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Various methods for Voodoo rituals of black magic spell of love

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First and foremost, before you start performing a love voodoo ritual, you need to remember that its spirits, also known as “Loa”, never do anything for nothing. You need to pay for everything they do for you, including their advice, blessings, etc. Do not be scared. No one will demand the blood of a Christian baby from you. What the spirits want is food. Different spirits like different foods, such as sweets, drinks, raw meat, etc. Never forget to thank them as angry spirits are very dangerous and scary.

Voodoo doll of black magic spell of love

There are just a few love spells based on voodoo magic and all of them are comparable in power to black magic rituals, yet they are less destructive and dangerous to the ritual performer and to the target.

Properly executed voodoo rituals make your loved one attracted to you and think about you all the time. The target feels affection for you and a desire to be close to you. Eventually, the target finds himself sexually attracted to you. The ritual shows excellent results even if the target lives far away.

Black magic love spells and voodoo as the magic of African slaves

Voodoo is not just a branch of magic. It is a religion that originated among black slaves in Haiti. Despite the effectiveness of its rituals, it is not recommended for beginners, especially given the fact that the information needed to perform voodoo rituals is usually very difficult to find.

Such spells are often based on the use of various auxiliary items. Depending on the spirit that the performer calls up, such items vary along with the price to be paid afterwards.

Black magic for love and the first way to cast a voodoo love spell

The first version of this voodoo spell is the simplest and you can do it by yourself. In order to put a spell on a person, take a sheet of paper and write down your name and the name of your loved one. Apply some honey to the paper to cover it all.  

Sprinkle some powdered violet root over the paper, roll it up, and tie it with a green thread. The paper should be small enough to fit in the “gris-gris” bag. After the ritual carry your gris-gris bag with you at all times. It is likely that you will find your love within the first few days after the ritual.

Voodoo black magic and the second way to cast a voodoo love spell

The second version of the spell is more complex, so it is not recommended for beginners. It is performed in several stages:

·        Preparation for the ritual

·        Calling up Papa Legba

·        Calling up the spirit (they call up Loa Erzuli for love spells)

·        Communicating with the spirit and solving the problem

·        Final stage

To prepare for the ritual, get something belonging to your loved one. Put in an earthen container with a small magnet, and fill the container with honey.

Now call up Papa Legba. Papa Legba serves as the intermediary between the loa and humanity. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and gives or denies a permission to speak with the spirits. If you do not honor this powerful loa before the ritual, he can prohibit you from talking to the spirits at all, so it is important to present a good gift after you call him up, such as some good tobacco, coffee, or a good bottle of rum.

Having obtained his permission, proceed to the next stage and call up Loa Erzuli. To this end, spread out a white cloth on a smooth surface, sit down on it, cross your legs, light a red candle, and sing a spell.

The ritual is completed when the candle burns down. All the items used in the ritual need to be disposed of. The best way to dispose of them is to take them to the forest and leave them under an old tree.

Voodoo dolls in voodoo spells                            

Voodoo rituals of black magic spell of love

Most people associate the magic of voodoo with such things as the revival of the dead and dolls representing some people and used to harm these people.  

Such rituals do exist in this religion, however they are not the only ones. Thus, voodoo dolls can be used not only to harm or kill people as shown in many films, but also to put love spells on people. To use a voodoo doll in a love ritual, make it with your own hands. You can use almost anything as the basic material for your voodoo doll, including fabric, clay, wood, etc. It is important to remember that the efficiency of a ritual is not affected by the material of the doll, and depends solely on the actions performed with it.

Perform this ritual on the first or second night after the new moon. Spread a black blanket on the floor, draw an equilateral triangle on it with soap, put one black candle in each corner and a red one the center of the triangle. Sit down in front of the triangle and attach your loved one’s hair or nails to the existing doll. Now take a knife and scratch your lover’s name on the chest of the doll and your name on its back. Put it in the center of the triangle, take a needle, and heat it over the red candle flame, saying,

“As a man cannot be without bread and water, so cannot (name of the beloved) live without me. The king of fire, you are ardent and hot, you can burn anything to ashes. Be gracious to me, my father, my king, pass my love on your fire, light passion in the heart of (the name of your loved one), let a feeling of missing me be spread over his body, let longing enter into his joints. Let my words be sharp, hotter than fire, stronger than pain, colder than ice. Let love come in the heart as a fiery needle. Let it be so.”

After that, bring the heated needle to the doll, specifically to the place where the human heart is, and thrust it into the doll with one quick, precise movement. Imagine the doll to be your beloved person.

You will start seeing each other almost right away. If the ritual is performed correctly, do not try to repeat it.

You need to understand that every mistake can put you in serious danger as you are dealing and collaborating with voodoo spirits. They do not forget and do not forgive mistakes. The gates of their world can be closed forever. Besides, they can send some diseases upon you and your family. So my advice is to have a professional spellcaster cast a love voodoo spell for you if you really need one. That way, the ritual will be performed properly fulfilling all your needs, while the spirits will not be able to hurt you


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