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Wedding spells and seasons

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A reader’s question:

“In ancient times weddings were celebrated only in fall. Perhaps, there was a reason for it. I guess wedding spells were cast in fall, too. Why have modern spellcasters departed from this tradition?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Wedding spells ritualsJust a few centuries ago our civilization was completely agrarian. To survive, peasants (99% of all people) had to farm the land, while only 1% had some industrial occupations. So it is no surprise that the weddings were celebrated in fall, after the harvest.

Wedding spells have never been cast in fall on purpose, especially knowing that it takes some time for a true wedding spell to take effect.

I believe wedding spells were cast mostly in spring for three reasons

  • In spring the world is filled with the energy of new life – energy of birth, growth and flourishing;
  • In spring people’s hearts are open for love more than ever, therefore it is easier for a wedding spell to influence the target;
  • When a wedding spell is cast in spring, it takes full effect by summer and in fall the couple can get married.

A reader’s question:

“Are you saying such spells should be cast in spring?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

A true spellcaster does not cast his spells depending on the season. However, this rule does not apply to the production of some rare and very powerful talismans which can be made on specific days. As for wedding spells, their casting depends on the lunar cycle (such spells should be cast when the moon is waxing, while breakup spells are cast when the moon is waning).

A reader’s question:

“Is love magic more effective in spring?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

It depends on the power of the spellcaster. A love spell cast by a professional and experienced spellcaster is effective no matter when it is cast (what season or month), while a love spell cast by an amateurish spellcaster will never be effective.

A reader’s question:

“Are there any magic rules applying to each of the seasons?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Yes, there are some rules. For example, black magic is more effective in fall and in winter, and less effective in summer, when the sun is cleaning the planet of all negativity. Speaking of seasons, I would like you to look at it from the psychological perspective.

The customer’s psychological state is always important for the spellcaster, including when a wedding spell is cast. My loyal readers and customers know that I cast love spells and marriage spells only on single people. Sometimes I have to end their current relationships for it. The psychological state of a person changes depending on the season as follows:

  • In spring people are full of hope. They hope for new relationships, meetings, love, and romantic feelings;
  • Summer is when people sum up their past year and make plans (usually concerning their work and career). In summer people take their vacations expecting some vacation flings and romantic adventures;

  • In fall people get depressed and become very vulnerable. Their energy levels begin to drop.
  • In winter energy levels drop significantly, but not because the year is coming to its end. People subconsciously start waiting for the spring because this is the season they associate with love.

I believe you do not have to be a spellcaster to understand which of the seasons is better for wedding spells.

A reader’s question:

“Is it true that a wedding spell cast in wintertime expires sooner than one cast in summertime?”

Wedding candle spellsSpellcaster Maxim’s answer:

No, it is not true. This is something weak spellcasters say to avoid customer claims. They know customers do not like to wait. When their wedding spells prove ineffective, they explain it by the fact that they were cast in the wrong season, namely in wintertime. Let me repeat that the effectiveness of a spell depends on the knowledge and skills of the spellcaster and does not depend on the season.

No spell has a permanent effect. It is broken by many things, including people’s actions, words, and even thoughts. Therefore, a marriage created by a marriage spell needs to be maintained by re-performing the ritual used to create it in the first place, as well as special talismans designed to keep the spouses together.

You may maintain your marriage by yourself. To this end, you need to:

  • Love your spouse;
  • Care of your spouse;
  • Try to make your spouse happy;
  • Avoid fights;
  • Do not cheat on your spouse;

Remember that negative energies (energy of your actions, words and thoughts) contribute to the spell’s fading, while positive and light energies keep it strong.

I know couples who have been together their whole life thanks to just one ritual. It is possible when the spouse who had a wedding spell cast meet all of the above requirements. Love is not just about beautiful words. It is about actions. It requires care and attention and is hard work. By working hard and constantly thinking about your partner as the most important person in your life, you will be able to maintain your relationship for as long as possible.

A reader’s question:

“Is it true that voodoo love rituals are more effective if performed in summer?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

Does your assumption have anything to do with the fact that voodoo magic originated in Africa, one of the hottest continents on our planet? No, it is not true. Seasons are not important for true voodoo priests and priestesses.

What should be important to you is that voodoo is black magic and the love is creates is quite disputable. My spells make people happy because they are cast with the help of Higher Powers. As for voodoo magic, it turns people into slaves. The target is forced to be attracted to the voodoo sorcerer’s client. Such relationships, instead of making people happy, make their karma heavy.

Besides, voodoo magic is very dangerous when its spells are cast improperly. If that is the case, everyone involved becomes a hostage to the dark forces and starts paying them with their energy. People have limited energy reserves, meaning they get love (which is still doubtful) in exchange for their health, money, good luck, etc.

Unfortunately, most voodoo rituals are performed inaccurately. True voodoo sorcerers do not work online. Therefore, when you find someone claiming to be a voodoo specialist, you fall for a scam. For more information please read my articles about voodoo magic.

A reader’s question:

“I was married twice and each time the wedding was in summer. I’m going to get married again using magic. Can a wedding spell ensure the wedding takes place not in summer, but in fall or in winter?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s answer:

I can discuss it with you in a personal conversation. So place your order and I will reply to you shortly, telling you about everything you should do to have your wedding at your chosen time.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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