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Why is it impossible for an amateur to cast a win money spell successfully?

Homepage Practical magic Why is it impossible for an amateur to cast a win money spell successfully?
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From a reader’s letter:

I’ve always wanted to be rich. But my life hasn’t been great. I never went to college and I have no dealer’s eye.

So I decided to cast a win money spell to get rich

Spell paraphernalia to win moneyI’ve cast a number of different spells to win money but unsuccessfully. Does it mean each spell to win posted on the Internet is a lie?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

The odds are you will find a fake win money spell, especially if you are looking for free spells to win money. Think about it: who would share the recipe of a working spell to win on the Internet instead of making their own money with it?

Nevertheless, there is such thing as a working win money spell, especially if you look for one on a website belonging to one of the professional spellcasters. True spellcasters are prohibited from winning money, however they are allowed to earn money by telling about their spells to win money to their clients or by casting them for their clients.

As for you, your win money spell failed because you do not have the skill and knowledge to cast money spells successfully. Moreover, I highly doubt you used the expensive magic accessories needed to succeed in money magic.

From a reader’s letter:

I tried to put a spell to win on my computer to win at online poker but in vain

By the way, it cost me more than $1,500 to cast that spell.

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

This is just another example of how frauds operate. If you had consulted a spellcaster or even someone familiar with magic, you would have known that it is pointless trying to influence a computer. I would compare it with influencing the rear bumper of your car instead of its engine, control system or yourself for safer driving.

A computer simply shows you how the game progresses while your actual chances to win depend on:

  • The other players;
  • Your skills;
  • Spreads;
  • Other.

This is why a real win money spell is to be put on the cards (good luck spell), the one you are playing against (a spell to defeat enemies), or you (a spell to enhance your intuition, numerical ability and inner strength) which ultimately helps you win.

From a reader’s letter:

I tried to win the lottery with some spells to win money

Spell ritual to win moneyIt took me six months and cost a few thousand dollars. All I got is fights with my wife accusing me of wasting our money. I spent a lot of money on lottery tickets. I’ve come to realize spells to win money are useless and there is no point in casting them!

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

I guess you may have used the wrong spell. You need to understand that spells to win money are not multi-purpose. Each win money spell is designed for a specific area: horse racing, soccer totalizators, bets, cards, roulette, lottery, etc. Thus, you will probably be disappointed if you use a billiards spell and expect it to help you win the lottery.

Besides, remember that (as I have said earlier) a spell to win may influence the situation in different ways:

  • They may influence you;
  • They may influence the people you are playing against;
  • They may influence the game.

Only a true spellcaster is able to understand what prevents you from winning, help you select the right spell, and cast it properly boosting your chances of success to 99%.

From a reader’s letter:

Can I do as follows?

1) You cast a money winning spell on me

2) I win some money. 3) I pay you for your services. It seems reasonable because that way I won’t lose my money if the spell fails. If I win, I’ll give you 50%.

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is funny how people tend to reason… “The spellcaster might deceive me but I won’t deceive the spellcaster.” That way, how can I be sure you will pay me what is due to me when you win? Well, joking aside, I am sorry but magic does not work in this way, unless your “spellcaster” is a fraud. Thus, a fraud says to his naïve victim, “I’ll cast a win money spell, you’ll play, and if you win you’ll give me some part of your money.” In fact, he is not going to cast any spell to win on you. He just waits and wants to see what happens. If you win, you give him the agreed amount. If you do not, you have no reason to complain.

To cast any spell, true spellcasters apply their energy and experience and, if needed, their own money. They need money to buy magic accessories, potions, amulets, candles and books needed for a spell to bring the desired results. If you do not pay your spellcaster in advance, the spellcaster will not be able to cast your spell properly reducing your chances to have your wish fulfilled. 

From a reader’s letter:

Can you predict soccer, basketball or hockey scores?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

To be honest, I do not like making such predictions. Usually, it is amateurs, people who do not know a single thing about magic, who are trying to find out the scores. When thousands of people ask the Higher Powers one and the same question, they set up a block leading to a powerful energy disturbance which needs to be reduced. It is reduced when none of those asking about the results of one and the same match gets the right answer.

Luckily, there is a way to predict scores. For example, I can tell the fortune of the couch or captain of the soccer team to find out what emotions he will feel the day after the match. If I see he is going to be happy, proud of himself and in a good mood, I can assume his team will win. If he is going to be upset, disappointed or angry, the team will lose, meaning you should not bet on this team.

From a reader’s letter:

How long will it take me to learn how to cast a working win money spell on my own?

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

It is going to take you very long. However, no matter how hard you are ready to work, you also need to have magic abilities. Otherwise, all people would be able to win after learning magic for a few years and casting a spell to win. You cannot become a professional violinist without a good ear for music, and you will never become an Olympic champion without having a natural athletic talent. Similarly, you cannot become a powerful spellcaster without having an inborn gift.

I suggest you do as you usually do when you need something:

  • If you are looking for organic vegetables and fruit, go to a farmer;
  • If you want to improve your looks, go to a cosmetologist or fitness trainer;
  • If you want to win money, go to a professional spellcaster.

If you are looking for an efficient win money spell or spell to win, or are interested in spells to win money in general, please contact me and I will be happy to help you!

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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