CIGARETTE LOVE SPELL Smoke is mystical. It symbolizes dreams, unclearness, mystery. Perhaps, this is why the cigarette love spell was invented. It’s an effective way to get your beloved to fall in love with you, but its results don’t last long. There are several methods of casting a love spell on a man with the help of cigarette smoke. The first one implies the magic of the word. Saying the spell, you focus on your beloved and forget about the reality and problems.

The second and the third methods involve blood. When the second method is applied, two names (your name and the name of your beloved) are written down on the cigarette with your blood.  When the third method is used, the cigarette is soaked in your blood and given to your beloved. The effect of a cigarette love spell lasts from one day to several weeks. The love spell will fail to work if your beloved doesn’t enjoy smoking the cigarette, each puff he takes. Remember, smoking is not healthy, so you shouldn’t use this love spell too often.

A love spell with the help of a cigarette

Take a pack of cigarettes and open it. Put the cigarette tobacco into a plate and level it. Focus on your beloved and write down his name on the plate with your left little finger. Focus on the person and your future life together, but not on the readability of your writing. Heap the tobacco and light it. Put the ashes into any drink, stir it and drink it. The power of this love spell is based on the unique magical powers of tobacco (its smoke) to get inside the person’s mind, influence his thoughts, while the fire burns down all the obstacles standing in the way of true love.

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