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Spellcaster Maxim is revealing the truth about proven love spells

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It is worth buying a proven love spell?

“Proven love spell” can be mentioned in two types of texts: reviews posted on some occult forums and ads of magic practitioners offering their services. In the first case, it is about the positive feedback of the people who were provided some magic services. It seems to be the perfect way of advertisement because it allows you to learn about other people’s experiences in working with some spellcaster, but I would be careful following such advice, because:

Proven love spells candles1. True spellcasters require that their clients do not tell anything about them or their work to any third party;

2. If the client violates this condition, it means the client does not take the spellcaster seriously for some reason. If the client does not take it seriously, why should you?

3. If the client takes the spellcaster seriously, how come this review has been posted?

4. If this review has been posted but Condition 3 was not violated, who posted it?

5. The only possible answer to this question is that someone was paid for writing this review.

6. Alternatively, the review could have been written by the spellcaster in order to promote his services.

7. Conclusion: Do not trust reviews about some proven love spells as they are probably fake.

Now let us talk about the second case, the proven love spell you can find in advertisements, also containing the magic practitioner’s contact information. If you see something like “I cast only proven love spells!”, think about what the spellcast is so proud of. Is it the fact that he is no longer an amateur and has cast several spells successfully, which is why he is now offering them to other people?

When a true spellcaster offers a love spell to the client, this spell is a proven love spell a priori. What else can you expect if the spellcaster has to help the client without harming them? From the perspective of Higher Powers, “Do no harm” is always more important in the work of the spellcaster than helping the client. Therefore, true spellcasters master their spells before offering them to anyone.

Thus, no matter what rituals are performed by the spellcaster, they have to be proven love spells and the spellcaster does not have to specifically mention it, at least not in the ad promoting his services.

Imagine you come to your favorite grocery store and see the following sign: “Today all products are fresh!” Would you not wonder what was wrong with the products offered the day before? Were they not fresh? Is it not why you go to the grocery store in the first place – to buy fresh meat, bread and veggies? Should the store be proud of doing what it should do?

Now tell me if the spellcaster should be proud of doing their job properly and casting proven spells? 

Why proven love spells are better than other spells

Nevertheless, proven love spells are still better than other spells. You do not want to be a guinea pig in the experiment conducted by your magic practitioner who is only studying to practice magic, do you? Unfortunately, it is very common today. That is how the majority of witches and sorcerers offering their services through the Internet but having no skills or knowledge think:

I want to practice magic.

I will find a few dozen spells on the Internet and learn them by heart;

Then I will attract some clients through advertising;

Even though I do not know anything at the moment, I will learn it step by step when I start performing the rituals;

If I fail, I will just give the money back to the client;

If I my spell works, I will find another client to work with.

One day they realize they have had over a dozen of successful spells (and several hundreds of failed ones) which they believe gives them a right to claim they can “offer you a proven love spell”, while I totally disagree. As an experienced spellcaster trained by the world’s leading sorcerers and having first-hand knowledge of magic, I can assure you that there is nothing worse than working with such magic practitioners.

Proven love spell booksHaving broken the lives of hundreds of the people who trusted them, they get bad karma and end up serving some forces which need all their clients to suffer. Yes, these forces give the magic practitioner some powers in exchange, but it is not worth paying for it with your health, physical or mental, or youth even if the spellcaster manages to help you.

The most critical thing in magic is YOUR SAFETY. If a spellcaster cannot keep you safe, walk away from him no matter what he promises you.

I, spellcaster Maxim, cast only safe and proven love spells. I have cast hundreds of successful love spells without bringing trouble upon anyone. Naturally, all my spells have been tested multiple times and have been proven to be highly effective. Otherwise, I would not call myself a professional spellcaster and would not offer you my services at all.

Have all spells offered on the Internet been tested?

Another kind of fraud is occult websites. Such websites have multiple references to “proven love spells” or “proven love spell”. When I see such websites, I cannot help wondering one thing: I looked through the website and read most of its articles, but I did not see the author say he was actually practicing magic. Thus, how can he say he has proven love spells? Who proved they were effective? Did he test them by himself or have other magic practitioners test them?  No. There is not a single word about it there. Consequently, everything he says is a lie.

As you see, sometimes you just need to take your time and apply some critical thinking skills to understand you are offered not what you want and that some “proven love spell” someone is trying to sell to you is not what can give you love.

To sum it up, if your spellcaster is a true magic practitioner, all his spells are proven. If a spellcaster is boasting of his proven spells, it means he is used to being unlucky as well as the fact that most of his spells prove unsuccessful. When it comes to magic, always trust your heart, your intuition, your common sense, and the spellcasters with a proven history of success with multiple clients.

I am one of such spellcasters so do not hesitate to contact me with any problem you have. I offer a wide range of services which are described in detail in the articles posted on my website, so please look it through and figure out what you need. In my turn I will do my best to make your dream come true as soon as possible.

If you decided to visit my website because you were looking for some proven love spells which could be performed at home, I am excited to present you my video recipe to get love back using some sugar or salt.  

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