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What is white magic? Many people ask themselves this question. What is the difference between black and white magic? White magic implies the influence of rituals and spells which are intended for good, not for destruction. This is what white magic is about. It calls for the powers of good beings in order to help you or other people.
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A WHITE SPELL TO REMOVE THE EVIL EYE CURSE WITH THE HELP OF SAND First of all, remember that a spell to remove the evil eye curse with the help of sand shouldn’t be put on Friday.

When you have a streak of bad luck, think about if it’s the result of someone’s envy or evil eye. In summer, an evil eye curse can be removed with the help of sand. This method’s great for those who have access to the beach. The spell should be put after noon, preferably at 6 p.m.

Pick a clean spot which is located at least five meters away from the water. Make a hole in the sand so you could lie in it, you head above the ground. The hole should be located at an angle of 45% to the sea, your legs should be directed towards the sea and to the east. You will need an assistant for this ritual.

Lying on youк back in the hole, ask your assistant to cover you with sand, starting from your feet.

Before you lie down, take off your clothes. All you can wear is a swimming suit or swimming trunks. Put two 30 cm aspen twigs along your body on both sides. Lie there under the sand for at least 15 minutes, thinking about how all mean things which people said about you break in millions of pieces and disperse.

“Grains of sand, grains of sand, take everything evil and carry it away.”

Then, try to stand up on your own. Take a swim in the sea or in the river. Take your clothes and aspen twigs and leave the beach. Don’t return to the beach that day, don’t sit or lie on the sand. Burn the aspen twigs down outside of the beach.

A white spell to remove the evil eye curse with the help of sand should be put three times every other day. You can use the same beach, but different spots. This ritual shouldn’t be performed on the 12 day of any month. When all the rituals are performed, don’t sit or lay down on the ground for four days.

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