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Spiritual love spells for those wanting a little more

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Spiritual love spells are usually ordered or cast by women or romantic men – all those valuing love and romance. This is what gives them the spiritual love ritual which influence is as delicate as romance itself. As soon as one of the partners gets mad or upset, the ritual stops working. Why? You will find out if you watch the video at the end of this article. In the meantime, let us find out what people can be influenced with this ritual. It is very important because some groups of people are “immune” to it.

No matter how romantic you are, spiritual love spells can influence not everyone. They are too weak to influence strong men or strong, masculine women. To put a love spell on such men and women successfully, their will, free and independent, needs to be suppressed.

Yet, it is also impossible to cast a spiritual spell on weak and vulnerable people

Spiritual love spell ritualDespite the fact that they are usually very easy to influence, I always warn my readers about such people. There are two reasons for it. Reason one is they cannot protect themselves due to their low energy levels, so even simple spells can cause their chakras to malfunction. Secondly, timid people are often so not because they are good-natured people but because of their energy diseases. The energy of a spell, even if it is positive and aimed to create love, can aggravate their existing diseases.

True spellcasters follow one important rule:

Spiritual love spells can be cast only on people with healthy energies

Thus, if I notice some problems in my client during one of our preliminary consultations, I always fix them before any spells are cast. This is how I work. For your information, today 9 out of 10 people suffer from one or more energy problems. As a result, it takes me more time to perform my rituals than the customer expects. However, the outcome is always worth the wait.

Also, spiritual love spells should not be cast on young people or people older than 55-65 years old. Young people tend to be overly romantic, while older people are usually cold-hearted and unemotional.

These rituals belong to white magic, so the following rules should be observed during their performance:

1. They should be performed only during the day.

2. They should be put on people not capable of rudeness, betrayal and infidelity.

3. The target should be free of karmic debt – make sure the target has no children they are not supporting financially or parents they are not taking care of. 

The two last rules are very important. With a spiritual love spell, you are going to get the target to one of the highest levels of love,  that is spiritual love. It is possible only if the target can love. Otherwise, it is pointless to expect magic to turn the target into a romantic, caring and loyal person. It is like making a physically weak person lift heavy weights or making someone who is not a pilot fly a plane. No matter how hard they try, the results will be poor.   

To put a love spell on such people, you need to influence the rough energy of their lower chakras or the cold energy of their upper chakras. In the first case, the target will be sexually attracted to you following their instinct, while in the second case the target will be with you considering your relationship one of convenience.

There is a group of people who are very easy to influence with such spells – those recovering from a painful breakup, who have been betrayed, or who have lost faith in love. Such people need the emotions given by such spells. They need them like oxygen, like the sunlight, therefore they are “quite reactive” with them.

Spiritual love spells candlesBut remember that everything is temporary and all people change. Even if you love someone today, tomorrow you may find this person boring and even annoying. Any relationship undergoes through the following stages:

- Affection

- Love

- Friendship

- Respect

- Attachment

Romance lasts from several months to several days. The above listed transformations are natural and no magic can stop them from happening. However, with magic, you can make a person like you and then fall in love with you. It can make a person be your friend, respect and be attached to you. But it cannot make a person be gentle to you all the time. Therefore, it is your duty to make sure your spell works.

To keep your spiritual love spells working, you need to follow one rule:

specifically you need to not just love but be gentle with your partner from day one. Focus on it when you perform this ritual at home or when a professional spellcaster performs it for you.

This kind of magic feeds on the energy of your soul. Souls give the care and beautiful words pouring from the heart. Sex, no matter how good it is, originates in the lower chakras, jealousy in the stomach chakra, and the desire to take care and make plans in the head chakra. And only tenderness is born in the soul which you can feel if you press your hand to your chest where the heart is. This is where spiritual love spells are born, too.

However, you cannot make anyone love you forever. This is why spiritual love rituals are considered to be very difficult, but luckily not in terms of their performance. To perform a spiritual love ritual, look at the photo of your beloved for several days with love, and after a while this person will find himself or herself attracted to you. It is difficult to keep the ritual effective and a lot of people fail at it. Sometimes, just one fight or one fit of jealousy is enough to disable the spiritual love spell you have been working so hard to maintain.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep your relationship alive for a long time. Just remember that when your love spell expires, you will need to cast another one, influencing other chakras. Otherwise, your beloved will leave you. You can use sex, interest, jealousy or fear of loneliness spells. You can use spells to make yourself the most desirable partner or influence your beloved so that he/she could think only about you.

I have written a lot of articles about it which you can find on my website, so please read them and take advantage of the knowledge offered to you by one of the most powerful spellcasters in the world.

If you still want to cast spiritual love spells, in the video below there are some tips for you. 

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