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White Magic Money Spells

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There are a lot of white magic money spells which can help you attract money to your family. One of them is a white magic money spell with a pumpkin. The pumpkin is associated with the sun, while its seeds are like coins. This spell should be put on the first new-moon Thursday.

At 12 p.m. go to a farmer’s market and buy a pumpkin from a seller of the opposite sex. Go home, put it on the table, cut it, and take the seeds out. Take 13 largest seeds and wash them with water.

Casting white magic money spellsDry the seeds out by laying them out on a sheet of white paper. Use the pumpkin to make some pumpkin juice or puree. Lay the dry seeds out on a clean white cloth. Light a candle and put it on the right.

Say the following, “Chaps from the house, money to the house! My word’s strong, and there’s no other way. So be it! Amen!” Fry the seeds, adding some salt. Make sure you don’t lose a seed.

Serve the dish you’ve made from the pumpkin for dinner. After dinner, have three seeds (make sure nobody sees you). The next day have three more seeds for lunch. On the third day, eat three seeds for breakfast. On the fourth day, eat three seeds before breakfast. The last seed should be eaten on the fourth day before going to bed.

While eating the seeds, don’t throw the shells away, but put them into a box. After you eat all the seeds, wrap the shells into a sheet of paper and burn it. Dig the ashes into a flowerpot, saying,

“Money, grow, sprout, get stronger, ear, and get big!”

Plant a money tree or a crassula in the pot (or it can be any house plant). While watering it, repeat the Lord’s Prayer three times. Naturally, don’t say anybody about the ritual.

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