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Why the effect of a gay love spell that works is different from that of regular magic spells

Homepage Practical magic Why the effect of a gay love spell that works is different from that of regular magic spells
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Before you order one of my gay witchcraft spells, let us study several examples to help you understand why sometimes even the most powerful gay love spell that works fails and why the effect of a spell gay is different from that of regular magic spells. I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to begin with studying a traditional situation when gay witchcraft spells work just like any other love rituals and spells.

Situation 1. 

A gay man puts a love spell that works on another gay man

Gay love spell that worksThis is simple. Two handsome men meet, one of them falls in love with the other but he does not love him back. If the first one contacts, I cast a spell gay making the second man fall in love with my client. How strong his feelings will be depends on the client. 

Love magic, gay witchcraft spells included, works based on a simple algorithm: the more energy you give, the more love you get in response. Of course, the experience and skills of the spellcaster casting your gay love spell that works are also important. Luckily, you have me, a spellcaster whose experience and expertise have been proven by hundreds of satisfied clients.

Situation 2.

A man puts a spell gay on a man who dislikes him and thinks he is far from perfect

It makes it more difficult for gay witchcraft spells to fulfill their mission. Thus, with a gay witchcraft spell, I will have to not only make the man fall in love with you but also change his mental body to ensure he changes his mind about you and thinks you would make a perfect couple. Otherwise, it is impossible to make this man love you back.

Situation 3.

Your energies are not suitable for the one you love.

As you know, love is a voluntary and continuous process of energy exchange. You can exchange your energies with someone only if your energies match. Electric devices need the right voltages. Otherwise, they will either fail to turn on or get damaged.

Speaking of energy exchange, we should also take into consideration what kinds of energies are being exchanged and their quality. People may be unable to fall in love with each other or may not want to have sex with each other simply because their charkas work differently. For example, you generate more sexual energies, while the one you love generates mostly mental energies. As a result, neither sex nor communication is possible between you two. In that case, I will have to use a gay love spell that works that will balance your energies enabling you to enjoy being around each other and be happy together.

Situation 4.

The man you want to influence with a spell gay has a boyfriend

And he is not going to break up with him.

In that case, before casting one of my gay witchcraft spells, I perform the following few rituals:

  • I study the karma of the object of your love to make sure he and his boyfriend are not destined to be together. If they do and I try to cause them to break up, I will commit a serious magic crime;

  • If the two are not destined to be together and have no karmic connection, I will cast not a gay love spell that works but a break up spell. Casting break up spells is a long and complex process which is why it is not cheap. However, a break up spell will make the one you love fall out of love with his boyfriend;

  • I cast a special spell gay restoring his mind and heart to prepare him for a new relationship;
  • I cast one of my gay witchcraft spells to unite you with your beloved and give you the happiness of true love.

Situation 5.

Your future partner cannot accept the fact that he is gay and does everything he can to prove he is not. 

Gay love spell with candlesBy the way, about 14% of gay men are like that. In order to not let anyone know who they really are, they resist even the most powerful magic spells.

In this case I focus on this person’s mental body, chakra determining his self-esteem, social fears and phobias, and the ideas of morals and ethics his narrow-minded parents fostered in him. It may seem easy but in fact this means turning this man into a different person, removing his fears, self-doubt and inferiority complexes. It is hard to say how many masks I am going to have to tear off him but there is one thing that I know for sure: his life is never going to be the same.  As a professional spellcaster, I will have to help this man adapt, accept his new self, and enjoy his new life.

Note that you need to be around this person at these difficult times showing him how loving and caring you are. As a rule, a man undergoing such transformation falls in love with the one helping him become gay. In that case, no additional gay rituals will be needed.

Situation 7.

You fall in love with a man but he has never been gay and is not going to become one.

Imagine you fall in love with a 100% heterosexual man. He has nothing against gay people but he is unable to fall in love with a man and, moreover, have sex with a man. This has to do not with some social or moral beliefs but with his hormones preventing him from considering you as a lover.

Only 6 out of 40 cases involving influencing the hormones bring positive results which is why I see no point in using such gay love spell that works. Besides, influencing the hormone system with magic may have negative consequences which each real spellcaster has to avoid. So I solve the problem in a different way.

To begin with, I study the man’s personality:

  • If he is strong and strong-willed, I will ensure that he feels to you what he has normally felt for women – the need to protect you and take care of you. This behavioral model is usual for him which will help him fall in love with you faster and want to have sex with you. 

  • If he is weak, I will cast a spell gay to wake up a woman in him. In other words, this man will find himself wanting to be taken care of and protected slowing turning into a passive gay man.

Sometimes, I have to wake up a child in men to make them want to be loved, protected and taken care of, too. Normally, they become passive lovers, with their love resembling gratitude or an act of sacrifice. 

there are no other ways to turn a heterosexual man into a gay and do not believe those claiming otherwise.

I have the right to say this because, being an experienced and very powerful spellcaster, over the years I have mastered the rarest and most complex gay witchcraft spells creating hundreds of same-sex couples. 

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