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Voodoo break up spells at home

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“The Internet is flooded with multiple tips about how to cast love spells and other spells on people using voodoo magic. However, there’s not a word about how to break such spells. Why? Why are there no articles about voodoo break up spells to be cast at home for people who are not professional spellcasters? I guess magic practitioners tell people how to cast spells on purpose. They do it because they want them to come to them later asking to remove the consequences of such spells. Am I right?”


Break up spells with voodoo dollI do not think that is the case. First and foremost, the majority of such “tips” which can be found on the Internet do not work. So the targets of such spells do not even need to know how to break up voodoo spells. Secondly, it is very difficult to cast spells, especially voodoo spells. If you want to cast a voodoo spell, you need to read not about voodoo break up spells but how to eliminate the consequences of improperly performed voodoo rituals. Thirdly, the majority of such recipes are rewritten articles, copies of articles posted by other people. Some people rewrite articles in order to make some money, changing not only terms but sometimes even the essence of the ritual.

Therefore, the majority of articles posted on the Internet pose no threat to anyone. Thus, I can hardly imagine that some sorcerers are deliberately promoting some made-up spells in hope to offer their break up voodoo spells eventually to those who got hurt because of it, or to make some money selling the recipes of their voodoo break up spells.


Can I break up voodoo spells using spells which don’t belong to voodoo magic?

I’ve been really scared of this type of magic since I watched Angel Heart. I work with African emigrants a lot and it’s not unlikely that one of them may want to curse me or harm me in some other way using voodoo magic. So I’m looking for a way to protect myself not to be afraid anymore.


Your question sounds very familiar to me. I believe I have answered it many times. Basically, you want to know if you can use other spells as voodoo break up spells. The answer is yes, you can. When it comes to magic, the winner is not the one who knows how to use a specific type of magic, but the one who has more magic powers and experience.

It is like playing billiards. There are ten balls of different colors on the table. Some of them seem friendly, for example, the white balls. Others seem scary, such as the black ones. Yet, your level as a player does not depend on the color of the ball. It depends on your skills, shot accuracy, technique, etc. This is also true for magic. The winner is always the one with better skills and more experience. Therefore, you can break up voodoo spells using any rituals, provided they are performed properly by a powerful magic practitioner.

Speaking of your problem, you can “use” voodoo break up spells without performing any rituals. You should just buy a high-quality amulet to protect you against any spells people may try to put on you. No rituals need to be performed. The only thing you should do is handle your amulet according to the instructions specified and carry it with you at all times.


“Can a prayer be used to break up voodoo spells?”


It depends on your sincerity and the power of your prayer. To be honest, in my experience prayers are a poor protection choice. Thus, if you are used to praying in some specific church, your prayers protect you only while you are inside that church. As soon as you go out, you become vulnerable again. Praying will not protect you, unless you pray on a daily basis, at least once a day. Otherwise, your prayers are useless and cannot replace voodoo break up spells.

As with any type of magic, the magic of prayers takes a lot of training. By praying on a regular basis, you create a channel connecting you and the Divine World through which you communicate your requests and get help. Also, you learn how to reach the so-called altered states of consciousness. It has been proven scientifically that the brain works in a different way in people who pray and have faith. Thus, their brain is powerful enough to reprogram the energies around it and, for instance, break up voodoo spells.

Thus, do not expect prayers to help you, unless you pray on a regular basis. If you need voodoo break up spells, find a professional magic practitioner.


“Can priests break up voodoo spells?

Break up voodoo spellsIf yes, which religions does it apply to?”


If a priest has the powers and skills of a magic practitioner, he can cast voodoo break up spells no matter what God he believes in. Unfortunately, today such priests are highly rare. Nowadays, religions have been turned into a way to make money. Religion is a business now. Those priests who actually want to help their parishioners help them no better than a psychologist. True magic which used to enable priests to work wonders has been long forgotten. Therefore, do not expect your priest to help you resolve some magic and black witchcraft-related matters.


“I have a voodoo love spell on me. It’s changed my life dramatically. I fell in love with a woman I wasn’t supposed to love. We got married, I moved to a different city and found a new job. My life is nothing like I planned. Will my life change if I break the love spell? Will I have a chance to get back what I’ve lost?”


As far as I know, you talked to some fortune-teller. She told you about your love spell and how it has changed your life. But did she tell you that no person can fall victim to magic, whether it is a love spell or a curse, unless it has been approved by Higher Powers? If she did not, she made a huge mistake making you think you are not living your life right.

In fact, you have a love spell on you because you deserve it. Your life is “different” from what you expected not because of this love spell. Your dreams have not come true because of your bad karma. You will not get what you want until you pay off all your karmic debts.

Breaking your love spell will change nothing. Instead, you should address your karmic problems and untie your karmic knots. Take care of that and everything will be fine. If you try to fix your problems by removing the love spell, in addition to your existing problems you will have to deal with loneliness and fatigue, having to look for a new relationship which will not make you happy anyway.

If I were you, I would postpone using break up voodoo spells. I had rather consult with a professional spellcaster and get a roadmap of your future actions to escape the influence of the love spell and live a happy life.


“How to use voodoo break up spells at home?”


Unfortunately, the majority of voodoo-breaking spells cannot be cast at home. To begin with, you at least need an altar but you do not have one. Also, such rituals usually require some pretty expensive magic accessories, which total price is higher than the price of professional magic services provided by a powerful spellcaster. No matter what you do being a beginning spellcaster, you will only reduce the effect of the spell but never eliminate it. On the bright side, this will spare you some time to find and talk to a professional magic practitioner.

Alternatively, you can use a magic amulet to protect yourself against voodoo magic. Carry it with you and you will not have to worry about having to use break up voodoo spells. The amulet will protect you without you even knowing about it. Just keep it safe and make sure other people do not touch it. If you manage to meet these requirements, your amulet will protect you forever.

A simple ritual to break a voodoo spell is one performed with the use of some salt. For more information about it, please watch the video below.

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