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Different ways to cast true love spells that work fast

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Tips on casting a true love spell that works without using photographs

True love candle spell that worksQuestion:

I don’t understand why so much attention is paid to the rituals involving photos. Magic appeared many centuries ago, while the first photos were taken much later. Nevertheless, it was never a problem for ancient spellcasters to cast a true love spell that works without using photographs.


Humans became the planet’s dominant species due to their unique ability to simplify their existence. However, that is the essence of the Universe where the simplest processes are the most effective. Magic is not and will not be an exception. Its most effective true love spells that work fast are those requiring the least effort.

The use of photographs makes casting a true love spell that works much simpler. Representatives of the tribes which avoided civilization and are still connected to the energies of the world and have distinct psychic abilities know the camera steals the soul the moment they see it. It is a bit of an exaggeration, of course, but still any photo “steals” a tiny part of your energy and becomes a portal to influence you with magic. For this reason professional magic practitioners do not like to be photographed and warn people against selfie overuse and taking too many photographs in general.

Spellcasters cast their true love spells that work fast successfully before the invention of photography, however they had to put much more effort into it. Besides, they still needed some objects which would allow them to make contact with the energies of the target of the spell – some personal things, blood, hair, food leftovers, etc. Every ritual required at least one item carrying the target’s energy imprint. Without it, they had to make something instead of it, something which today is known as a voodoo doll. This kind of magic requires even more effort and can be practiced successfully only by the most qualified magic experts.

It had been like this for thousands for years until photography was invented. Photos made the work of magic practitioners much easier. Moreover, thanks to them and then to social media, magic became accessible to ordinary people having no special magical abilities. A photo makes it possible almost for anyone to put love spells and curses on other people. Such spells have one major advantage – they are very easy to remove, too. Thus, sometimes a contrast shower is enough to end the ongoing spell.

I am talking about amateurish magic which is as fragile as a soap foam castle. True love spells that work fast cast by professional spellcasters are very difficult to remove, and impossible to remove if the spellcaster has also sealed the spell with a special talisman.

As for the love spells cast without using photos, they are still very popular and widely used by magic practitioners. Thus, there is a branch of magic using only the objects belonging to the people the spellcasters work for or their biomaterials, such as saliva, blood, hair, sweat, etc. Its followers believe, not without reason, that blood or hair allows them to have a stronger influence on their clients. I, spellcaster Maxim, agree with it and ask my clients, too, to send me, if possible, such biomaterial samples in order to make my spells more effective.

I understand that not everyone is able to obtain such samples, so such requests usually apply to the spouses or co-workers of the people the spells are supposed to be put on.

About possible negative repercussions of true love spells that work fast

Casting true love spells that work fastQuestion:

Don’t you agree that people are like musical instruments which are tuned differently? Some of them are not exactly tuned right or play unusually, but they are authentic. That’s how I see it. When a spellcaster puts a love spell that works on a person, he puts this person out of tune changing the music – his behavior, thoughts and energies. It’s like retuning the instrument. Its music will be completely different. I’ve been meaning to use one of your true love spells that work fast for a while but the woman I love is so special and I love every little thing about her. Will I still love her if the spell changes her as a person?


Your question addresses a very important issue as it explains the essence of professional magic. The professionalism of a spellcaster is determined not by the number of rituals he can perform or how fast he performs them, but by the lack of behavior changes (or the music as you said) in the person the spell is put on. The better the spellcaster, the less changes are to be expected.

There should be no changes at all if the spell is cast by a very experienced spellcaster like I am, while multiple negative changes are triggered by the spells of unskilled and inexperienced magic practitioners – the people I keep asking you to stay away from. Apart from negative behavior changes, there are multiple negative repercussions, such as a serious physical or mental disease, or both.

Here is a short list of possible negative repercussions observed in women who were put a low-quality love spell on:

Loss of beauty (due to the fact that the woman’s energies have been redirected);

The woman becomes mean, boring, or stupid;

Low sex drive;

Or vice versa – overly high sex drive causing her to cheat;

Lack of interest in life, depression;

Loss of connection with children; indifference to children;

Weight problems, body odor;

Mental problems leading to hysteria, panic attacks.

There are several articles on my website about the terrible repercussions of improperly cast true love spells that work fast. Read them! Think! Remember that it is not too late and you can avoid the things described there! The only way to do that is to reach out to me, because my true love spell that works will not have any negative consequences or cause any disappointing changes.

Pure, safe and powerful magic – this is the motto I, spellcaster Maxim, stick to when I start fulfilling my clients’ orders.

Casting love spells using digital photographs

Modern magic practitioners offer a wide range of true love spells that work fast which are cast using digital photographs. According to such spellcasters, you can put a love spell on a person using a full-screen photograph of this person taken from his or her social media account.

Yes, photography has changed magic greatly, but everything has a limit. A true love spell that works should not be cast in this manner. Why? Not because it will be useless – if your energy levels are high, your spell will have a strong influence on the target. The reason is the risk of a blowback that will destroy you both as a person and as an energy being. Firstly, the Internet has its own egregors which do not approve of any magic invasion into their virtual world. They will be the first to hit you back. Secondly, social media photographs have hundreds of likes and dozens of comments, which are small portals leading to the users which left them.

When you cast a true love spell that works using a social media account of your loved one, your spell is distributed among all the users which can be accessed through their likes, photos, comments, etc. Every person has a guardian angel and each angel will strike you back. As a result, you will get hundreds of blowbacks which is sure to be very painful.

When you cast true love spells that work fast using a digital photo displayed on your computer or tablet screen, your spell is pushed away by the electrical field of the device. As a result, you are putting your spell on a mirror which, by reflecting it, leaves you cursed or hexed.

Thus, only printed photographs should be used in magic spells. No other types of photographs are allowed if you want to put a true love spell that works.

Speaking of love spells cast without using photographs, let us watch a video containing a lot of useful information for those planning to use such spells.

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