VERY EFFECTIVE LOVE SPELL THAT CAN'T BE REMOVED The majority of my clients wonder if it’s possible to remove my love spell and if a very powerful love spell that can’t be removed exists. Some people mistakenly think one can remove the consequences of any magical attack, a love spell or a sexual binding. A powerful love spell brings love and no spell caster can destroy it. However, to put a very powerful love spell, one needs magical powers, skill and knowledge. As for the love spells cast at home, the most effective is a love spell cast with the help of mirrors, blood and fire. It is also rather difficult to remove.

The ritual requires long and thorough preparation. To begin with, find five thick wax candles which will burn for a long time. You will also need two black thin church-like candles, a bowl of spirit or other combustion agent, white wax chalk, a needle or a knife. Make sure you have a fire-extinguisher within easy reach just in case. The ritual is quite dangerous and may lead to an accident. The needle or the knife should be disinfected not to introduce the infection in the wounds. Make sure you know how to make the figure of a man using thin candles. When everything’s ready, begin the ritual.

On a moonless night, carefully draw a pentagram inside a circle on the room floor using the wax chalk (a stencil can be used). Put the thick candles on the star ends and light them. Put the bowl with a combustion agent in the center of the pentagram. Make the figure of a man using the thin candles. Prick your finger with the needle or cut it with the knife and smear the figure with the blood. Think about your beloved one and say, “My blood – your love!” Use one of the thick candles to light the figure and throw it into the bowl. Focus on the man you love and say, “As my blood is burning and suffering, so will you, God’s servant (name), suffer from love for me!” This love spell is rather dangerous, so if it fails to work, I wouldn’t recommend you to cast it again. Call me and I will cast if for you.

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