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A white spell to heal the sexual functions of men and women

A love spell is an influence a spell caster exerts on the person’s chakras, as well as the situation, to create love, sexual and mental bonds between the two people that will cause real love. Love magic is the art of magic that helps a person love, find peace of mind and become happy.
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A white spell to heal the sexual functions of men and women In the past, white healing spells were widely used to treating various diseases and restoring body functions. Healing magic is based on symbolism, when different substituting objects are used: from a hair and the skin of the dog that bit the person to something remotely connected with the object. Sometimes, it’s based on the similarity of the names: horn of plenty – animal’s horn.

Right now, we don’t want to list all the methods and techniques, but in practical magic they all are based on analogy. To give you an example, I can describe you a method used to restore lost sexual functions. It’s based on the removal of black witchcraft. The victim puts on a long black maxi shirt and long black socks, his ears are plugged with black wool. The spell caster takes a broom made of oak, aspen, birch, rowan twigs and juniper and “cleans” the victim with it, as is sweeping away all negative energy from top to bottom, paying special attention to the genitalia. Sweeping away the black witchcraft three times, the spell caster says each time, “IOMATANGARO.”

Then he puts the broom to the left of the victim and he tears his black shirt from top to bottom, takes off the socks and puts them to the right of him. Then, he removes the plugs and puts them in the same place. 

After that, the spell caster says, “Now I free him (her) From the darkness and rigidity, Caused by evil forces, Which made him (her) Grow dark and rigid; I remove the sin!” Then, the spell caster takes the victim’s black shirt off, and puts it on the socks and plugs to the right of the victim. If the victim is a male, the broom is thrown into the river. If the victim is a female, her clothes fixed with four aspen pegs, are buried in a hole. The pegs should over 25 cm long.

The pegs should be stuck into the ground in the following order: east, west, south, north. The white spell to heal sexual functions can be cast on Monday and Wednesday, preferably from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. The spell is put during the waning moon.

After the ritual, the spell caster has to clean himself by taking a swim in the river upstream and diving. Then the spell caster should go home, light a white candle and drink a glass of milk. The victims should avoid communication with the opposite sex for one week after the spell is put.

Name: A white spell to heal the sexual functions of men and women

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