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Destructive magical influence tends to return to its creator.

Black magic is not a craft. Black magic is art and it should be practiced only by people with enough knowledge and skill. If you are going to call up dark forces, make sure you know what you are dealing with. Besides, try not to overestimate your abilities or it can end up badly for you.

Black magic ritual with skullThe information below will help you understand the nature of the boomerang effect of black magic rituals and protect yourself from it.

Boomerang range

A return stroke can affect not only the spell caster, but also any of the living creatures around him (it depends on the level of his magical protection, energy field power, and health).

The first one to suffer is always the spell caster’ pet.

Then the boomerang effect can harm children or weak family members.

The spell caster will be affected if his aura has ruptures or if he’s sick, so it’s recommended to avoid casting spells while being ill or having a depression.

Apart from the rituals which are connected with violence and destruction, regular black magic rituals that involve blood may have unwanted “kickback.”

Black magic protection

Imagine an energy cocoon around you. In ceremonial magic, a circle made of candles, stones, strings, or other objects has to be used, too;

Mirror protection is used to enclose the victim, repel and reflect various attacks;

Floating protection (using water) is used selectively, when it is necessary to repel an attack, preserving the connection with the victim;

An amulet is traditional magical protection working 24/7. It can have a form of a pentagram to be worn on one’s chest;

Stones which can protect one from “kickback” are black agate, mountain crystal, chrysoprase, onyx, and Cat’s eye. They are powerful energy accumulators which release it very slowly. That is why it is necessary to clean them from time to time (for example, with running water, spring water, river water, etc.).

Concealing traces and breaking the black magic channel

Casting black magic ritualNobody should know about the ritual performed.

It is also necessary to cover the tracks which can be found by another spell caster, for example if the victim suspects something and goes to one. To do that, the spell caster has to break the black magic channel. It’s a complex process (also called “channel breaking” or “loop”).

The magical program (represented in the form of a dark cord coming out of the operator’s head or chest) which was directed at the object of the ritual, is taken out of the operator’s field and closes up on the victim’s solar plexus. This will ensure that another occult specialist, who may identify the magical influence by examining the person’s biofield, won’t see the operator’s aura.


Occurs if:

the victim’s protection is very strong;

the ritual is performed incorrectly;

the spell caster somehow understands that the ritual has been performed in a hurry or he did something wrong;

the operator has no protection;

powers which are beyond the power of the operator or a more powerful spell caster interfere.

Kickback is a very labor-intensive procedure which can be carried out by a more experienced spell caster.

Knowing when to stop

A person who is practicing magic may find it difficult to draw the line where to stop and what is a violation of the laws of Magic. It’s also hard to stop when a magician starts seeing the results of his rituals.

Money, love, strength, power and recognition have to be deserved. One shouldn’t enter the world of magic with an attitude of the consumer. It leads to serious mistakes which will have to be fixed not only by the operator, but also his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren.

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