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The most effective love spells according to a real spellcaster

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What is the right way for casting effective love spells? Should you cast spells for yourself or is it better to buy them from a powerful magic practitioner? Are there spells with a 100% success rate? In this article, written by me, spellcaster Maxim, you will find answers to these and other questions about magic. This time I decided not to include any citations and arranged all answers in one article to tell you all you need to know about effective love spell casting.

How to prepare oneself for effective love spells

Effective candles love spellsThe power and quality of effective love spells largely depends on how well you are prepared for them. Thus, preparation is vital in spellcasting. Strange as it may seem, preliminary preparation starts one week before the primary preparation stage and it starts with a fast. Do not start fasting until you have selected the spell to cast, have read it several times, and imaged yourself casting it. Do not read the spell again during the seven days of your initial fasting.  Let your subconscious mind focus on it and set up your subtle bodies for spellcasting.

Do not try to argue with your subconscious mind as it is your key advisor and defense mechanism. If it comes to a conclusion that you should not cast the spell (your subconscious mind knows much more than you, including whether or not you are prohibited from practicing magic by your karma, if magic will hurt you, etc.), it will let you know about it by causing you to break your fast. It is a sign that you need to stop! It does not mean you have to give up the idea of using an effective love spell. It just means you were not born to be a magic practitioner, so you need to find someone who was and who can offer you professional magic services.

During your fast, you should follow some instructions:

Abstain from meat  and foods containing animal protein, fat or blood;

Abstain from alcoholic drinks. Do not take psychedelic drugs and do not smoke;

Abstain from coffee, tea and other stimulants, including medicinal ones;

Try not to worry and get nervous. Avoid arguments and fights;

Depression or fear is another sign that you should not cast spells for yourself;

Walk for not less than 2 hours a day;

Sleep for at least 8-9 hours a day and try to eat twice as little (to this end, count your calories).

The first week of fasting is important for three reasons. First and foremost, you let your subconscious mind figure out if you may or may not cast spells for yourself. Secondly, you clear your energy channels and strengthen/purify your energies. Thirdly, you set up your chakras to help you perform magic, awakening your hidden magical powers, if any.

The second preparation stage

Do not stop fasting. You should keep fasting until your effective love spells take full effect. Therefore keep fasting and get back to the text of your spell. Read it a few more times. If it has some magic word patterns, learn them by heart. Now study the list of the magic ingredients that you are going to use in your ritual and try to find them on the Internet.

As for your search for magic ingredients, my advice is as follows: visit my online store. There you can see how all kinds of magic product should look and read about them. Such things should be purchased only from professional magic practitioners. Remember that most online stores do not sell authentic magic products and offer useless replicas instead.

For more information about effective love spells, please follow this link:

How to buy an effective love spell online

Let us assume you broke your fast or failed to follow at least one of the above listed rules. Does it mean you should forget about using effective love spells at all? Of course not! It just means you should not try to cast an effective love spell for yourself and need to find a professional magic practitioner.

Unfortunately, it is quite difficult to find a reliable spellcaster today, including  on the Internet. It is almost impossible to understand if a magic practitioner is qualified or not based only on their advertisements posted on some websites or blogs. Therefore, pay attention to the content your spellcaster’s website is filled with.

As a rule, websites run by professional magic practitioners have information about different rituals which can be performed at home, including effective love spells, services offered by the spellcaster, and a Q&A section. If you run a website visited by thousands of users daily, you get thousands of letters and questions which you cannot ignore. You cannot stay indifferent to such letters. This is something I know first-hand. If some spellcaster is not responding to his readers’ questions, how can you know he will take you seriously? 

Things to pay special attention to

Effective love spell casterPay attention to the following two nuances:

Does the spellcaster offer you some magic products manufactured by him?

Does he warn you against casting spells for yourself, clarifying the risks associated with it?

The first one indicates that the spellcaster is highly skilled because manufacture of magic talismans and other items takes a lot of skills, knowledge and experience. To find out who the author is, use the Search by Image tool.  To this end, copy its picture and save it to your computer, start the Search by Image tool, and see if this very image is used by any other websites.

Professional spellcasters make sure no one steals their content. So if one and the same image is found at multiple websites, including the website of your potential spellcaster, consider it a bad sign as buying an effective love spell from this magic practitioner is pointless.

As for the second one, only experienced magic practitioners care to warn their readers about the dangers associated with amateurish magic. If you knew how many people I had to cure after their unsuccessful attempts to cast effective love spells for themselves, you would understand why I have posted so many articles about safety in magic, self-diagnostics, and handling magical kickbacks on my website.

What makes effective spells less effective

One of the questions every magic practitioner asks himself or herself – why can effective love spell fail? There are many reasons why spells can fail. The most common reason the effective love spell does not work is the fact that you are not meant for practicing magic. For instance, this can be due to your low energy levels. If you give away some of your energy, you will get sick. I hope it is clear to you. As for the second part of the statement, I believe it needs some clarification.

Magic is not meant for everyone. Very few people can use it by themselves. It happens because you will not learn some important life lessons by attracting love with an effective love spell. For instance, for you to find true love, you need to become a kinder person or learn to make more money. Otherwise, no effective love spells with help you.

Luckily, I can help you. I can cast an effective love spell making sure the client actually becomes a kinder person (referring to the above example). To this end, I reset the client’s subtle bodies. Alternatively, I ensure that the client gets a promotion and makes more money. I can do that by influencing the energies of the client and the world. Anyway, I make sure that all karmic requirements are met, so my spells are always of high quality.

If you want to cast one of the effective love spells for yourself, please watch the following video about two powerful but at the same time quite simple love spells.  I, spellcaster Maxim, hope you will find it useful. 

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