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A sex love spell is one of the most harmless black magic rituals. It stimulates the victim’s first and second chakras and causes sexual arousal. Naturally, when a sex love spell is cast, true feelings sink into the background, however a long-term relationship is possible.

Sex love spells have less effect on women rather than on men.  Sex love spells have a number of advantages in comparison with regular love spells, particularly:

Cast a sex spell on your own• Quick results (people’s lower chakras usually work well because they’re responsible for our primary needs, such as safety, financial stability, health);

• Unambiguous results (when a regular love spell is cast, you don’t always know what feelings the victim has to you, while everything’s pretty clear with a sex love spell);

• The victim’s wishes are fulfilled (since sex love spells make the energy flow in the first and second chakras stronger, the victim of the spell wants to maintain his feeling of happiness by having sex with you).

However, the effect of the ritual lasts not as long as that of a regular love spell.

It is very dangerous to cast a sex love spell on a person if he:

- is homosexual;

- is aggressive;

- has strict moral standards.

Also, a sex love spell must not be cast on impotent people.

To cast a sex love spell, take a glass of water and some salt. Leave the glass near your bed for the night. Upon awakening, don’t put your feet on the floor, but throw a pinch of salt into the glass and say,

“I wake up in the morning, leave my place and take not the road but a narrow path. I walk up to the dark ravine which is far away. There is a powerful spirit in that ravine. Spirit, wake up, hurry to (the beloved’s name). Arouse passion in him, make his body want mine. When he sees me, he’ll want me. He won’t be able to live without my body. Let the spirit torture (the victim’s name) like water dissolves salt. My word is strong.”

To finish casting a sex love spell, spit three times over your left shoulder, take three sips of water from the glass and moisten your clothes.

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