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Strong black magic love spells and your date of birth

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Strong black magic love spells and the basics of magic numerology

To explain to you how your date of birth impacts your ability to cast strong black magic love spells and your behavior when such spells are cast on you, I need to tell you about numerology as it is. To accept it as something deserving your attention, you need to agree with one simple postulate requiring no proof according to many: we live in the world controlled by programs. Moreover, our life is the result of the programs we upload into our consciousness or the programs uploaded by others.

Strong black magic love ritualI would like to make it clear that I do not consider our reality to be The Matrix. Unlike those living in The Matrix, we are entitled to make our own choices shaping our fate. We can like or dislike whatever we want and choose the things and the people we want to see in our life and we do not. The problem is not all people exercise this right. Nevertheless, it does not change anything. It is still up to you to find and work with an experienced magic practitioner or to live your life as a victim of circumstances. This is yet more proof that people have freedom of choice.

Everything is a program in our world. Do you disagree? Then tell me what the strongest black magic love spells are. These are programs designed to help you make a person develop some feelings for you, fall out of love with the one this person is dating, or divorce the spouse.

Programs influence us continuously. Fashion and public opinion, social norms and religious commandments, our own ideas of success and personal attractiveness – these are all different programs. They do not require 100% obedience. They are advisory rather than mandatory. Programs can be modified or deleted and be replaced with new ones influencing you as well.

The difference between an ordinary person and a magic practitioner is that the latter can create their own programs to replace the existing ones. This is how they make their life perfect and this is how they can help others.

Besides, magic practitioners are well aware that no one is born without a program called karma. Every person has karma which depends on the date of birth, as the day when you were born is what shapes your karma.

Many people consider numerology (this is what we are going to talk about now) to be a pseudoscience. But if you agree that everything is programmed in our life, then you have to agree that each person is born with a set of programs. Some people work it off and move to the higher worlds, while others do not and after death move to the lower ones. Some people give it up half-way and are reborn to live their life over again.

The Universe tends to save energy, so it simplifies all processes. One of the examples of such process simplification is numerology. When a person is born, he gets karma according to his date of birth. If you know a person’s date of birth, you can say if this person is allowed to use simple black magic love spells, as well as if this person is susceptible to black magic love spells. That is what I offer you to talk about now.

The strongest black magic love spells and people born between the 1st and the 7th of the month

Strongest black magic love spell casterPeople born at the beginning of the month have uniquely pure karma. They have worked off all their karmic debts in their previous lives and now they are born to help others. Their help comes in different forms, from material to philosophical. It depends on the month and year of birth, as well as the place of birth.

Speaking of whether these people are allowed to use black magic love spells that work fast, the decisive answer is yes, they are, provided they want to make another person happy. Contrary to popular opinion, black magic is used not only to do evil and for destruction. Black magic spells can be used to:

  • Lift celibacy wreathes;
  • Remove painful knots from the heart;
  • Make two people right for each other;
  • Fix the malfunctioning sex chakra;
  • Protect against envious people;
  • Eliminate rivals;
  • Get support and protection;
  • Get forgiveness;
  • Erase bad memories.

There is a fine line between good and evil. When you do good to someone, you almost always harm someone else. So people born between the first and the seventh of the month should start with improving their fortune-telling skills. When they learn how to see into the future, they will know the outcome of their actions – if they will be beneficial or harmful. As soon as they start doing evil to people, they fall victim to many serious diseases, including cancer which ultimately kills them. So they should be very careful dealing with black magic.

Due to their pure karma, such people are not very susceptible to black magic love spells, especially to black magic love spells that work immediately. So if you are going to put a black magic love spell on someone born between the first and the seventh of the month, prepare to deal with a kickback.

Simple black magic love spells and people born between the 8th and the 12th of the month

These people are born to gain experience. For this reason many of them are magic practitioners and sorcerers. However, their soul is still quite unstable, so they can put all their heart into doing first evil and then good, or vice versa.

They like gaining all kinds of experience, so they are as excited about their failed spells as they are about the successful ones. Moreover, they are secretly happy when they face some negative consequences of their rituals or when their fate is destroyed because the best experience is first-hand experience. For this reason these people do not mind falling victim to magic spells. They consider it a great opportunity to learn what people under the influence of a magic spell feel. Moreover, they can take over curses and diseases of other people, even though they are rarely strong enough to fight them on their own.

They are not very enthusiastic about advice given to them. They do not really need it. Thus, I know for sure they will ignore my advice to study magic before casting any love spells, even though this would help them avoid self-curses or possible future kickbacks.

Black magic love spells that work fast and people born between the 13th and the 20th of the month

Simple black magic love candle spellTwo days should be singled out in this group: the 16th and the 19th. Those born on the 16th should know that right now they are making an important decision regarding their next life, specifically if it is going to be in heaven or in hell. The question of the next rebirth is temporary for all other people and they can roll back any time because of their actions. Unlike them, people born on the 16th are determining if they will be angels or demons in all their next lives.

Since they are making this decision on their own, without anyone’s help, they are under special protection which prevents strong black magic love spells from influencing them. A professional spellcaster can put a love spell on them, while ordinary people cannot. At the same time, they are literally encouraged to practice magic, because the more damage they do, the sooner they will find themselves in hell.

Those born on the 19th are supposed to carry out some important mission. However, they cannot do it unless their consciousness overrules their instincts and vices. For this reason it is quite easy to put the strongest black magic love spells on them – they attract problems keeping them from accomplishing their mission. At the same time, they are quite bad at casting spells for themselves, because one of their goals is to learn to change reality on their own, using their talents which they can discover only after purifying themselves.

The rest of the people born between the 13th and the 20th should remember that they:

Are very strong but fail to take full advantage of their strength;

Are not protected by Higher Powers, which is why misuse of magic is more dangerous to them than to other people;

Are predisposed to insanity and mental disorders;

Usually have the wrong values (especially in the first half of their life);

Tend to be driven by their desire to be better than others.

As a result, they can cast simple black magic love spells only after passing the first few states of studying magic. You can put black magic spells on them only if you are sure they have accumulated enough negative energy. Otherwise, your spell will backfire and I, spellcaster Maxim, have already told you what happens when it does.

Black magic love spells that work immediately and people born between the 21st and the 31st of the month

These people are born with very low energy levels and bad karma. On the one hand, it does not let them study magic to be able to change their programs and those of other people. On the other hand, they need magic in their life. These people should collaborate with professional spellcasters like I am. This is the only way for them to protect themselves against external influences, improve their life, find love, etc.

Special attention should be given to people born between the 28th and the 31st, and people born on February 29. They need professional magic help more than anyone else. These people need to use magic amulets and talismans on a daily basis.

By the way, magic amulets and talismans can benefit all people who want to protect themselves against black magic love spells that work fast or backfiring spells to cast black magic spells better. A wide range of amulets can be found on my website. So hurry up and buy of my amazing amulets designed to change your life for the better.

Speaking of the people born between the 21st and the 31st, I should warn you that black magic love spells that work immediately and other black magic spells rarely prove successful. In most cases they fail and cause a lot of suffering. Because of that you will suffer too, as under the laws of magic you always get what you give.


A lot of people are under the influence of black magic spells today. Many of them do not deserve it. You may be under a black magic love spell too, which does not let you live the life you deserve making the best of it. If you are not sure if it is true or not, watch the below video and you will find it out.

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