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People apply to various rituals of violence and destruction when they want to use magic against their enemy. Black magic attacks can be carried out by both an experienced spell caster and a non-professional who knows how to focus and direct his energy. Magical power is our psychic energy.

Black magical attack with skull

Spell casters use different tools to control their energy, such as swords, divining rods, pentagrams, etc. Spell casters can establish connection with their victims through their photographs, hair, nails, blood, or clothes. Artificial connection can be established with the help of any object relating to the victim. Focusing his hatred on the things that belong to the victim, a spell caster creates a negative program which is aimed at the victim. 

Will concentration plays an important role in black magic attacks

In the world of occultism and black magic, a will attack can be made through the eyes (which happens quite often), as the eyes are a great conductor of the attacker’s passions. Such attacks are launched in a state of high emotional tension. It doesn’t require any special magical rituals or tools.

Sometimes the energy can be visualized in the form of a ray directed at another person. Lemures (astral parasites) and elementals (lower spirits) residing in subtle matter are attracted to the energy flow and help the magician. The destructive force reaches its peak, provided a “black fast” (the person doesn’t eat meat or milk) is observed.

A typical psychic attack is an attack with the help of elementals. In occultism, it’s believed the elementals can be created artificially, for just one purpose, and are afterwards dispersed. The power of imagination creates mental images-beings, which can take the shape of animals and monsters which can be seen only by psychics.

Driven by an astral vortex, elementals are spinning in the space until they reach their target. The victim of a psychic attack can feel sudden fear, smell unpleasant smells, hear ominous sounds, ringing (“astral bell”). The phenomena of spontaneous ignition and poltergeist may occur. But mostly the victims have nightmares and illnesses which causes can’t be determined by the doctors.

Symptoms of a black magic attack include exhaustion, convulsions, chest and abdominal pain, impotency, fever and chill, swollen face parts, mental anguish, hallucinations, and mental disorder.

Depending on the effect, psychic energy attacks vary from evil eye curses to hexes which cause death. Let’s talk about main types of black magic attacks and their consequences.

Witch black magical attack ritual

Hexes affect the victim’s bioenergy as well. They can be used as a black magic attack through the eyes and will. But the attacker should remember that his hex will harm both the victim and him, unless special magical protection is provided. Consequences of a black magic attack are unpredictable and can also affect the victim’s off-springs until the seventh generation. A hex can be put on a house, an object which the victim uses a lot, or on several people at once. The consequences of a hex are hard to eliminate and the help of an egregore may be required, who will have to risk his health and that of his family to help you.  

Astral attack

Astral attacks are often used by poorly skilled spell caster. As a result of such an attack, the victim fades away, loses interest in life and acquires a persecution mania and a bunch of undiagnosed illnesses which switch from one organ to another.

Mental attack

To launch a mental attack, a magician has to have a great inner power. As a result of a mental attack, the victim starts “obeying” the spell caster and does what he tells him to. Before launching a mental attack, the spell caster should study the object of the attack thoroughly.

Attack through identification of the victim and some object.

A good example of such an attack is a death hex by means of a voodoo doll.

Egregore magical attack

This attack is usually carried out by transferring the victim’s parameters to the egregore through an energy channel, as well as a warning signal about the victim’s threat. The attacking magician can identify himself with the egregore and, connecting to its biofield, operate his energy and power.

Energy vampirism

Energy vampirism poses little danger if the attacks are not long. Continuous exposure causes depression and fatigue, which can lead to exhaustion.

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