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Who should use pagan magic spells

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Pagan magic is getting increasingly popular all around the world. This is no surprise because more and more people come to realize that when they lose connection with nature and its spirits, they lose the opportunity for self-development and self-improvement. There is another factor explaining the ever growing popularity of pagan magic spells – disappointment in traditional religions.

Technically, any religion is magic. People are drawn to religion, consciously or intuitively, in hope to change themselves and their life and take their fate under control. Unfortunately, religions have long lost their initial sacral meaning turning from magic into a tool to manipulate the masses or into a profitable business. As a result, more than 30% of people claim to be atheists today and 65% say they would not hesitate to replace religion with something else that could make their wishes and dreams come true.

This is when many people pay their attention to magic pagan

Pagan magic candlesThey do not want it to make them happy. They just want to avoid more disappointment. Despite the fact that the followers of pagan magic claim it can work wonders, pagan magic spells do not help all. Thus, only 20% of pagan magic money spells and 28% pagan spells for love succeed bringing the desired results.

Why so? Because not all people can use pagan magic. One and the same pill can be a panacea for some people freeing them from their physical and emotional suffering, and be poisonous for others. Similarly, pagan magic can both improve and destroy lives.

Magic pagan is a complex notion encompassing not only ancient but also modern doctrines and even some false ones. I hope you will not blame me for using such a generalization. By the way, there is detailed information on my website about each type of pagan magic and almost all pagan magic spells.

Today, I am not going to make rankings and tell you which one is better and why. However, I, spellcaster Maxim, have to let you know that there is one branch of pagan magic that is nothing but evil. I am talking about Wicca, a belief system which already has a few million followers.

What is Wicca? No matter how hard you try to find something good it in, you will not. Wicca is built on the knowledge of psychology:

  • All people strive for freedom;
  • All people want to reach their full potential;
  • All people want to be proud of themselves;
  • All people need money, health and love.

Wicca’s founders promised their followers to make all their dreams come true asking for nothing in exchange – including having to learn, fast and accumulate energy. Without it, none of the pagan spells for love or health and money pagan magic spells can work. Without thorough preparation, magic pagan is just a set of meaningless and useless actions and phrases.

If you are lucky, some of your wishes come true on their own. When they do, preachers of Wicca claim you should thank Wicca for it. However, they prefer to ignore the fact that Wicca fails to help the overwhelming majority of its followers.

They fail to mention the fact that their pagan spells for love have a short-term effect or that many followers of pagan magic are insane or suicidal. They also hold back the fact that Wicca can leave you possessed or ruin your fate. Why do they lie? Because magic pagan is their source of steady income (as you know, you have to pay membership dues for being a Wiccan).

Pagan magic ritual

I suggest we leave Wicca alone because I am sure after a while the truth about Wicca will be revealed and the cult will disappear like all the other false cults which have existed before it. Instead, let us get back to discussing our initial subject that is “Who should use pagan magic spells.”

So, who should use pagan magic?

Who can achieve success with pagan spells for love? Who can benefit from magic pagan and to whom it will bring nothing but trouble?

1. Pagan magic spells can help people who love nature, re-energize themselves with the energies of nature and cure their diseases through hiking.

2. They help those living in the country and solitary places, pursuing traditional crafts and agriculture. 

3. You can use pagan spells for love if you feel yourself to be some ancient or eternal creature and have no doubt that you and your soulmate are destined to be together.

4. Avoid pagan magic if your karma is heavy. Today our karma often allows us to have our wishes come true only if we work really hard, improve ourselves and use modern technology instead of magic.

5. Pagan magic spells are very dangerous to people with mental problems and disorders and unstable nervous system. As with any esoteric discipline, magic pagan almost always aggravates their condition eventually ruining their lives and fates.

Pagan spells for love must not be cast on and used against pregnant women

6. If you put a pagan spell for love on a pregnant woman, the spell will influence not only the woman but also the baby she is carrying. Influencing unborn children, infants and children under 18 with magic is a serious magic crime for which the criminals are severely punished by the Higher Powers.

Do not use magic pagan if you are overweight

7. Excess weight is often caused by malfunctioning subtle bodies. As a result, you trying to use magic can be compared with you trying to lift heavy weights without being a professional weight lifter. You may hurt your back, joints, vessels, or even die of a heart attack or stroke. If you try to use magic while being overweight, you can also end up suffering from many severe diseases.

8. You can use pagan spells for love if you remember, at least partially, some of your past lives and know for sure that you have already practiced pagan magic. You may not remember pagan magic methods and techniques in detail, however you are still connected with the gods and spirits behind pagan magic and can count on their help.

It is very dangerous to use pagan magic spells as a popular trend

9. If you are not drawn to pagan magic but want to learn it because you think it will make you look cool and help you stand out, prepare to be disappointed. Pagan magic will not open up to you. If you keep trying anyway, it will punish you depriving you of something without which you cannot be completely happy. 

10. Do not try to learn pagan magic without breaking the connection with all the other esoteric disciplines and religions. To begin with, forget your old gods and disconnect from their energies. Otherwise, pagan gods and spirits will not be able to connect and exchange their energies with you.

11. Do not try to use pagan spells for love if you think becoming a pagan magic spellcaster is easy. Ancient shamans, mystics and teachers had to spend almost their whole life to master pagan magic. If you are not ready to make this sacrifice, forget about pagan magic.

My readers often ask me, “Spellcaster Maxim, do you practice pagan magic?” “Do you cast pagan magic spells?” My answer is, “I do practice pagan magic and I have a lot of pagan magic spells to choose from. If you need pagan magic, do not hesitate to contact me and ask me whatever questions you have about it.”

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