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What do you know about the most powerful obsession spell?

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According to Google analytics, there has been an increase in the number of search requests related to magic, such as “the most powerful obsession spell” or “powerful obsession love spell”, and I am not surprised. When people get disappointed in love, they turn to magic hoping that it will give them the kind of relationship they have always wanted – the one in which the partner will be obsessed with them. They want to feel loved and be shown love and passion every second they are together. For some reason, they think the best way to get it is to use an obsession spell.

If you agree with this point of view, well… Hold on a second. Let us not get ahead of ourselves. I, spellcaster Maxim, suggest that we do as follows. I will present to you several statements about the most powerful obsession spell and you will either agree or disagree with them without using any magic books or Google to find the right answers. Then you will see if you were right or wrong. This test will allow you to see how much you know about the love obsession spell and decide if this kind of magic can be used to help you become happy.

The most powerful obsession spell and the time when the ritual is performed

Casting most powerful obsession spell1. According to the many websites that you visited and which promised you immediate or fast results, the most powerful obsession spell can get you fast results.

2. The love obsession spell never wears out because true spells work forever.

3. If the powerful obsession love spell stops working for some reason, the ritual can be performed again.

Statement 1. The correct answer: Powerful magic does not work fast. It takes the spellcaster at least a few weeks to get the required magic ingredients to use in the ritual. The spellcaster needs to prepare a potion and make the candles. Mass-produced candles are not good for powerful magic rituals. Then the spellcaster switches to the target’s consciousness which can take up to several months. Therefore, it takes a lot of time to cast a love obsession spell and it cannot get you fast results.

Fast results and rituals which can be performed within a couple of days after you apply for one are usually promised by:

Inexperienced spellcasters who do not know that they will not be able to keep their promise;

Charlatans who use deceptive ads to make money;

Liars pretending to be professional magic practitioners and making promises which cannot be fulfilled;

Liars who promise fast results but then start extending the deadline;

Website owners posting magic recipes in order to attract more visitors to their websites.

Statement 2. The correct answer: I have said multiple times that no spells work forever. Buy a ritual from someone promising fast results and see it for yourself. True spellcasters spend months preparing for their rituals in order to keep them working for as soon as possible. Nevertheless, they will never tell you that their powerful obsession love spell can work forever. The average “shelf-life” of such spells is just a few years. However, this time is enough to exhaust the target of the love spell and make Higher Powers interfere and free this person from its influence.

Statement 3. The correct answer: The most powerful obsession spell belongs to black magic. Therefore it can be put only on someone who deserves to be punished with obsessive love for something they have done. If this person repents while under the influence of magic, putting another spell like that on this person will be rather difficult.

Can a love obsession spell be put on any person?

4. Do you agree that the most powerful obsession spell can be put on anyone, at least if a professional magic practitioner performs the ritual? Do you think so after seeing the ads posted on various websites about magic?

5. If you put a powerful obsession love spell on a woman, she will obey you like a pet.

6. The most powerful obsession spell is perfect if you want to date a rich man. Obsessed with you, he will buy you expensive presents and take you to luxurious resorts.

Statement 4. The correct answer: No, a love obsession spell can infect (the effect of such spells is comparable to a serious disease) only the one whose chakras are already predisposed to it. Predisposition to such spells results from selfishness, not willing to stay faithful, not wanting to take care of the one who loves you, as well as any other bad deeds and thoughts filling your subtle bodies with negative energy which is used to make you obsessed.

Statement 5. The correct answer: No, she will not. If you put a powerful obsession love spell on a woman, she will do everything she can to make you obey her. She will be jealous, demanding and destructive. Obsession has always been considered one of the most terrible things which can happen to a man. The fact that it is obsessive love does not make it any better. With magic, you will drive the target crazy and overwhelmed with an obsessive desire to possess you.

Statement 6. The correct answer: The most powerful obsession spell will awaken not the best of intentions in the man and definitely not the intention to buy your attention. The man will exhibit caveman-like behavior, be rude and try to dominate, which, coupled with his obsessive love, will negatively impact his business or career. They will no longer be his priorities and the man will focus on you, his desire to be with you, and his fear to lose you.

Besides, let me remind you that successful men are generally more courageous and aggressive. Now image what such men will do if their courage and aggression is multiplied by 4 or 10 with a love obsession spell.

How safe is a powerful obsession love spell?

Powerful obsession love candle spell7. Your karma is not in danger if you buy a powerful obsession love spell from a spellcaster.

8. Even if you are not good at magic, you can still protect yourself against the most powerful obsession spell. Today hundreds of people can push away any powerful obsession love spell without even doing anything.

9. I am going to be fine if I cast this spell for myself. I am not a professional magic practitioner, yet I am protected by my guardian angel and my family spirits.

Statement 7. The correct answer: This statement is false. When you harm another person, you also harm yourself. When you damage another person’s karma, your karma gets damaged as well. When you put a love obsession spell on someone, be ready go through what you made that person go through. So this kind of magic is not safe. Even powerful magic practitioners claim that they can only minimize karma damage caused by such spell, but cannot eliminate it.

Statement 8. The correct answer: This statement is true. People using amulets protecting against curses and hexes are immune to the most powerful obsession spell. Naturally, such amulets are not cheap. However, the protective bubble they create around you is well worth it. For your information, the prices of my charms and talismans are anything but jaw-dropping.

Statement 9. The correct answer: When you decide to use black magic, you break the bond between you and your guardian spirits and call up some evil forces. So any attempt to cast a powerful obsession love spell, even if made for fun, is always fraught with serious consequences.

More information is available in the video which I called “Why not to cast the most powerful obsession spell for yourself”.

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