EXTREMELY POWERFUL LOVE SPELL 1. Take two wax candles and twist them together, saying, “As these candles are twisted, so will we be together.” Then light it in front of a photo and say, “It’s not the candle that I’m lighting, it’s the soul and the heart of God’s servant (name) to me (name) forever.” Burn nine times.

2. This spell is put on the water to be served, “I, God’s servant, will lay praying and get up blessed; will wash my face with dew and wipe it with a patronal cloth, will walk from one door to another, from one gate to another, go out to the field, a green seaboard for her. I will stand on the ground, look to the east as the sun’s shining, warming moss-bogs, black muds. Let God’s servant (name) be lovesick with me, heart to heart, thought to thought; without sleeping and going out. Amen to that elephant.”

3. Buy a small lock, without bargaining. Put in unlocked on the threshold so the person you love would cross it. Keep the key. As soon as the person steps it over, lock it, saying, “As no one will open this lock, so will no one ever separate us.” Throw the key into the water and keep the lock.

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