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How black magic can help get love back

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Black magic to get love back.  A spell with a candle and a Jesus Christ crucifix cross

This spell is cast at home. Perform the ritual on Thursday on a growing moon or on a full moon which is even better. To cast this spell at home successfully and get your ex-boyfriend back, you need:

·        A pink candle

·        Any of the following aromatic oils: patchouli, lavender, nutmeg, ylang-ylang, ginger

·        A Jesus Christ crucifix cross from the church (consecrated)

Black candle magic to get love backApply some oil to the candle and light it. Take the candle in one hand and the cross in the other one, and say the spell to get your ex-boyfriend back. You can repeat it as many as nine times, but sometimes thee is enough. It depends on the strength of the magic practitioner and his personal experience in love spells to get lost love back.

Oh, rebellious Angel who forever wanders in Hell in search of a paradise, hear my call and listen to me. Control the feelings of (name), do not let him rest in this world unless he can see me, smell me, hear me, feel me, touch me. Make him feel as helpless as the waters in the seas, until he comes back to me. Neither a divorced woman, nor a married one; neither a widow, nor a virgin can fall in love with him, and he cannot fall in love with them, either. I ask you in front of the cross and almighty God, you will walk and seek me, like the living follow the cross and the dead look for the light. Amen.

Repeat the spell as many times as it takes to make your loved one want to come back to you. Leave the candle burning. Now you have the answer to your question of “How to get my love back with black magic?” This spell makes it possible to restore a relationship after a breakup or long-term separation. However, the power of the spell is not lasting, which needs to be taken into account as well.

An advantage of this love spell is that it makes the guy want to get in touch with you and give your love another chance, even though this ritual is not very strong.

Some notes regarding the ritual to get love back. This spell takes effect almost right away and usually you do not have to wait for more than a week. However, it wears out pretty fast, too – the spell stays effective for not more than one lunar cycle.

 A strong spell cast at home which allows you to get your loved one back does not work on your personal strength. Here we see an appeal to a rebellious angel which helps you and therefore needs to be paid to. The above described love spell usually proves quite helpful and the beloved man offers to get back together even after a serious fight.

However, all professional magic practitioners familiar with this ritual note that the man comes back having the same views and habits and clearly remembering the reason of the break-up. As a result, eventually the couple breaks up again. It is something that never happens when a cemetery spell is cast: the man comes back and the lovers start with a clean slate. Well, the spell changes the man a little, but this is not the topic of our today’s conversation.

Black magic to get love back. How to get your loved one back with the help of a demon

Casting black magic ritual to get love

This ritual is not easy to perform, just like it is not easy to get a man’s love back.  Some say this ritual is very effective, while others disagree. Anyway, to arrive at your own verdict, you need to try the ritual by yourself. 

It is performed on a growing moon. Start the ritual on Tuesday and continue to perform it for eight days. To perform this black magic ritual, you need:

·        A mirror

·        8 coins of 5 cents

·        A photo of the man you love

·        2 candles

·        A pair of scissors

In the evening, put the mirror on the table with the reflecting surface up, put 8 coins in 2 rows on the mirror, and put the photo of your loved one at the top of the mirror. On both sides of the mirror put the candles and light them. On top of the coins put the scissors, turning them to the photo of your loved one. With your right hand, press the scissors to the mirror, look at the photo, and say the spell three times,

Seven days of creation and the eighth day of the wicked deals. I raise the witches’ power with these words, but with this power I call up the eight-day demons. Make him miss me day and night, cry for me night and day, fill his heart with passion for me. Amen.

Repeat this spell thrice, remove the scissors, put one coin in the corner of the room and say,

This is my payment to the eight-day demons. Do as command. Amen.

Repeat the ritual every day for eight days. On the eighth day, put the last coin in the corner. After a while, pick up all the coins and bring them to a pedestrian crossroads together with the usual payment offered in black rituals.

Black magic to get your love back

Love magic offers a variety of ways to influence any person you want. Some of them seem completely useless and unhelpful, but they are not. Thus, even the following love spell which is cast while biting one’s tongue can be pretty effective,

I will bite myself, I will tie (name) to myself. Let him long for me and miss me day and night. Let him think about one thing – how to meet me, kiss me, hug me. Amen.

Remember that such spells are cast together with some other spells, because otherwise they are unhelpful indeed.


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