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Many women are dreaming of being skinny but, unfortunately, are too busy to go to the gym a few times a week and jog every morning. So, what can you do to be skinny if you want to avoid tiresome workouts and dieting? You can use one of the weight loss spells found in various books on magic, including very old ones.

Below are most popular weight loss spells and rituals which can give a woman her dream body.

A powerful weight loss ritual

Casting a weight loss spellOften, obesity is caused by an evil eye curse. For example, someone compliments a girl on her amazing body. After that, the girl starts gaining weight and loses her good looks. If that’s the case, medicine is helpless. Spell casters urge such people to perform the following ritual.

The ritual is performed in the country. Pour some water (preferably, spring or well water) into a tin bucket. In the morning, put the bucket in the middle of the bathhouse and say,

“My fat disappears like water is flowing down me. No mean word has power over me, will be washed off with water, I am beautiful now. So be it.”

Throw the water over yourself. Before going to bed, say Lord’s prayer and pray to your Guardian Angel. Go to a church and order a forty day’s health requiem.

Casting a weight loss spell using a comb

This ritual is also performed in the bathhouse.

Go to a bathhouse, take a comb and say, combing your hair,

“I comb out my fat like people comb out lice. Let pigs get fat, but my body will lose weight and get prettier. In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.”

Take a bath. Don’t let other people use the comb. Repeat the ritual for 7-10 days.

A spell to exorcise the demon of gluttony

Sometimes, people are possessed by the demon of gluttony. The main symptom of possession is hunger which can’t be satisfied. Eventually, it leads to obesity.

Spell casters urge such people to use an old spell to exorcise the demon of gluttony. The spell is cast using some flax seeds water. Boil some flax seeds and say,

“Go away, demon, from the liver, veins and bones, joints, brain and eyes of (the victim’s name). You can’t be inside of (the victim’s name) and dry his inside, twist his veins, tire his brain, and cause troubles.”

Besides, before breakfast, lunch and dinner, say your prayers to your Guardian Angel asking him to help you lose weight. Before going to bed, say Lord’s prayer thrice.

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