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A spell to treat an unknown disease


What is white magic? Many people ask themselves this question. What is the difference between black and white magic? White magic implies the influence of rituals and spells which are intended for good, not for destruction. This is what white magic is about. It calls for the powers of good beings in order to help you or other people.
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A spell to treat an unknown disease To treat diseases which can’t be diagnosed by medicine, the following healing spell should be put. Pick up some St. John’s wort and milfoil and mixed them up in equal shares. Take some water from a well and put the mix into it in the evening: 1 teaspoon of the herbal mix for 1 glass of well water. In the morning, heat it up, boil for three minutes and chill. Drink one glass of the healing decoction three times a day before breakfast, lunch and dinner. Continue drinking the decoction for 7 days, then take a 14 day break, and then repeat the course. Such courses of treatment can be carried out 5 times in succession. 

White the spell is put, the victim should stick to a special diet. He should eat kefir, yogurt, sour cream, but milk, nuts, hips, birch sap, spicy food, onion and garlic are prohibited. He shouldn’t eat meat, only some chicken. He should eat a lot of oatmeal. The victim should take a break or side effects may appear. If all the rules are observed during the whole course of treatment, a biochemical compound AZENA is formed in the victim’s blood. Before putting the spell, the victim should buy a new toothbrush, bath sponge, bar of soap and a comb.

 Don’t forget that you shouldn’t use the same toothbrush for more than 3 months. Remnants of the bars of soap should be collected once every three months and left outside. This will protect you from many incantations. Besides, on the 21st day of any month you must not look into the mirror. White you’re undergoing treatment, take a sage bath every evening (herb, aroma oil, salt). Water temperature shouldn’t exceed 36-37 degrees Celsius. The duration – about 20 minutes.

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