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TEST – Can you identify real witchcraft spells?

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About every second person believes they have some kind of magic powers enabling them to cure diseases, remove the evil eye or, on the contrary, put the evil eye on people. As for real witchcraft spells identification, as many as 9 out of 10 people are confident they are good at it.

I do not know whether or not you consider yourself a magician or a psychic. However, I am sure you will like the below test designed to help people find out if they actually have the abilities to identify real witchcraft spells.

Casting real witchcraft spells with magic bookPeople who can identify magic usually live a happier life than those who cannot. I am not talking about some tricks you can show at a friend’s party or some conclusions and speculation having no practical use. Those who can identify magic always know the root cause of their problems, can protect themselves against diseases and poverty caused by some magic spells or envy, as well as against love spells which may force them to marry someone they do not want to marry.

I know that those who can see real witchcraft spells often do not know how to protect themselves against them, but they do not need to know it. When they identify a problem, they just need to come to me and let me take care of it, protecting your life against all the spells cast in order to ruin it.

It is a simple test. Just answer the questions and sum up all your yes-answers. Be honest. No one will know the results but you. This test will help you better understand yourself and, if needed, stop lying to yourself and let a real spellcaster examine you for energy problems. Anyway, I am sure this test would be useful to all my readers.

1.       There have been several people in your family who were magic practitioners providing magic services for money.

2.       You have a good intuition. You can predict the outcome of your actions and the results of your undertakings.

3.       When you take over something that is doomed to fail, you feel exhausted and have to force yourself to finish what you started.

4.       Sometimes you fulfill simple tasks effortlessly which suddenly bring excellent results.

5.       You have read more than 20 books about magic, self-perfection, energies, and yoga.

6.       You do not consider practicing magic a sin.

7.       You are not a religious person.

8.       You are grateful to life for everything it gives you because you understand it is what makes your life interesting.

9.       You have a lot of friends who are unique and extraordinary people.

10.   You always know how to help other people.

11.   You give advice only when you are asked for it.

12.   When you come across some negative information, such as news about car accidents, scary pictures or horror movies, you get sick.

13.   You like sunny days because the sun appears to give you energy.

14.   You are not afraid of the dark because there is nothing mystical in it.

15.   You have already identified real witchcraft spells put on you or other people.

16.   You have practiced magic (even if you just performed some simple rituals).

17.   You had some serious disease as a child or were seriously wounded in some accident.

18.   You have prophetic dreams. Sometimes you hear voices in your dreams or see pictures showing you the future.

19.   You know the future you see can be changed if you change your behavior, etc.

Real witchcraft candle spell20.   You can feel other people’s energies and you know who are actually strong people and who are only pretending to be strong.

21.   You know when you are lied to and when someone is trying to use you.

22.   You monitor your family members’ lives and always feel when they are in trouble.

23.   You know when something bad is going to happen to your family members.

24.   You know that real witchcraft spells have a special taste. When you come across them, you feel cold or you feel the energy thickening. 

25.   You can tell if a person is cursed simply by looking at him/her.

26.   You know that people influenced by spells have a special smell. As a rule, it is unpleasant.

27.   You know other symptoms of spells’ influence, such as looking unhealthy, poor hair and nail quality, breath odor.

28.   You know people react aggressively when such symptoms are pointed out to them.

29.   You know such aggression is caused by magic.

30.   You know what to do in case you are right about it – you know how to perform cleansing rituals and have contact information of several powerful spellcasters.

31.   You know prevention is better than cure so you perform cleansing rituals on a regular basis.

32.   You know that it is important to be able to overcome your fears because negative energies enter your body through your fear.

33.   You do not like talking to people carrying negative energy.

34.   You prefer healthy energy to success and money.

35.   You concentrate and focus on helping your family when they are in trouble because of magic.

36.   You know that real witchcraft spells can be broken only if you stay strong.

37.   You know that at the same time you need to stay calm.

38.   You have a talisman protecting you.

39.   You do not want to study magic because you know it is very difficult and sometimes dangerous.

40.   You never miss a chance to work with a professional magic practitioner because you know how powerful they can be and how much they can do for you.

41.   Sometimes you can see the consequences of magic. Therefore you are not scared when you see some shadows in your house or find dirt or locks of hair after cleaning up.

42.   You find dirt and locks of hair once in a while.

43.   You know when you are in danger.

44.   You know when there are some evil forces in the house because you can feel their presence.

45.   You know everyone has their magic limits. You are not ready to go beyond yours because this is where real witchcraft spells are, which are really dangerous.

Please watch the video below to find out the results.

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