxim comments on readers’ questions about love spells to break up a couple
Esoteric, astrologer, writer

From a letter:

“I’ve learned that the man I love is lying to me. I thought he loved me but turns out he has another woman and he is not going to break up with her. I found some spells to break up a couple on the Internet and tried to cast them. Now I have flu which I know is my punishment for doing something wrong. But this can’t stop me. I’m ready to fall sick if this is what it takes to break them up.

Could you teach me how to cast spells to break up a couple?

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

Casting break up couple spellYour mistake is common for amateurs. People are used to achieving a number of goals with one action. For example, by going to a hair salon, you not only get a new haircut and become prettier but also attract the attention of the opposite sex. By finding the right job, you get an opportunity to earn a good income, build a career and move up the social class ladder.

Unfortunately, magic works differently. Thus, you need a spell to make a couple break up and a second spell to attract the one you love:

  • With the first spell you make the couple break up;
  • The second spell should be a love spell cast on the one you love.

This is why there is no such thing as love spells to break up a couple

If you see one online, the owner of the website is either unaware of it or is lying to you to trick you into paying for what does not even exist.

From a letter:

“I wonder if there is a how to break up a couple spell that can ensure that the two will never get back together again. I’m in love with a woman but she is married. I know she and her husband have a joint business which she loves. I know that if I use a spell to make a couple break up and they divorce, she will nevertheless stay in touch with her ex-husband even if she starts dating me. I’m going to cast a love spell on her later. The fact that she will still see her ex-husband once in a while makes me nervous. The odds are that one day she will want to reunite with him. Am I right?”

Spellcaster Maxim responds:

In your case a how to break up a couple spell alone is not enough

You need to also ensure that they will not see each other again. You are right, this means eliminating what keeps them together that is their joint business. Thus, a spell to influence their business is needed.

If you, instead of asking me about my spells to make a couple break up, asked me to cast one of my love spells to break up a couple, I would do as follows:

  • Ensure that their joint business suffers losses causing them to get rid of it;
  • Make them break up (I have just the spell for that, a how to break up a couple spell);
  • Unite you and the woman with a love spell;
  • Protect your relationship with a magic shield to ensure that her ex-husband or another man will not be able to make you break up by seducing your woman or with the use of magic;

  • Make the woman want to go into business again, this time without her ex-husband;
  • Enhance her good luck to ensure that her business flourishes. This will make her happy for starting a new life with you, the life full of success and good luck, the life in which she can enjoy the feeling that her potential is being realized which is so important for modern women.

  • Break up a couple spellNote that such services are not cheap. However, if you order all of them, but not just one spell to make a couple break up, you will not regret it. This will give you a strong relationship, loving woman and, which is also important, money. By the way, I also have a ritual to make the woman spend most of her money on you so think about it, too.

    The point is magic can influence people’s behavior any way you want, programming any emotions, feelings and actions. Do not hesitate to contact me. Tell me honestly what kind of relationship you want and I will choose the rituals to make your dreams come true.

    From a letter:

    “I understand that you are absolutely right when you say you cannot get the desired results using love spells to break up a couple because they are based on two contradicting actions – unification and separation. However, I don’t understand why some witches and sorcerers offer love spells to break up a couple claiming they know – and I quote – “ancient love spells to break up a couple” and “forbidden sacral rituals enabling to change a man’s fate with one ritual.”

    Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

    Upon seeing such promises, remember that, best case scenario, the sorcerer or witch knows that a how to break up a couple spell should be cast separately from love spells but does not tell you about it not to overload you with information. This scenario is favorable because this means you are dealing with a professional sorcerer or witch.

    However, the sorcerer or witch may lack experience and believe it is possible to cast a spell to make a couple break up together with a love spell without understanding that they are unable to create a good relationship.

    Unfortunately, when you meet a spellcaster claiming he can cast a how to break up a couple spell and give you love with one ritual, you can barely understand whether he is a professional or ignoramus. This is why I suggest you avoid such people and use the services of those who say that first you need to cast a spell to make a couple break up and only then a love ritual can be performed.

    Note that I, spellcaster Maxim, never promise anything of the kind. Moreover, I always tell my clients what exactly I am going to do so they understand what rituals will help them find love and be happy. It is up to you whether to use my services or not. Also, I always warn my clients what to expect if they fail to follow the rules which is why their decision to work with me is conscious and well-informed.

    I, spellcaster Maxim, promise you amazing results! As a powerful and experienced spellcaster, I ensure that my spells bring the desired results safely. My clients’ safety has always been a priority for me which can be confirmed by anyone who has ever worked with me. 

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