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Love spells that are proven to work

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From a reader’s letter:

“Do you cast love spells that are proven to work? I have to ask you this question because I want to get real results.”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Your question is funny. Do you not think it is strange to ask one of the most powerful spellcasters in the world if he can cast a love spell that is proven to work? First of all, I would not have offered my spells to people in the first place if they were unhelpful.

Love spells that are proven to workSecondly, your letter reminded me of all those people who want to be guaranteed good results and look for some proof of the magic practitioner’s professionalism. I offer all these people to use the Internet for it just to realize that all evidence comes only from personal experience.

I want to tell you a secret about beginning magic practitioners and how they promote their services, as well as those who pretend to be psychics and witches in order to make some money. To begin with, they create a two-page website where they tell users how awesome they are. They claim to be so good that it seems that no presidents rule their countries without their help. If it were not for them, the world would drown in wars and crises. Even the sun would not rise and the stars would not shine in the sky.

Their websites are where you can find an offer to buy love spells that are proven to work. My question is: Proven by whom? Who is in charge of gathering statistics? Is there some non-for-profit organization sending letters to people and asking them the following questions:

Have you ever thought about changing your life with magic?

Have you ever worked with magic practitioners?

What spells have you used?

What spells have helped you?

What love spells have been cast for you?

Please evaluate their effectiveness on a scale of 1 to 10.

That way we could have some statistical data and say that there is a certain love spell that is proven to work and this spell should be used if you want to find love, get lost love back, or make it stronger.

Now let us talk about it from the point of view of common sense. Andrea Guarneri is a prominent luthier whose instruments are now hundreds times as expensive as their weight in gold today. Their sound is inimitable. But if it used by someone who does not know how to play the violin and has no ear for music, instead of beautiful music you will hear some screeching and gnashing sounds.

The same is true for magic. The power and effectiveness of a spell depend not on the spell but on the talents and skills of the spellcaster. You can say, “Now I know that a love spell that is proven to work is real!” only after working with one. But will you be right? Of course, not. Because the right thing would be to say, “I’ve found a spellcasters whose spells really work.”

If you still think that I am wrong, let us stop right here.

Or will you let me continue?

A love spell that is proven to work

Candle love spell

From a reader’s letter: 

“I hadn’t believed in magic until I met you. It’s not because I was raised that way but because I happened to work with some really bad psychics. They told me they’d cast some ‘love spells that are proven to work’ but after the first love spell my husband who at the time was angry with me after a huge fight left me. After another ‘love spell that is proven to work’ which was supposed to help us make up, my husband filed for a divorce. Moreover, this is when he met another woman and they started living together!

At this point I decided to talk to you and you cast your love spell on my husband getting my life back on track. We are back together, my husband loves me again and we’re seriously considering having a second child.

My question is as follows: Why don’t you write on your website that you offer love spells that are proven to work? Because it is true! Each one of your many clients would be happy to confirm it, and as far as I know there are thousands of them!”

Spellcaster Maxim’s response:

Perhaps, you forgot the instructions I gave you after casting that love spell. One of them was not to tell anyone about me or the fact that I had helped you. I am not trying to avoid paying taxes and I am not being too modest. The thing is, according to the basic laws of magic, telling any third parties about it can break the love spell if this third party wishes you ill.

A single word that you say at the wrong time or to the wrong person, someone who is not your friend, is like a needle pricked on a balloon. The balloon will burst and all the gas it was filled with to fly will disappear immediately. If the prick is light, the gas – I mean magic – will be flowing away slowly until one day you find your balloon lying on the ground, meaning there is no force left in it that could make it fly.

I give these instructions to all of my clients. “Please remain silent!” I ask them. “Don’t leave any positive reviews about me or my work! Don’t tell your friends about me to impress them! However, if you see someone is in trouble and he can’t cope with it alone, that’s when you can recommend my services to this person!

Moreover, this is when you can say that I, spellcaster Maxim, can cast a love spell that is proven to work because you have proof, that is your happy life and the love I helped you find.”

As for magic practitioners claiming their spells are proven to work, such self-advertisement is inacceptable. Even I cannot guarantee that my spells will help you, even though who if not me has a right to do so. Nevertheless, there are several factors which keep me from doing it:

Your relations with Higher Powers who do not help all people;

Your energies and those of the people the spells are going to be put on;

Your willingness to follow my instructions;

Your desire to love the target but not take advantage of his or her love for you;

Lastly, your ability to keep secrets.

There is an old trick to reveal scammers and frauds used by professional spellcasters. Google the magic practitioner in question and see how many positive customer reviews you find. The more reviews, the worse. Professional spellcasters should be evaluated not by the number of positive reviews left by their client but by the absence of negative ones. As for positive reviews, they can be bought… well, like pretty much everything in our life.

In my opinion, the key is to listen not to the promises to “cast love spells that are proven to work” but to your intuition. If deep inside your heart you are confident that a certain spellcaster can help you, you should go for it. Similarly, you have no reason not to trust your gut if you are not sure about the spellcaster, are suspicious or scared of him.

Love spells that are proven to work offered by a professional spellcaster

To elaborate on the topic of the love spell that is proven to work, I, spellcaster Maxim, have to admit that every spellcaster casts only love spells that are proven to work. But their effectiveness is proven not by other magic practitioners. The spellcaster proves it to himself that his love spells work through his work, grateful clients and a never-ending flow of customers asking him for help.

A major proof is the fact that Higher Powers bless spellcasters to do what they do. A professional spellcaster practices magic not because he wants his clients to say, “I know for sure this spellcaster has a love spell that is proven to work” but to better understand the universe, people, and himself. Through this understanding, the spellcaster discovers powers in himself enabling him to cast love spells successfully.

In conclusion I would like to offer you to watch a video about one love spell that is proven to work. To prove that it works, I can promise you that you will succeed if you take the ritual very seriously and have enough energy to perform it properly.

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