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Curse Protection – Magical Bottle

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Magical Bottle

Once in a while, people have to deal with negative energies, such as troubles, irritation, friends’ envy. This negative energy disperses quickly and the energy body restores. Restoration occurs quicker if you charge your body with light, positive energies, and new impressions. However, it’s better to reduce the risk to the minimum.

Curse protection with magical bottleThe same is about curses. There is a lot of information about how to put a curse; a bunch of unsuccessful love spells people lacking skills and knowledge cast in hope to get their loved ones back; evil eye curses accumulating powerful impulses of envy and anger.

To protect themselves from the evil, magicians hold special rituals and wear magical talismans. In this article, I want to tell you how you can protect yourself from curses with the help of the magical bottle.

This method is rather simple. It has been used by spell casters for a long time.

Magical Bottle Curse Protection

You will need a glass container to keep negative energy. Special objects which absorb negative energy and neutralize the curse power are put inside. Thus, avoiding the person, the curse is attracted to this magical talisman and is held by it (in some cases it disperses).

Forces creating magical bottles (witch bottles) are the forces of the Earth. They can accept, “digest,” and neutralize almost any evil action.

Curse Protection Ritual Preparation

Nails for curse removal. To make a talisman, you will need a 500 ml bottle. A transparent colorless bottle will absorb the negative energy and disperse it in the ambient atmosphere, creating a small abnormal zone and at the same time weakening the absorbed negative energies. A non-transparent bottle will accumulate and concentrate the evil spell and energy.

You will also need new nails, open pins, metal shavings. These objects will absorb the curse and “magnetize” any negative energy.

Herbs for curse removal. The third ingredient is salted water. Salt represents the Earth element which neutralizes the influence of curses, including evil eye curses, and causes disintegration of evil programs, while water helps distribute the effect of salt uniformly.

Herbal decoctions are often added to the salted water as they can also weaken the influence negative energies have on people’s life and fate.

These are valerian, St. John’s wort, nettle, laurel, onion, mint, pine, garlic (view Herbs for Invisible Ailments).

Make a decoction and mix it with some salted water, while preparing the third ingredient of the magical bottle.

The fourth component provides individual protection. It is good if a curse is put by an experienced magician, or if a magician who intends to hold a ritual (a curse or any black magic love spell) wants to protect himself from possible negative consequences of his actions. As you may have guessed, this component is biological (a flock, blood or saliva). With this component, the witch bottle effect will be aimed exactly at this very person. The witch bottle can also be used to remove the curse from a family, protect a family from the evil eye curse and other troubles.

Magical Bottle Curse Protection Ritual

So, how can you remove a curse using a magical bottle? First of all, get the components as described above.

Wait for a full moon (view Moon Online) and begin the ritual at midnight. Make sure nobody interferes in and distracts you from what you do.

Draw a protection circle (see How to Make a Protection Circle), light a red or white candle (see Magical Candles), take a clean (transparent or dark) bottle and fill it with nails, open pins, metal shavings half full.

Say a spell (you can put it the way you like):

“Mother-Earth, please, protect me. Sharp nails, pins and shavings, protect me and my home from curses and all sorts of negative energy.”

Fill the remaining space of the bottle with some herbal decoction adding plenty of salt (not less than three tablespoons of salt per a glass of water).

While pouring the liquid, say,

“Mother-Earth, please, protect me. Water, herbs, salt, clear me and my home of curses, envy and enemies.”

Fill the bottle full, cork it up tightly, and pour some wax from the burning candle over it.

Leave everything on the table and let the candle burn down. Go out of the circle and rub it out.

The next day, go to the country. If you live in the village, go outside the village limits. Go to the field and come up to where a forest begins. Dig the bottle in a hole (0.5 m). Make sure nobody finds or breaks it accidentally. A broken talisman will let all the evil forces out and the one who breaks it will receive a high dose of powerful, concentrated negative energy.

The magical bottle effect will last for 3-5 years. After that, you should make a new bottle and repeat the curse removal ritual.


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