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How to cast love spell on someone using apples with ease

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How to cast love spell on someone using apples

Before I, spellcaster Maxim, answer your questions and tell you how to cast love spell on someone using apples, I would like to remind you that this fruit has been a very popular ingredient in many rituals since pre-biblical times. Apples were a key source of nutrients in some areas which is why they could be considered sacred, but the reason is different. To understand why apples were widely used in love rituals, take one and cut it in half. If you cut it properly, you will see a heart in its core.

Many things have changed since that time and most of us have long forgotten why the apple used to be called “the fruit of love”. But if you know how to cast love spells on your own and how to cast spell on someone, you know that apples are your key enabling you to make contact with the higher worlds and communicate your wish to them.

Casting love spell on someoneProfessional magic practitioners like I am do not use apple love spells because they are quite simple and their effects are usually quite predictable and stay within a limited range.

  • You often ask yourself, “How to cast love spells on your own?”
  • You can find the answer on the Internet or in a self-help manual.
  • You perform a love ritual;
  • You get love;
  • Your love is raw and untuned.

As a result, your love comes with:

  • - Insecurity about your future;
  • - Personal insecurities;
  • - Your partner’s bad character traits;
  • - Karmic consequences;
  • - Inability to fix it.

Professional spellcasters work on a completely different level. Thus, instead of casting a simple love spell, I offer a comprehensive solution encompassing the partner’s fidelity, love and loyalty, your wealth, the happiness of spending time together and amazing sex, as well as an opportunity to start a family.

Besides performing the ritual paid for by the client, I try to make the client’s destiny as happy as possible. As a result, my spells are never simple. Speaking of how to cast love spells on your own using apples, this love spell is quite simple and in certain conditions you have a good chance to cast it for yourself successfully.

Your love spell will never give you the results my love spells can. If you cast a love spell and it proves successful, only one wish of yours will come true. Thus, someone will probably fall in love with you and maybe even say “I love you”, but your relationship will be short-term and your future unclear. If I cast a love spell for you, your future will be exactly as you want. In other words, my spells give my clients the life they want.

However, I am writing this article not because I want to tell you about my work. Detailed information about it can be found on my website. I, spellcaster Maxim, want to answer your questions about love spells cast using apples and that is what I am focusing on right now.

How to cast love spells on your own using apples


“I learned how to cast love spell on someone with an apple and performed the ritual. According to the spell description, I needed to pierce the apple through, cover it with a photograph of the man I love, and keep it in a dark place for seven days. Seven days later when I looked at the apple, I saw lots of tiny white worms crawling all over it. What does it mean? Was it a kickback? Am I sick now? Will I die? Should I ask you for help?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Do not worry, do not be unset, and do not be scared. What happened to you is a good thing. The ritual you performed failed despite the fact that you did everything exactly as specified in that article about how to cast love spells on your own. The man did not fall in love with you which is actually very good. The worms have nothing to do with any backfires, punishments or diseases. They were attracted by the negative energies which passed onto the apple from the man’s photograph. Something is wrong with that man. He is either a bad and mean person or has a curse on him. As a result, you were given a sign not to get romantically involved with him.

The only mistake you may have made afterwards is keeping the photograph you used in the love ritual or casting another love spell. If you know another way how to cast love spell on someone but did not do it, it is good for you. Now try to get that man out of your head because he cannot make you happy, and never try to put love spell on him again.


Cast love spells on your own“My ritual failed, too. I realized why later. I was supposed to cut an apple in half, place my and my loved one’s photographs in between, tie the apple halves with a thread, and leave it like that for a few days. The apple didn’t go bad and didn’t turn brown, but the man didn’t fall in love with me, either. As far as I understand, it happened because I cut the apple along with the bond which could have connected me to the one I love.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

According to many recipes describing how to cast love spells on your own, one should use an apple cut in half or in four or even more pieces. So it is not why you failed. On the contrary, apple halves put together and secured with wax, threads, pins or other means help people connect and fall in love.

You failed not because of the apple, but because of your low energy levels. Insufficient inner strength is why many people should not practice magic. If all people had equally strong energies and were equally gifted, no one would ever need to go to doctors, psychoanalysts and spellcasters, because everyone would be able to change themselves and their live the way they wanted. But it does not happen that way. Why? Because it takes talent to practice magic.

How to cast love spell on apple treats


“Many years ago my grandmother put a love spell on my grandfather using an apple pie. I learned about it and how to cast love spell on someone from my mother who also put a love spell on my dad when he wanted to leave us. At some point he fell in love with another woman and he was going to leave my mom for her. Well, it looks like now it’s my turn. I met a man and I think I’m in love, but he doesn’t love me back.

In one of your articles I read how a family curse of loneliness is born and that repeated use of one and the same spell can ruin the life of the one who casts it last. I know how to cast love spells on your own but should I do it? Or do you think I should ask a professional spellcaster to help me?”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

If I were a self-interested spellcaster, I would write you, “Even if you know how to cast love spell on someone and it has worked for other members of your family, do not cast it for yourself. You will get hurt and end up having a celibacy wreath on you!”

Instead, let us answer your question together. Help me and tell me what you think about the relationship your grandmother and grandfather have. Would you describe your parents’ relationship as perfect? It is very important as if you use this spell, you will get the same kind of relationship your parents and grandparents do.

If those are two happy relationships, go for it and cast your love spell. I am pretty sure you have a natural gift for magic so everything should be fine. But if you do not want to repeat your parents’ and grandparents’ past, then reach out to me, because only high-quality professional magic services can make your wish come true.


“I found out how to cast love spells on your own using red apples and put a love spell on two men. However, both of them broke up with me shortly after we began dating. What should I change in the love spell I cast next for a stronger and more lasting relationship? ”

Spellcaster Maxim’s reply:

Was it Einstein who said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results? This applies to you, too. You do not have to change the love spell that cannot give you a lasting relationship. You need to use a different love spell or accept the fact that you are unable to change your life with magic. If you choose professional magic help, contact me. If you prefer to use a different love spell, watch the video that goes with this article.

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