Burn a lock of her hair and throw the ashes on the bed, smearing the place with some honey in advance. Check it out from time to time. A spell with an ointment:

Make an ointment using the brain of the wolf’s left paw, grey ambergris and ground cypress tree and carry it with you, letting the one you love smell it from time to time.

A spell with salt and soap:
Putting a spell on salt, the spell caster says, “Let the husband love his wife as much as salt is used in food.” Putting a spell on soap, say, “Let the husband love his wife as long as it takes for soap to be washed off the face.”

A spell for a man’s love. “Let my husband look at me unable to get enough of me the way people look in the mirror, and the soap saponify as the husband loves, and the husband be as light as the shirt on the body.”

Burn the collar down. While the collar is burning, the spell caster says, “The husband treats the wife the way the shirt on the body was.” Burning the collar can also propitiate the masters: sprinkle some ashes over the master’s or mistress’s traces as they walk by.

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