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Why strong love spells that really work should be avoided

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Previously unknown specifics of strong love spells that really work


As far as I know, you’ve never been a fan of strong love spells that really work, and I could never understand why. Everyone knows you as one of the most powerful magic practitioners in the world and people expect strong love spells that work from you. As a result, they’re very confused when you offer them some simpler alternatives.


Strong candle love spells that really workI understand your confusion and the confusion of the people who reach out to me, spellcaster Maxim, to take advantage of some strong love spells that work fast, but are told that there is no such thing as fast spells. This is easily explainable. Human energies can be compared with a crystal vase with a beautiful but fragile flower with a delicate clock mechanism. Strong love spells are like a hammer used by amateurish magic practitioners to repair what needs a more careful approach and state-of-the-art tools. I do not work like that. My priority is not the speed but the result. In addition, I know it first-hand that the energies of most people are too weak to handle strong love spells that really work and will blow like a bulb after a voltage surge. Therefore I prefer to use more delicate methods. Nevertheless, each case is unique and sometimes my strong love spells that work are the only thing that can help my clients.


How could you explain your dislike for strong love spells that work fast?


I do not dislike them. As a professional spellcaster, I understand the essence of magic spells and rituals and I can assure you that strong rituals cannot be fast. Moreover, there is no such thing as fast spells at all, especially with regard to their effective date. There are love spells which can be cast within an hour and require no preliminary preparation, however they are unhelpful. Even the simplest of spells require at least a week of preparation. As for powerful spells, it is up to several months. Even if we assume that the spell will take effect immediately, what about the time needed for preparation? What about those days or even weeks the spellcaster needs to prepare the required magic ingredients or to wait for the right moon phase directly impacting love spells?

If someone promises you to cast strong love spells that work fast, they are liars. They can make their promises knowing they will be unable to keep them, or take your money and then admit that fast spells are not real. In my opinion, the second type of lies is better and can be tolerated because it allows one to hope that the one who told you that lie at least knows something about magic. Unfortunately, this does not apply to those promising “Contact me today and enjoy your new relationship tomorrow” because there are no spells capable of that.

Why it is better not to cast strong love spells that work for oneself


I’ve read almost all of your articles and realized you don’t have a single one describing strong love spells that really work. All spells which you offer to cast for oneself are simple spells. Are you doing it on purpose? Why can’t you, a professional magic practitioner, advise your readers on strong love spells that work?


I cannot do that because I feel responsible for every reader of my website. You should know that I do not offer strong love spells that work fast and practice only safe magic. Do no harm is what each magic practitioner, healer or doctor should be guided by. If I post some strong love spell descriptions, I will violate this main principle. No one can cast a powerful love spell successfully without getting hurt, unless they are experienced magic practitioners.

My simple spells are like a dessert knife. No matter how careless you are, you will not cause serious damage to yourself. Unlike them, strong love spells that really work are like a sharp sword – one careless move and you will cut yourself and the people around you.


Let’s think logically. There is black magic which is dangerous and I totally agree with it. There is white magic and it’s not dangerous either to the person casting the love spell or to the one the love spell is cast on. If I use only white magic strong love spells that work, I won’t hurt myself and my amateurish magic won’t be that dangerous. Am I right?


This is how love magic works:

You want to put a strong love spell.

You prepare for the ritual.

You turn your energies into a lighthouse emitting light to attract your loved one.

You build an energy channel to connect yourself and your beloved.

You influence your loved one’s energies, at least by enhancing them.

Then, through this channel, you bind your energies to those of your loved one.

Thus, at each stage you are at risk of binding yourself to an evil spirit or force instead of your loved one, or some phantom or even a dead man stuck in our reality. No matter what you attract instead of your loved one, it will start devouring your energies like a vampire.

For more information please read my articles about it. By the way, in my articles you can also find out why strong love spells that work fast are of little help.

When spellcasters choose strong love spells that work fast

Casting strong love spells that work fastQuestion:

I know that sometimes you still cast strong love spells that work fast. Thus, when my sister’s husband left her, you cast one of such spells on him. It’d been four years since he left but he came back. As a result, they’ve never been happier than they are now.


At the beginning of this article, I pointed out that professional magic practitioners chose the rituals to perform according to the specifics of each individual case. As for your sister, I decided to cast one of my strong love spells that work fast because I needed to stop the man, your brother-in-law, from a life-changing decision. At the time, the man was about to make a decision after which it would be impossible for him to return to his wife. I had to use fast magic to keep him from doing that.

But as I said and will always say, strong love spells that really work wear out pretty fast, within just a few days. In that case it did not matter because after that fast love spell I cast one of the traditional strong love spells that work and it brought them back together. It took me almost four weeks in total to complete the whole process.

If I had tried to save that couple by using only a fast ritual, I would have failed. The man would break up with your sister again in a couple of months. As a powerful spellcaster, I do not have a right to call such results satisfactory.


Can I use strong love spells that really work to get to know a person better or to see if I’ll like our relationship? There are free perfume samples in fragrance shops and food samples in grocery stores. Why can’t fast rituals be used as their analogues in magic?


It appears reasonable in theory, but in practice it does not work. Even if such “spell samples” are cast by an experienced magic practitioner, it can cause immunity to magic and the next time it will be very difficult to influence this person with a spell. Besides, let me remind you that the effects of a spell on human energies are similar to those of surgery on human health. Do you think it is reasonable to have a couple of preliminary surgeries before the main one? For example, to see if surgical scares will make the patient more attractive?

Therefore, when you buy strong love spells that work, you should know whether you want a strong and lasting relationship or not. If you do not, you can use a simple love spell which will wear out fast. This would be the best solution for everyone still hesitating what to choose.

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