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Why a love spell cast by a powerful spellcaster may fail to help you

Homepage Practical magic Why a love spell cast by a powerful spellcaster may fail to help you
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Occasionally, when you visit the love spell section of some website belonging to some witch or sorcerer, you see a textbook example of hidden advertising or black PR, such as an article where it is stated that the website’s owner is the only one who can cast love spells successfully, while all the other magic practitioners usually fail. As you keep reading it, you realize the author is right about the reasons a spellcaster may fail, but at the same time you cannot help noticing the author is also lying because every spellcaster, no matter how powerful and experienced, may fail.

I, spellcaster Maxim, acknowledge it and I would like to warn you that I do not offer a 100% success guarantee. It does not mean I lack competence or have poor knowledge of magic. Please read this article until the end and you will learn why even such a skilled spellcaster like myself can fail.

Love spell candles cast ritualLet us talk about the reasons why spellcasters fail. They are equally important and can destroy even the most powerful spells.

1. YOUR love spell will fail if you provide INACCURATE personal information, such as:

  • Date or place of birth;
  • Marital status;
  • The target’s full name or DOB;
  • Photos;
  • Others.

2. FAILURE TO FOLLOW THE SPELLCASTER’S INSTRUCTIONS – MY INSTRUCTIONS. My instructions are always clear and rather easy to follow. However, for some reason clients sometimes fail to follow them or try to lie to me about following them. Here is a simple example: One of my clients wanted to get her ex-husband back. I asked her for one of his old clothes. For some reason, she went to a second-hand store, bought a shirt there, and brought me a piece of that shirt. Obviously, my rituals failed.

3. love spells can be affected by the client’s decision to work with multiple spellcasters to, as they think, be on the safe side.  Thus, clients order the same ritual from different spellcasters (not one by one but simultaneously) or hire a fortune-teller to monitor my work using, for example, tarot cards.

If that is the case, the energies of third-party spellcasters interfere with my energies. It is like playing billiards. You do not need a lot to change the ball’s trajectory. In magic, even a slight energy perturbation may cause the ritual to fail.

4. Your love spell may fail if you talk too much

I ask all my clients not to tell other people about me and what I do for them. Sharing this information destroys magic both before and after the ritual is performed. It does not mean telling about our collaboration is prohibited. If your friend or family member is in trouble, there is nothing wrong in telling them about me and how I have helped you. On the contrary, this would be the right thing to do.

It is wrong to tell other people about working with me in real time, for instance, making some posts on Facebook or in your blog. Also, it is prohibited to make posts post factum describing how I have helped you and how happy you are now.

One of my clients ruined everything when she tried to thank me. I had worked with her for more than a year casting the most powerful love spells for her when she wrote an article about me and sent it to all her friends. Her actions ruined my magic.

5. REVIEWS ABOUT MY WORK. The other day I received a letter from one of my accusing me of preventing my clients from leaving negative reviews about me by prohibiting them to share information about our work. Let me explain something to you. You can write and leave as many reviews about my work as you want, positive or negative. Just do not provide any details and make sure your reviews are focused on your feelings and thoughts.

6. IMPATIENCE. Due to inexperienced spellcasters who work online, there is a popular myth according to which magic brings results fast. Moreover, the more experienced your spellcaster, the sooner you will have your wish fulfilled. I am sorry to disappoint you but according to experienced spellcasters, customers have their wishes fulfilled at least in a few weeks or even in a few months. Even the most simple love spell is not an exception to this rule.

Love spell candle cast by a powerful spellcasterUnfortunately, some of my clients are very impatient. They get nervous and start looking for other spellcasters to help them. You know why it is wrong, do you not? Also, impatient customers lose faith in magic and, as you know, lack of faith is one of the key obstacles for performing high-quality rituals. Keep reading to find out why.

7. LACK OF FAITH IN MAGIC. A love spell needs not only the energies of the spellcaster and the Universe. The customer is its energy donor as well. By having faith, you supply your energy to your love spell. When you lose faith, the energy levels drop.

If that is the case, magic is likely to fail. Therefore, always have faith in magic or do not use it at all. As you know, each is rewarded according to their faith, meaning you will get only what you have faith in.

8. FAILURE TO UNDERSTAND THAT MAGIC CAN BE VERY COMPLEX. In cartoons they show witches fulfilling people’s dreams simply by saying some spells over boiling water. Unfortunately, things are far more complex than this.

Sometimes, to cast love spells successfully, I have to

  • Cleanse the customer’s energies;
  • Remove their self-doubt and all the programs left after their previous relationships;
  • Change their views (sometimes even the sexual preferences of the target of my love spell);
  • Create a channel between the customer and the target;
  • Etc.

That is what is takes to cast effective and safe spells. Some people do not understand it, considering the world simple and the people its marionettes or computer programs. In their opinion, the spellcaster has some buttons enabling them to change people’s lives by pressing those buttons. They get really disappointed when you tell them it is not true…

In conclusion, I would like to say that my love spells can make your dreams come true, provided you do not do anything from the above list.

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