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Nowadays, a death hex is one of the least popular magiс rituals performed by black spell casters to kill people. A death hex is an extreme measure. As a rule, people ordering a death hex are implacable enemies. Sometimes, people order a death hex in a fit of temper, for instance when a woman wants to prevent her husband’s lover from breaking her family. Such people don’t understand what they’re doing and how dangerous it is. Anyways, if you want to order a death hex, remember that the ritual must be performed correctly. If one day some white spell caster removes the death hex, your life will be in danger.

Casting death hex with candlesA hex is more dangerous than, let’s say, an evil eye curse, because an evil eye curse is cast on a person with the help of words and thoughts, but casting a death hex requires special knowledge, skills and tools, including the victim’s personal things. Besides, a death hex doesn’t just scary its victim or has a slight negative effect on his life. Death hexes destroy people’s aura.

How to cast a death hex

There are many methods for casting a death hex today. Death hexes are cast with the help of church candles, the victim’s hair and funeral attributes. Sometimes, when the Voodoo magic is used, spell casters make a doll to symbolize the victim, stick needles into it, and cut its heart out.

Casting a death hex using a photo

Casting a death hex using a photo implies starting a negative program designed to destroy its victim. However, even though starting a negative program is easier than starting a positive one, not all spell casters can perform the ritual correctly. Some spell casters know how to cast a death curse but lack skill to remove it. The most dangerous death hex is believed to be the one cast with the help of a photo. The photo is used to bind the victim to a deceased man. The spell caster puts the photo inside the dead man’s coffin, visualizing the dead man dragging the victim with him. It’s called necromancy, one of the most horrible sides of black magic. A single mistake may cost the spell caster his life. Such a death hex, just like the runic death hex, should be cast only by professional spell casters who know how to perform the ritual correctly.

Casting a death hex at the cemetery

Today a death hex can be cast using cemetery attributes, such as plates removed from gravestones, cemetery earth, etc. Some death hexes can be cast at the cemetery or by calling up the spirits of the deceased. In other words, methods for casting a death hex vary. Anyways, casting a death hex, each person must observe all the rules for casting a death hex, as well as safety regulations. Since a death hex cast at the cemetery implies use of the energy of the deceased, the spirit of a buried man is called up.

Performing the ritual, the spell caster has to ask the spirit to help him. Once the spirit agrees, the spell caster can start using its powers. However, some spell casters seize the spirits, including by deception. Casting a death hex at the cemetery, a person without proper knowledge and skill puts his life in mortal danger without knowing it.

A death hex cast at the cemetery is fatal to its victim and has its effect immediately. To cast a death hex at the cemetery, the spell caster should take some earth and pick four flat stones from four graves. The hex also requires five candles purchased in a church. So, put four pinches of earth on the altar and one stone at the head of each hill to make it look like graves. Four candles are put on the stones. The fifth candle is cut in four pieces which are stuck in the hills. Light the candles, starting from those installed on the stones, and cast a special cemetery spell. Visualize the hills as real graves.

Symptoms of a death hex

Black magic skull death hexSymptoms of a death hex differ from symptoms of other hexes. One of the symptoms of a death hex is a fatal disease. Other symptoms of a death hex include hair loss (or hairiness) and psychological disorder. A death hex can be removed only by a professional. Don’t try to cast a death hex on your own. Its consequences are unpredictable. If you have one or more symptoms of a death hex, contact me immediately.

Often, a death hex blocks the inflow of positive energy, introducing negative one instead. It is called energy junk. As a result, the victim is unable to restore his energy in the natural way. Thus, a death curse is kind of a riverside factory discharging its untreated sewage into a river.

How to remove a death hex

Another symptom of a death curse is when a perfectly healthy man suddenly falls ill and doctors can’t make a diagnosis. Fatigue caused by an cute attack of some chronic disease with an unclear clinical picture and inconclusive medical tests is also observed. The victim of a death hex doesn’t want to work, walk, sleep or live. He refuses to undergo treatment. The problem is the hex programs its victim to give up fighting for his life.

A powerful energy destruction program used by one person against another, a death hex can’t be removed by a person who has no special knowledge and skill. Any mistake made while performing the ritual to remove a death hex may kill its victim. So, any death hex must be removed by a professional. That’s why it’s important to notice symptoms of a death curse and consult a specialist in time, a white spell caster or a healer.

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