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Spells to Relieve Pain

Esoteric, astrologer, writer

Time: Sunday or Wednesday, waxing moon.

Candles: red, white, green and violet ritual candles.

Relieve pain spells

Incense: pink.  

Crystal: aventurine.

Oil: juniper.

Herbs: ground barley.

Spell to Relieve Pain:

I drive my pain away to where it came from. My body is healed and strengths are recovered. The pain did me no harm, and ridding myself of it is my reward. Getting rid of the pain and having learned a lesson, I’m moving on. My body is light and my thoughts are clear.

Ritual to Relieve Pain:

Light an altar candle and some incense. Oil the red candle from the wick to the bottom. Make sure there’s plenty of oil on the sides and on the bottom on the candle. Put the candle on the ground barley and roll it so the barleycorns stick to the candle.

Put the red candle at the center of the altar. Oil the white, green and violet candles from the wick to the bottom and set them in front of the red candle. Put the aventurine near the red candle.

Light the red candle first, then the white, green and violet candles. Say the spell and let the candles burn down.

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