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How to cast a spell to attract love for yourself

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How to cast a spell to attract love using soap or shampoo

It is pretty easy to make soap for magic rituals. The process should be divided into two parts, technical and magic. I will not teach you the technical part because you can find all information you need on the Internet. Before you cast a spell to attract love, find out how to make soap at home, buy the ingredients, and try to make a couple of bars of soap to make sure the recipe works and you can make nice and neat-looking bars of soap.

At the same time, find out what scents your loved one likes and make sure he or she is not allergic to the herbs which you are going to add to your soap. Also, find out if there are any scents your loved one finds disgusting. As a result, you will be able to make the perfect soap for your loved one he or she is sure to love.

Candle spell to attract loveYes, this spell to attract someone you like can be cast by men and women. This spell can be mastered by anyone, so if you want to learn how to cast a powerful love spell, this spell to attract someone is just what you need. Try it. You have a very good chance to succeed.

When everything is ready and you have obtained the skills needed to make a good bar of soap, study the lunar calendar and choose a date to start a three-day fast three days before the end of the lunar month. To prepare for a spell to attract love, you do not have to starve yourself but reasonable abstinence from food is vital. Fasting will clear of you of whatever was keeping you from finding love before, and when the new moon phase begins you will be able to start a new life along with a new relationship.

Now fast for seven days (fasting requirements can be found on my website). On the eighth day, light seven white candles in the room where you are going to make soap and put them on the furniture around yourself. Put a large mirror in the middle of the room and your photograph on top of it. Put a soap mold on the photograph.

When everything is ready to fill the mold, say the following words to charge your spell to attract someone you like with power:

“With the light of the candles, with the light of the stars, with the light of the moon, I command you to love me! I have made this soap so I can control you through it! As soon as it touches your skin, love for me will enter you. Use it twice, and your love for me will get twice as strong. Use it thrice, and your love for me will be thrice as strong. When there is just a remnant of the soap bar left, your love for me will get so strong that you will never ever fall out of love with me.”

Fill the mold with the soap and let it harden. The next day give the bar to your loved one to influence this person as you described.

From now on, whenever the target uses this soap, your energies will merge. Perform the ritual several times and the target will fall in love with you. If his feelings start to fade, perform the ritual again. If it does not help, let me know and I will put a powerful spell to attract love for you.

A shampoo love spell is designed for women. Bring a bottle of men’s shampoo into the bathroom and take a shower. Apply some shampoo to your body and then collect it back into the bottle. Close the bottle and give it to the man you like without telling him what you did to the shampoo.

A spell to attract someone you like using “the man’s” or “the woman’s” items

Spell to attract someone you likeThis spell to attract someone you like should be cast on “the man’s” or “the woman’s” items which are used only by the man or the woman the spell to attract someone is going to be put on. To perform the ritual, you are going to have to steal something. Do not be afraid as this is not a karmic crime. Secondly, the next day you will return the stolen object.

Remember that the man or the woman should not know anything about you steaking things as this is the key to making this spell to attract love successful.

Here are the things I, spellcaster Maxim, consider to be the man’s items:

  • His razor blade;
  • His electro blade (in case he does not use it every day);
  • The tools he keeps in his workshop or garage;
  • His soccer ball (even if it has not been used for a long time);
  • His ash tray or bottle opener;
  • His tie or shirt.

The woman’s items are determined in the same way. If you still cannot figure out what they are, let me give you some examples of what you can use in this ritual:

  • Her lipstick or mascara;
  • Her bra;
  • Her purse;
  • Her high-heel shoe;
  • Her kitchen utensils or apron;
  • If she is an artist, her brush;
  • And so on.

It is important to remember that a spell to attract someone you like works only if the item stays in the house of the target for as long as possible and is not thrown away. For this reason such a typical woman’s item as menstrual pads is not used to cast this spell to attract someone.

The ritual is performed four times a day: at midnight, at dawn, at noon, and at 7 p.m. sharp.

At midnight take the worse picture of yourself that you have, tear it apart and say, “I am rejecting my past in which I was not loved.”

At dawn stand up facing the sun and say, “I give my consent to a new happy life in which you will love me.”

At noon close your eyes with your hands, imagine your loved one and say, “This is the one I will spend my life with.”

At 7 p.m. take the object, bring it to your lips and whisper, “You will be the key to open the heart of my loved one and let love for me in.”

Return the object as soon as possible. The spell to attract love will take effect as soon as you do it.

I, spellcaster Maxim, would like to note that not everyone can handle magic and many people will fail to cast even a very simple spell to attract someone you like. Do not worry about it. Just instead of trying to put a love spell for yourself, contact me and let me do the work for you, which I can do better than any other magic practitioners – casting love spells to give people love.

Casting a spell to attract someone using bedding items

A spell to attract someone can be cast on bedding items only by those who have already had sex with the loved one which was pleasurable. But this spell to attract love will work only if your loved one considers you a perfect partner. Without full sexual connection, the energy of the spell to attract someone you like will not enter the target and the spell will fail.

To begin with, go to a bedding store, physical or online, and study the assortment. Your choice will determine your success. Choose a bedding set made of natural materials because artificial ones block energies.

Energies play a key role in this spell to attract someone. Choose a bedding set to give you the greatest sexual pleasure. We all have an idea of a perfect erotic date and the bedding set is quite important in it. So choose one that is the closest to your dream bedding set.

The trick is simple in this spell. On this bed you will release a fountain of energy which, coupled with your love, will influence your loved one like hypnosis. No man can resist this wordless spell. Those who do not love the target are the only ones who will fail at it.

When you have the bedding set, make the bed and have sex with the one you want to put your love spell on.

Should I say that in case it does not work, you should contact me, spellcaster Maxim, and ask me to put a professional love spell for you?

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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