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White magic spells and rituals tips by a true spellcaster

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There are too many white magic spells and rituals tips to cover them all in just one article, so today I, spellcaster Maxim, will not try to accomplish the impossible. I will narrow it down to spells for white magic which can be cast at home. As for general information about white magic spells and rituals, please read the other articles of mine. I have already told you how to improve health and attract love with simple rituals which can be performed by anyone.

Tip 1. White magic does not force anyone to do anything. It does not command. Spells for white magic kindly ask people to do something. If some spell does not meet this requirement, it is not a white magic spell.

Tip 2. White magic is great for religious people. Do not listen to jealous and ignorant priests. Performing rituals engaging angels and other light forces is not a sin.

Tip 3. According to many religions, it is bad to be rich because money hinders spiritual growth. But money is just a tool which can be used either for the corruption of one’s soul and strengthening one’s pride or for a good cause. Therefore, if you want to help yourself become rich with white magic spells and rituals, go ahead.

White magic candle spellTip 4. Lack of faith in spells for white magic makes them unhelpful. Besides, this equally applies to spells you cast by yourself and spells cast by professional magic practitioners. Only 100% faith makes spells powerful.

Tip 5. It is different with fear. Do not try to overcome your fear. Fear is like an alarm. If you feel scared before a ritual, discontinue it as your fear can be a sign that you are making a big mistake.

Tip 6. In some cases you should disregard your fear and not pay attention to it. I am talking about the rituals which are expected to put an end to your bad patch – poverty, diseases, loneliness, etc. If you fear to get rid of something bad, something that makes you suffer, just ignore it or fight it. It is not fear. It is an attempt of some dark forces which have been controlling your life to make you change your mind and leave things as they are. Resist it! Finish what you have started! Remember that white magic spells and rituals can make any person happy!

Tip 7. Cast spells by yourself, alone. When group spells for white magic are cast, you may take over the other spell casters’ problems and diseases.

Tip 8. A ritual is prepared for in five stages: the first stage involves reading magic books; the second stage is about cleansing and energy accumulation; the third stage – studying protection rituals and prayers; the fourth stage – collecting the required magic items and ingredients needed to cast white magic spells and rituals; the fifth stage – making an altar.

Tip 9. You can cast spells for white magic using a regular table instead of an altar only if you want to cast a single spell. If you are going to repeat the ritual or cast more spells, get or make an altar.

Tip 10. People tend to make sacrifices for their loved ones, especially for their children, so they often use white magic spells and rituals allowing them to take over their problems and diseases. This kind of magic is very effective. However, avoid such spells unless you have full control of your energies.

If you love someone and wish this person well, ask Higher Powers to help this person. Your sincere request will rid your loved one of all negative energies, without you having to deal with them.

Tip 11. Spells for white magic should not be used by mean, jealous and selfish people. Such spells are not used for revenge or punishment. If you want to get even with someone, use black magic. If you use white magic to do evil, your curse will end up on you instead of the target.

Let me remind you that the right spell choice does not protect you against the spell’s blowback. Always follow this simple formula: the more complex and the more dangerous the ritual, the more experienced professional magic practitioner should perform it.

Tip 12. Never practice magic while under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other prohibited substances. Otherwise, your white magic spell will turn into black one, and the result will be the opposite of what you wanted.

Spell books for white magicTip 13. When you cast spells for other people, do not be hypocritical. Figure out whether you really wish well to these people or you are just pretending to be a good person and expect your good deeds to improve your karma. When you cast white magic spells with such intentions, the spells work like black ones because the forces helping you can read your mind and see through you. If you have black thoughts, your spells will be black, too.

Tip 14. Figure out what you want from magic. For example, magic spells will not make you rich if your ultimate goal is not improving your financial situation but being better than others.

Tip 15. As a true magic practitioner, you should not believe anyone but yourself: your feelings, intuition, subconscious mind, etc. Try to develop your critical thinking skills from the beginning. Do not believe promises that anything is simple. Do you not know that there is no such thing as a free lunch? Information about who may offer you one and try to deceive beginning spellcasters can be found on my website.

Tip 16. White magic spells and rituals cannot work unless you have light energies. So you need to purify your energy before performing any rituals.

Tip 17. Black magic sorcerers do not practice white magic. When a black witch promises to perform a white magic ritual, she is lying and is going to perform a black magic one anyway.

Tip 18. After casting white magic spells and rituals for someone, do not expect gratitude, even if you have saved this person’s life. Such expectations may ultimately cause you to feel offended, and offence may become that door through which dark energies and beings enter your life.

Tip 19. If you want to cast spells for white magic in order to make some money, stop it right now. To provide professional magic services, you need to study magic for at least 20 years and buy lots of authentic magic accessories and books worth thousands of dollars. To become a true spellcaster, you need to spend so much money that it will barely pay off ever.

Tip 20. When you begin to study spells for white magic, do not work with teachers and avoid attending various courses. All those “seminars” and “classes” are held by people who are not trained at magic and their only goal is to make some money by taking advantage of naive people like you.

Tip 21. If you have children, do not perform magic ritual until they turn 14. Before then, focus on magic theory and spiritual-energy practices.

Tip 22. I wrote a book a while ago where you can find everything an experienced magic practitioner can teach a beginner. If you want to become a true spellcaster, this book is exactly what you should begin with.

Earlier I mentioned a magic altar. If you want to know more about it, please watch the following video to find out how to make an altar if you are a beginning spellcaster.

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