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What kind of luck can a luck amulet holder expect?

Homepage Practical magic What kind of luck can a luck amulet holder expect?
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From a reader’s letter:

‘I bought a luck amulet. Not from you, but from another spellcaster. I bought it to win online casino games. For some reason I knew the amulet wouldn’t help me, so my first bets were small. At first I lost everything, then I lost 1/3 of what I had and this is when I just stopped playing. I don’t want to play again, because obviously the amulet doesn’t work.

My question is as follows: How can I prove that the person who sold me one of his luck amulets is a liar and he is selling fakes? Is there a way for me to get my money back?’

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Luck powerful amuletIf the one who sold you that amulet of luck is a true magic practitioner, he will give your money back without you having to ask for it, provided you have followed all his instructions. However, it looks like you bought your luck amulet not from a spellcaster but at some gift shop, and your amulet is not authentic. Otherwise, you would know how your amulet works and how to make it work for you.

First and foremost, you need to believe in the power of your amulet. Secondly, you need to interact with it for a while, for example, hold it in your hands, look at it, try to hear it and bind its energies with yours. Naturally, you need to be prepared for loosing several games. No matter how powerful your amulet is, it still needs some time to get used to your energies to attract good luck.

As far as I understand, you have not been advised on that, meaning your odds of getting a refund for your malfunctioning luck amulets are quite low.

From a letter:

Why do you say that my amulet of luck will not work for me if I don’t adjust its energies to help me?

If you are as experienced as you say you are and offer powerful luck amulets, how comes your amulets require some additional actions from the customer? I think it’s weird.

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

This point of view is common among those who do not know how the luck amulet works

It is not a jinn or a magic wand to make people’s wishes come true. It is like a performance enhancing drug to strengthen your energies (this is how to become lucky).

Here is a simple example. You are a clerk working for a large company. You have been doing your routine job well for the past several years but your bosses have never noticed it. You have been working really hard but it appears it is still not enough to build a successful career.

Imagine you do not want to put up with it and buy a unique amulet of luck manufactured and customized by me specifically for you.

How will such a luck amulets work

To begin with, it will start transforming your energies. When the required transformations are completed, it will focus on the energies around you. Since you are unlikely to understand mysticism and esoteric science, let me list out what is going to change around you when you buy one of my luck amulets:

1. Your amulet of luck will fuel you with its energy allowing you to work better and faster.

2. This improvement will be useless unless the amulet strengthens your chakras generating the energy of your future success. Perhaps, you will need more sexual energy to ensure that you are helped by the opposite sex, or just have your energy strengthened so that all your competitors would avoid fighting with you and prefer to yield to you.

3. It will improve your memory and your creativity helping you generate great ideas useful for your company, while doing your job really great (ensuring your bosses will take notice of you).

4. A true luck amulet will change other people’s attitude towards you from negative or neutral to positive and friendly. Everyone will take pleasure in helping you without knowing why they enjoy it, yet thanks to the amulet it will not bother them.

Amulets for luckAs a result, it will boost your career enabling you to make up for everything you have failed to achieve over the past ten or more years. Since we are talking about time, I cannot help mentioning that true luck amulets do not bring fast results. To give you everything listed above, they need to stay with you for quite a long period of time in a state of hibernation. Then they will start to have targeted action on you giving you what can be described as rare but massive sparks of good luck.

After a while, your amulet of luck will get completely used to your energies and take full effect making you one of the luckiest persons in the country.

From a reader’s letter:

‘I bought a luck amulet from one spellcaster but it doesn’t seem to be helping me at all. Maybe I’m doing something wrong. Could you teach me how to use my amulet so that it would help me?’

Spellcaster Maxims reply:

It would be strange if I taught my readers how to use amulets manufactured by and purchased from other spellcasters. First and foremost, if your amulet is an authentic magic artifact, I cannot do that without knowing what it is made of, as well as which rituals were used to charge it. I do not know anything about your amulet, its origin and energy, so I cannot give you any advice on that.

Secondly, the odds are your luck amulets are fake. If that is the case, they will not work no matter what I say and you will be disappointed in magic anyway.

I bear responsibility for every amulet of luck manufactured by me and I provide guidelines for their use individually for each customer. Every magic accessory is unique. To make a powerful amulet, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration. Do you remember the example with the clerk whose life was changed with a magic amulet? This very amulet will not help a surgeon wanting to improve his skills or an actor dreaming of fame. The point is they need completely different amulets.

From a reader’s letter:

‘The witch refuses to give my money back, although her amulet is no longer working. I dropped it, breaking it into several pieces. I want to give it back. The witch is the one who should make sure the amulet works. Since she made it so fragile, she should refund me, shouldn’t she?'

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Drop your cell phone from the same height making sure it lands on the same surface. Then drop your TV, laptop and tablet. You may also drop your favorite vase and mirror. Have you broken them? Well, now try to convince the manufacturers to give you a refund.

I can assure you no one is going to refund you. Moreover, this simply does not make sense. When you buy a fragile thing, you should be careful with it and should not blame the manufacturer for your carelessness.

Thus, if your broken luck amulets are your fault, the witch owes you nothing

I am lucky because none of my customers has ever asked me for a refund. They ask me to fix their broken amulets (obviously, for an additional fee) or make and charge a new amulet if repairing one is impossible. Similarly, you can ask your witch to make a new amulet of luck for you instead of your old broken one, provided you agree to pay the full price. This is the only choice you have.

It is not about taking sides (I am not trying to support my colleague). It is about honestly and ethics. Thus, I believe it is fair if the witch refuses to refund you (and I assure you she will).

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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