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Tarot magic and tarot magic spells

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‘For some reason, I think tarot magic is not a real magic. How can one perform rituals using some pieces of paper with pretty images? There has to be something better than that!’

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Tarot magic and tarot magic spells have appeared for a reason

Tarot magic spellsThe tarot cards are not just “some pieces of paper”, as you said. They contain symbols which have been used for about 5,000 years. Check the wall drawings of the tombs of Egyptian pharaohs. All of them contain the images you can find on tarot cards.

The art of tarot reading was rediscovered by people not that long ago, specifically only a few centuries ago. At the same time, there appeared a lot of other branches of magic which are now buried in oblivion. Unlike them, tarot magic spells and tarot magic are still alive and, more importantly, growing in popularity.

What does it mean?

It means tarot magic spells are effective

Otherwise, people disappointed in tarot magic would give it up, switching to something else.

Speaking of your comment regarding “pieces of paper”, it is very difficult to understand that any imagine can be turned, if not into a door, than at least into a window leading to the other world, unless you have studied magic and quantum physics. Such windows (remember about the so-called cursed imagines) are used by those living in parallel universes (or energies used by sorcerers and witches working with tarot magic spells) to get into our world.

There are different worlds. Thus, magic practitioners can use tarot cards to connect to information fields to see the future of any person. If connected to the world of Higher Powers managing our world, they can take advantage of their advice and warnings. Connected to hellish worlds, they use their energies to cast death spells and curses.

What you call “paper” is in fact a powerful magic tool. This is why magic practitioners warn people about the danger of casting tarot magic spells without being properly trained. You not only have no idea how to manage the energies coming to you through the cards, but also do not know which of the worlds you are connected to. You also do not know which forces are interacting with you, light or dark (representing your Guardian Angel or the Devil).


‘I’ve been studying tarot magic for over a year now but I haven’t done anything but tarot fortune-telling. It’s been nothing but disappointment so I’m wondering if it’s fortune-telling at all. I tell only my fortune and never tell fortunes for other people to avoid embarrassing myself. None of the things predicted has come true yet. I even write down all the predictions to later compare them with my life, but even if there are some matches, it looks more like a coincidence.

This is why I haven’t tried to cast tarot magic spells yet. I know it’s too early for me. Do you have any advice for me to facilitate my progress?’

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I admire your patience and carefulness. I wish everyone was like you. Tarot magic and tarot magic spells must not be used by amateurish spellcasters.

As for your question, it is more complicated than you think. There are several reasons why you may fail in your tarot magic fortune-telling. They include:

Tarot magic ritual1. You are influenced by a curse or black magic preventing you from connecting to information fields. If that is the case, consider yourself lucky. You will succeed in fortune-telling as soon as I remove those spells. Yet trust me, having the spells removed from you is a better reward than being able to tell fortunes.

2. You are going against your karma. Tarot magic spells can be cast successfully only by the people whose karma permits it. Otherwise, you are growing in your karmic debt and paying it off is rather difficult.

3. Your Guardian Angel is keeping you from making a mistake and getting involved with tarot magic. I do not know what your Angel knows about your future and what negative changes he foresees, but if I am right, you will get a sign clearly telling you that you should stay away from tarot magic spells as soon as you make contact with your Guardian Angel. If that is the case, you should be very careful. If it is about some negative energy influence (Reason 1), instead of your Guardian Angel, you can reach some evil spirit telling you what to do. If you do as told, you may get in big trouble.

Therefore, you need an experienced magic practitioner to help you figure out what is going on. You need to know the answer and not be guided by some assumptions and guesses.

4. Lastly, you may be doing something wrong.

It is not enough to just buy a deck of tarot cards and learn several simple spreads to tell fortunes. Well, it is enough to pretend that you are telling fortunes. As for predicting things, no, it is not enough. I do not know what exactly your mistake is in tarot magic. Instead, I will list you some of the most common mistakes made by beginning tarot readers:

  • You bought your tarot cards in some online store instead of the magic shop offering authentic magic artifacts;
  • You started using the cards in less than a month since their purchase;
  • You have never charged your cards, talked to them, or tried to make contact with them in any other way;
  • You are not the only one who touched your cards;
  • You do not keep your cards in some dedicated place in your house;
  • Your cards have been stained, torn, etc;
  • You get mad at your cards when you do not like their predictions;
  • You do not stay focused on the question for at least 10 minutes before you start your fortune-telling ritual;
  • You do not greet your cards when you take them out and do not thank them for their help after you finish the fortune-telling ritual;
  • You had taken no precautions before you started telling fortunes;
  • The questions you ask are not very important to you (so Higher Powers think knowing the answers is not important, either);
  • You focus not on the result but on whether or not it will come true;
  • Lastly, you want to master tarot magic spells casting to get even with someone or have control over someone (it is not allowed so you will never master it).

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