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How to cast instant love spells that work using very simple and easy to get items

Homepage Spellsbook Love spells How to cast instant love spells that work using very simple and easy to get items

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Speaking of home magic, an instant love spell can be cast using a variety of items. These spells are actually pretty fast. However, if we compare love with a firework or an Indian light, a fast love spell is like a spark that can start a beautiful fire show or just die down. So do not expect too much from them. Consider it a magic experiment with an unpredictable outcome. But it does not mean that you should not try. On the contrary, you should try to cast one of the real instant love spells for three reasons. First of all, it can actually help you find love. Secondly, it is very easy to cast. Lastly, all my spells are safe, so at least you will not make it worse.

Instant love spells that workOne good real instant love spell is cast on socks. Sneak into the house of the man you are in love with and steal some socks. You should specifically steal them and not ask for them. Also, the socks should be mismatching, worn but clean, and have no holes. Put them into a paper bag with two hearts drawn on both sides, and take it home. Use a red pencil or one of your red lipsticks to draw the hearts. If some socks get dirty, it is okay as this is irrelevant for the ritual.

Prior to that, buy three pairs of socks for yourself. They should be made of natural materials, as well as be nice, and the right size.

When you come home, start casting your simple instant love spell. Sit down on your bed, put a white burning candle on the floor in front of yourself and the paper bag with the stolen socks on the bed next to you. Put your new socks on the other side on the bed too. Take the first pair and put it on. While moving your toes, say the following spell,

“You (the name of the man you love) don’t love me because you don’t know the way to go to meet my love. You don’t have dreams about me because you go with the wrong people in the wrong places. I’ll sew the socks together, pointing you the way. You’ll walk there and ultimately find me. When you do, you’ll fall in love with me. When you do, you won’t let me go, will take care of me, be jealous of me, and protect me from others. Let sewing the socks together put this spell on you.”

Now take one of your socks off and take one of the man’s socks out of the bag to continue casting this simple love spell. Put one on top of the other and sew them together in four corners using white threads. The threads should form a small cross. Do not cut or tear the extra thread off. Just let it out when you are done.

Repeat it two more times to have three pairs of socks sewn together. Put your socks which you have not used, as well as the socks sewn together, one by one, into the paper bag that you used to bring the socks home. Pick up the candle and seal the bag by dripping some wax in the corners and in the center of the bag. Your instant spell is finished. First results can be visible in just a couple of hours.

Questions about instant spells


“How can I maximize my chances of casting successful instant magic spells?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

The more time you spend preparing for your spell, the better results you get. Besides, there are some other circumstances which can make your spell stronger. So what do you need to maximize your love spell results?

1.       Love the person you are going to put your spell on;

2.       Be friends with him or at least know him in person;

3.       Make sure no one is currently in love with you;

4.       Make sure the man you love is not in love with someone else;

5.       Accumulate enough energy by means of a physical and emotional fast;

6.       Prepare for your love spell;

7.       Read all my articles about love spells which can be found on my website called Spellcaster Maxim, for example, the article titled 20 reasons why the instant love spell is ineffective

8.       Perform the ritual on the right day;

9.       Make sure you are home alone;

10.   Do not question the power of magic and believe that everything will be alright.


“How come someone writes a positive instant love spell review about a magic practitioner, but another client writes a negative one, meaning they’re not satisfied with the results?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

There are several reasons for a mix of negative and positive reviews about magic practitioners. First of all, inconsistent reviews can be caused by the fact that the sorcerer lacks certain skills and once in a while lets his clients down. Also do not forget that sorcerers getting too many negative reviews may start publishing fake positive reviews to balance it out. On the other hand, when a spellcaster gets too many positive instant love spells reviews, his competitors may try to stain his reputation by posting fake negative reviews about his work.


“My love spell instant result was not what I expected. The guy fell in love not with me but with another girl. All three of us work together for the same company and this guy always seemed to like me better than her. But somehow he declared his love to her two days after my ritual! That girl doesn’t love him, but she’s been single for a very long time, so she agreed to give it a try. What ritual should I perform now to make him break up with her and finally fall in love with me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

I honestly do not understand how people can be so blind and stubborn. You have seen it for yourself that magic is not for you, that you are unable to do it properly, and that the results are terrible. But you still want to cast some spells. In your case you have only one option. Just stop it. You have made enough mess. Now let a professional magic practitioner clean it up for you. Now, to give you the results you want, your spellcaster needs to:

- Break the spell you cast;

- Make the man fall out of love with your girlfriend;

- Make him fall in love with you.

To make it happen, a lot of rituals are needed. This brings me to my previous statement that many readers of my Spellcaster Maxim website do not like. Let magic practitioners deal with magic. Let experienced spellcasters cast spells. This is how you can minimize your chances of getting in trouble.

The most powerful instant love spell

most powerful instant love spellMost powerful instant love spells vary, yet most of them are dangerous and should not be cast at home. Dangerous love spells include:

- Blood love spells;

- Waning moon love spells;

- Cemetery love rituals;

- Voodoo and African magic love spells;

- Black candle love spells;

- Upside-down pentagram love spells and love spells involving other Satanic symbols;

- Spells turning people into slaves;

- Spells in foreign languages.

If you want to find safe love spells, go to my website or YouTube channel. I post videos on a weekly basis describing different love spells, as well as video lessons about magic and magic protection methods.

One of the safe instant love spells without ingredients is the following spell which can be cast only after seven days of preparation (for more information visit my website).

If the person you love is a smoker, you can put a simple love spell using some cigarettes. Buy the same cigarettes your loved one is smoking and bring the pack home. Remove the film and open the pack. Before going to bed, put it on a pillow next to you and in the morning put it away. The next evening open the pack again and apply a drop of your saliva to the filters using a cotton bud. However, if you have any diseases which can be transmitted through saliva, your love spell will turn into a hex. If this happens you will probably be punished by Higher Powers. You will be punished even if you are not aware of your diseases and infect your loved one by accident.

The next morning go to your loved one and leave the cigarettes somewhere inside the house. He or she will probably think this pack was bought a long time ago and he or she simply forgot about it. So sooner or later your loved one will take a cigarette and smoke it. This will activate the love spell immediately and you will see the first results shortly.

Another way to cast an instant love spell is good for men. To begin with, catch a big fish. If you do not like finishing, buy a fish that is alive and bring it home. The fish should still be alive when you bring it home. Skin and gut the fish and put two pictures into its belly – your picture and that of the woman you love. Put two wedding rings in between, borrowed from a happy married couple specifically for this reason. Put the fish into the fridge for the night.

The next day invite the girl for dinner. Take the pictures and the rings out and bake or grill the fish without cutting it into pieces. Do not add salt or spices. Serve it on a big plate and cut it in front of the girl. Give her the most delicious-looking piece. The love spell will start working as soon as she takes the first bite. So do not miss this opportunity and tell her about your feelings and she is likely to like it.

If the love spell does not work, contact me and I will make sure you like the results.

Another way to cast an instant spell for love requires a little more patience. Choose a night gown and wear it 12 nights in a row. On the 13th day tear it in the chest and take out some threads using a needle. Put them on the door handle in the house where your loved one lives, on the trees around the house, on the front door, etc. Then go home and wait. This person will call you or visit you or reach out to you via social media within one day.

As soon as you get this sign, do not miss your opportunity to ask this person on a date. When you go out, tell him about your feelings. Do not be afraid as most likely he is already feeling the same. Let me repeat that this love spell, just like all the other love spells described in this article, works only for people who truly love the person they are putting their spells on and need to be loved back to be happy.

About instant online love spells and more

instant online love spellsQuestion:

“The other day I came across a very weird website. They offered an online love spell. You enter your name and the name of the person you like, enter your dates of birth, and choose the type of love spell you want – slow or instant online love spells. Then you should pay and press the Love Spell button. They say the button press activates the spell. I’m pretty sure it’s a scam. Am I right?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

You are right. Magic cannot be controlled by software, so all such websites are just tools to trick users into paying money. Let us assume you provided your personal information to a real magic practitioner who starts performing the ritual the moment you press the Love Spell button. But it will probably not work either. First of all, love spells should be cast only when there is a waxing moon. Thus, you probably need to wait for the right time to perform the ritual. Secondly, magic practitioners usually need to also have pictures of the people involved. Just the names and the dates of birth are not enough to cast a high-quality spell for instant love. Thus, I am quite confident you are dealing with frauds.


“They say you don’t cast instant love spells. Why?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response::

Because my priority is always high client satisfaction. To cast a powerful love spell, I need two to four weeks on average. However, as an experienced spellcaster, I can assure you that such spells are lasting and your partner will be the kind of person you always wanted to be with.


“What love spell should I cast if I don’t want to wait and waste my time preparing for anything?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Such love spells are described in my article titled love spells that work overnight for those who cannot wait

In addition I suggest you also watch this video which is going to be very useful for every person interested in love magic.

To solve your problem please e-mail me or give me your message using this feedback form


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