Reconciliation Love Spell

Reconciliation Love Spell
Reconciliation Love Spell Reconciliation love spells are most effective if casted with the participation of both partners. It is perfect for couples wanting to get back together or friends who fell out with each other.

Time: Friday, waxing or full moon.

Candles: red candle shaped as two lovers hugging each other, preferably with two wicks attached to their heads. It’s perfect if one of the wicks is in the space between the figurines.

Incense: ilang-ilang.

Crystals: nephrite and emerald.

Oil: rose.

Herb: ginger.

Reconciliation Love Spell:

Let arguments and anger leave our home. We will forgive everything to each other and, hugging, begin a new life. Our hearts are clear and we will forget all the insults. Only love will guide our minds, while discords and troubles will leave us.

From now on, love is our fate.

Reconciliation Love Spell Casting:

Light an altar candle and some incense. Carefully oil the lovers-shared candle from the wick to the bottom. If two persons are participating in the spell casting, they both should oil the candle one by one. Put the candle in front of the altar candle.

Light a small piece of charcoal and put some dried ginger on it. Put the crystals near the figure candle and light it. Say the spell. If both partners participate in the spell casting, they should say the spell one by one. Let the figure candle burn down.

If you leave before it burns down, repeat the spell next week but with a new candle. If the candle, upon burning down, leaves the hugging couple unharmed, the spell is casted.

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