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Black Magic Symptoms. What to Pay Your Special Attention To

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I want to give you some tips what to pay your attention to while figuring out if a hex or another negative program has been put on you. If you have 1 to 3 symptoms, it doesn’t mean you’ve been put a hex, negative program or the evil eye on. But if you, after answering the questions bellow, have 3 to 4 symptoms, it’s time to analyze your losses, misfortunes, illnesses, fiasco, etc. and apply to a genuine spell caster.

Black magic ritual and symptomsLuck abandoned you and Fortune doesn’t smile on you anymore? A streak of bad luck seems never-ending and the financial crisis wouldn’t stop? You seem to be doing everything right but your business sustains continuous losses? Are you all thumbs? Do you have to start everything from the beginning over and over again? Does your every success end in failure? Contact me!

You can’t overcome your depression, don’t feel like doing anything, speaking and even breathing? You don’t feel quite well, are tired, sleepy and can barely control your body and mind? Are you nervous and irritable? Are you angry with the whole world?  Are you haunted by suicidal thoughts? Do you feel low for now reason and feel like something bad is going to happen? Do you have no appetite or, on the contrary, you are hungry all the time? Contact me!

Are you tired of being sick all the time, having headaches, high blood pressure, bleedings? Do you hate your skin because of all the acne, pimples, fungi, warts and furuncles? Do you have bad teeth and gum? Have your eyesight deteriorated? Doctors have no idea what’s going on with you because your test results are excellent, but you feel terminally ill? Contact me!

Are you hearing voices of your deceased relatives? Do you have nightmares? You can’t look people in the eye? Your pupils are different and children and pets don't like you? Your dog wouldn’t stop barking or wailing, while the cat keeps trying to sneak away? Friends don’t come to your place anymore? Are you scared of the sun and can’t stand the sunlight? Do you quarrel in your family a lot? Do you feel fine only at midnight? Do you have impotence or infertility? Are you hostile towards the others? Do you hate people close to you? Contact me!

Are you a healthy woman but can’t get pregnant? Are you good-looking but can’t get married? Are you a young woman but doctors are unable to determine the cause for your menstrual irregularities? Contact me!

You don’t feel well inside the church and lose your consciousness? You aren’t comfortable wearing your cross and want to take it off? Do you feel like yawning while praying? The smell of incense makes you sick? Icons don’t inspire you and you get distracted thinking about something bad? Holy water and communion bread go bag in your home? Evil spirits and the devil come to you in nightmares? Your pride has gone beyond all limits? Contact me!

You find ground, blood, needles, dead birds or animals at the door of your apartment or house or in the backyard? You find foreign objects in your pillow or feather bed?  Your photographs have been needled? You’ve found a knife or scissors in your apartment that don’t belong to you? You notice some pictures coming out on the walls of your home? You have insects in your home, but your neighbors don’t? You keep finding threads, hairs and other objects in your food? Contact me!

Also pay your attention to the following symptoms black magic:

  • Emotional disequilibrium: apathy, depression, anguish or, on the contrary, nervousness;
  • Weak resistance to disease (as a result of a rupture in your protection field): frequent colds, weakness, chronic illnesses;
  • Anxiety, low spirits, a feeling that you live your life not the way you should;

Repeated nightmares which are worse than usual (your subconsciousness signals some negative influence directed at you).

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